Hi! How is everyone doing? Ready for fall? Ready to go back to school? Are you just... ready? You've heard it here on the blog first, the next few weeks will be filled with Fashion Month content. I'm still working on my August beauty favorites, but being that last month was kind of major in terms of reviewing beauty products, my post is delayed due to this but I promise it's coming soon on top of other favorites! Let's just say in terms of content, it'll be just as thick as the Vogue September issue! LOL. In today's post, I'm sharing with you my fall staple favorites: Cozy, fitted jeans, a kick-ass blazer, and a good pair of mules. A very minimal, chic look. Continue reading to see the complete photo shoot and also where to shop these amazing finds! 


This summer was a first for me. I wore little to no makeup! Aside from a tinted moisturizer here and there, I've cut out makeup all-together to give my skin some breathing room. Especially when summer's in New York City are not cool at all. The humidity alone will wreak havoc on your face! So I find it imperative to take breaks in between to keep my skin fresh and healthy. I've been trying out the Olay Regenerist Whips with SPF 25 and all I have to say is wow! Continue reading to learn why this is my latest go-to moisturizer at the moment. 


Healthy, fun and mess-free, Pearls Olives!® is great for fashion week! With barely any time to eat in between shows, meetings, shoots, editing and everything else in between - you can definitely bet on me not eating properly. But when hunger strikes, I just whip out Pearls Olives to Go!® They have an assortment of new flavors to their Olives to Go! products but I truly love the original, black pitted olives. They are a great addition to your snacking go-to's and/or plant-based diet! And if you're anything like me who prefers salty cravings over sweets, this is the snack for you!