Parlez vous francais? Today's post is all on edgy Parisian style. This is totally me. As you guys know, my favorite part about styling is mixing it up and trying things outside the box, even pieces you might not even consider to be your ultimate 'look' but there's nothing more comforting than knowing your own unique take on fashion and then putting together an outfit that you'd not just wear once, but over and over again. So without further ado, pardon my fucking French and let's get down to what I'm wearing in this fierce look! Also, continue reading to learn more about some of the brands I've been wanting to partner with for the longest time and it's crazy to think that they're styled within this post! So... don't miss it, you definitely want to be checking this out!


Cheers to the long weekend! What's everyone up to this #MDW? We are keeping it low key and staying in the city to catch up on work and then some. We just filmed and shot for something pretty exciting yesterday, and I can't wait to share so I'll be spending some time on it for the next few days. This past month I was supposed to release a video I had done with a brand but when they decided to go in another direction, I was completely disappointed. All my work on the film was for nothing. But it's not! You see, I have been wanting to get more into videography and because of the original plans with the collab, it forced me to start learning more advanced stages in post-production in film. It's not easy, and quite frankly, I stress myself out to the max when doing it, but many of you have expressed your enjoyment in my film work, so I'm continuing my journey with it. My actual videographer is my husband, but I direct, style and edit the film. Just like with photographs. Wish me luck! I could just be relaxing on this long holiday weekend, but I'm a workaholic and way too giddy about the content we created! In the meantime, here is my monthly roundup of beauty favorites! Mint-scented, pigmented lipsticks that are actually good for your lips, the perfect summer pink nail polish, a collection of haircare products that'll make your head spin, a yellow brightening mask, orange blossom scented candle and the best face mist out there right now... it's all going down in today's post so don't miss out! Continue reading to learn more about these products and where the shop them!

summer poetry with three olives rosé vodka

Summer has literally jump kicked right in and there's just no spring here in New York City. I don't mind as any good weather will do - I love to read indoors, outdoors, anywhere really and with the warmer temps setting in, I've found a great new cocktail that has got two of my favorite drinks into one. It's Rosé Vodka! If you guys know anything about me I'm all about efficiency and making the most out of everything. This includes reading and drinking! Continue to learn more about Three Olives Rosé Vodka, some of my favorite poetry and a video as well. Did I mention there's also a quick and easy cocktail concoction on top?