Happy Thursday! Today's post is a complete head-to-toe West Coast retro outfit! I'm always trying to show a variety of different looks because tell me a girl who doesn't like to play dress up but also remaining true to my style while doing so. As mentioned before, I love to mix and match old and new pieces, like these bell bottom jeans from Paris Blues date back to my college days! (and YES I still can fit into my skinny jeans while eating whatever my heart desires.) When I re-discovered these jeans while moving, I knew I had to style them very bohemian chic with a little Cali flair, given the fact that I was born there! How perfect do they go with my new 'Kyra' top from Alice & Trixie. Let me tell you more about this amazing designing team that's based here in New York City! 



Today's blog post is focused on a brand I've recently discovered. Eve’s Temptation was founded in 2001 by Eva Hsieh. Her philosophy that beauty starts on the inside and radiates on the outside, sparked the idea that there is no more intimate a garment that a woman can wear than her lingerie. While not always visible, great fitting lingerie has the power to instill confidence, giving a woman the power to shine. A true advocate for style with comfort, Eva believes that intimate apparel is the first layer of clothing and the perfect fit helps a woman feel her most confident. Over the years, our team has been dedicated to perfecting the fit process, implementing a 16-step fit process in designing a single lingerie garment. A combination of classic French designs with exquisite craftsmanship, we offer a versatile assortment of products ranging from bras, panties, sleep, and loungewear, to swim, shapewear sportswear and now, ready-to-wear. Eva’s passion for beauty from within also led to the creation of our beauty and skincare range. Their team has spent years traveling the globe, sourcing only the finest ingredients and choosing the most prestigious locations to bring a natural, organic and luxurious beauty collection. Like the Body Trio - Golden Age collection, for example.


Like I need a reason to eat sushi. And can you blame me? It's fresh, healthy and truly delicious. I didn't know International Sushi Day was a thing but now that I do I can't wait! Whether you're sitting down for a one-on-one omakase (where the sushi chef selects for you), grabbing a quick bite with friends, or making a few rolls all on your own, amazing sushi demands an amazing beer to go with it. And Sapporo Premium Beer is my go-to choice. With its light body and crisp, clear palette, Sapporo Premium heightens the subtle umami tastes found in sushi. (Helllloooo MSG ha ha ha!) The beer's refined bitterness balances with the salt in the soy sauce and the sweetness of fresh fish, making it a match made in Heaven. So, what's my favorite kind of roll to go with the perfect beer?