transitional trench + mink fur loafers

Hey, everyone! How was your weekend? I spent the majority of my time working and also caught up with an old friend for brunch on Sunday. I also watched the docuseries, 'Flint Town' while editing yesterday and it is a must watch. It's not just about the problems that surround the town of Flint in Michigan but more about the clashes of racism, political battles and everyday police work that coincides with what is currently happening. You guys really should check it out, not a long one I promise! I've been heavily into documentaries lately while working at the computer, what do you like to have as white noise in the background while you work? Or do you like the silence? Why? Okay, okay... not to get sidetracked; let's get to what I'm discussing in this blog post! In today's outfit post, I'm sharing how a long patent leather trench coat can be chicly styled with a pair of loafers. It's not the typical norm, but rules are meant to be broken and I am far from anything typical ;) Plus, it's still absolutely freezing in New York!


How many of you are a seasonal skincare user? Depending on where you live, those like myself on the East Coat go through all four, which can definitely alter our skin. In the warmer months, my combination skin tends to get oiler and during the colder months, my skin tends to be drier. So especially in between the seasons like springtime, I like to keep my skin care cleaning regiment thorough but gentle. Bioré® Skincare targets the root of all skin problems—the evil clogged pore. So when it comes to dirt and oil they take a no-nonsense approach to fight smarter, not harder. Our scrub, liquid, powder, strip, mask and bar cleansing products go straight to the source of those pesky pores for deeply clean, beautiful skin that’s ready for anything. Here are two of my latest favorite products from the brand. 


Hi, everyone! I was going to upload this post late last night, but I accidentally fell asleep after eating a delicious meal for supper. Ooops - but it was massaman curry and what's better than food coma? It is completely satisfying is it not? Well, here it is - my complete review of my London stay at the Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch. I decided to stay further east of London, as this area is an up and coming section of the city - super trendy and full of life! I was in town for only five days and mostly for work (London Fashion Week) but I still wanted to take the time and share my experience at this amazing 5-Star hotel! Continue reading to learn more about my stay and why you too, should consider staying at the Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch during your next visit across the pond.