Happy Tuesday and Happy Halloween, everyone! Today's post is dedicated to the art of layering. With fall in full swing, one of my favorite ways to continue wearing spring/summer pieces is by incorporating them into my autumn wardrobe. A great example is this featured piece on the blog today, a white satin dress with denim sleeves and collar. Normally this would be perfect to wear during the warmer seasons, but from the moment I laid eyes on this Satin Roses piece, I wanted to show you how you can style a dress like this from your closet and straight into your fall collection. It's easy as 1-2-3!


Running a little late on our regular Wednesday post but I've been running around all day from back-to-back meetings, editing and then some. I've got a lot of exciting content coming your way, I cannot wait to share! Since I have a lot going on this month (redeveloping a website for a client on top of everything else) I decided to release my monthly beauty favorites a little bit earlier here in October. But if you're a beauty fanatic like myself, you'll definitely want to check this post out! I've got a ton of Lancôme and Dior goodies along with other new discoveries as well as an oldie fall favorite that's my all-time favorite vampy lip color! Did I mention it's mango-scented? Yum! And I think I've found the perfect match when it comes to a brow filler. Continue to read more about my beauty product reviews this month down below!


One of my favorite appetizers in the world are stuffed mushrooms. They can be of any kind. But paired with another fav, the glorious Thanksgiving side dish I go crazy for; stuffing, the combination is deliciously lethal. But anything that goes perfectly well with a nice hors-d'oeuvre is a really nice glass of wine. Exceptional wine, extraordinary value. Great wine doesn't have to be expensive and Cameron Hughes wine's mission is simple: Buy the best possible wine for the best possible price. Which is why I'm so happy to partner with this San Francisco-based wine company founded by Cameron Hughes! In today's post, I'm sharing my thoughts on three different bottles of wine from this brand including my very own quick and easy stuffed mushroom recipe.