Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Can’t say mine was too sweet… had a terrible allergic reaction in one of my eyes where I’ve looked like Quasimodo for the past few days. It looks awful, I won’t even do stories. It’s been fun telling everyone my hubby clocked me. Ha ha! Kidding aside, it’s brought a little bit of stress on deadlines (especially beauty campaigns) but all will be well. One step at a time, and it’s okay to slow down when you are not well. Plus, GoT came back on so I’m complaining about that! I’m still on the mend - my theory is it’s either a bug bite or a very bad reaction to a questionable mascara. Other than that, you got me. So today’s post is light and simple - a beautiful airy yellow cami midi dress for spring/summer that’s a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. Plus, it’s under $50 and you can style it in so many ways for several seasons! Continue reading to see more of the dress and how I styled it for spring.


Happy Wednesday and the beginning of April, everyone! Today’s post is my monthly beauty favorites from the month of March! I’ve got the latest eyeshadow palette that literally looks like a tequila sunrise, a vegan gummy-supplement for glowing skin, enzyme peels, and a new collection that recently launched from one of my favorite K-Beauty brands. There’s also a new favorite fragrance, mascara, ultimate setting powder (trust me, you’ll never use anything else again) and more. Continue reading to learn more about my latest favorite beauty products!


Apparently I’ve turned British. Ever since first visiting London last February (my third time there will be next month!) I can’t get enough of drinking tea! I’ve always been a coffee person, but nowadays you can find me drinking at least a couple of cups of tea per day. Whether it’s with a big cup of tea as my afternoon pick-me-up, or my way to help fall asleep right before bed time, there’s certain kinds of teas that are used for certain time periods of the day. Which is why I’m thrilled to partner with Celestial Seasonings Tea and sharing with you this weekend, my top three flavorful teas of all time! They’re not all fruity or citrusy, each has its own unique flavor. So why not continue reading to find out which ones are my favorite and why I drink them so often.