Wrapping up on Day 6 of New York Fashion Week this season, I’m starting off with a week of outfits! I wanted to share a range of my personal style for you guys! Staying true to my maximalist rebellious tendencies, I played print on print, bold vibrant color and different era contrasts, for example: The 40s with a modern vibe. And lots of different fabrics, such as sequin, tweed, velvet, cashmere and more. So stop for a few - take a peek and let me know what what your favorite look from the past week! Stay tuned for more fashion week content, my regular roundup of the shows I attended and this year I’ll be sharing a beauty trend report from what I saw backstage! Keep your eyes peeled, it’s all going down in the next couple of days before I head off to London Fashion Week! xx


Hi, everyone! I’ve been meaning to get this up on the blog, but amidst travels, getting sick and also my laptop having a nervous breakdown, it’s been rather trying to get this up and live. But it is finally here: my recap of all the beauty trends I noticed during New York Fashion Week for Fall/Winter. Some have been around since the dawn of time, as most trends in fashion are refurbished, reused and recycled. But there are several trends I truly loved and will definitely be partaking in the upcoming season. So without further ado, let’s jump on it and start with the makeup trends spotting around from NYFW.


Apparently I’ve turned British. Ever since first visiting London last February (my third time there will be next month!) I can’t get enough of drinking tea! I’ve always been a coffee person, but nowadays you can find me drinking at least a couple of cups of tea per day. Whether it’s with a big cup of tea as my afternoon pick-me-up, or my way to help fall asleep right before bed time, there’s certain kinds of teas that are used for certain time periods of the day. Which is why I’m thrilled to partner with Celestial Seasonings Tea and sharing with you this weekend, my top three flavorful teas of all time! They’re not all fruity or citrusy, each has its own unique flavor. So why not continue reading to find out which ones are my favorite and why I drink them so often.