Hey, guys! Thank goodness it's almost Friday! I've had a rough and busy week. The summer heat in New York is legit, NOT cool at all and I've always been super sensitive when it comes to change in temperature. The humidity is not just poofing my hair into catastrophe but also my mind as if it's clogged up - literally feels hard to breathe! And imagine running around and being cooped up in subway cars or venues with no A/C, the struggle can be real! Aside from that and some family stuff, I made it through the week still with a smile on my face. A few reasons... One, I'm in love with this new black embroidered floral bell sleeve top I received from Peridot Boutique. (I talked more about the boutique in my last outfit post, read here). Two, I'll be taking off tomorrow to the Hamptons for work (and a little play) and three, though life can be tough sometimes, I'm just beyond thankful for all the opportunities and connections I've made in the last couple of years since launching my blog,  MaQ + Suz. I've been enjoying the fruits of my labor and I have so much work coming up it makes me really excited about the future. 


Happy Hump Day, everyone! Well, not so much for me as I am stuck in jury duty hell. What do you think the worst part about being summoned is? The waiting game? Being forced to be stuck somewhere for eight hours a day? The dirty bathrooms? For me, it's definitely sitting around and waiting. Luckily, I brought my trusty laptop to be able to continue working and cranking out content for you guys. Today's post is all on my new beauty product discoveries from the past month. A few Givenchy and K-beauty favorites, I've also found the ultimate foundation brush and new summer scent! Let's check out some of my recent beauty and makeup essentials. 


S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water is a premium sparkling mineral water that flows naturally from a thermal spring in San Pellegrino Terme, near Bergamo (Lombard), Italy. The unique balance of effervescence and rich minerality cleanse the palate and amplify subtle flavors, making it the perfect complement to fine food and wines.  Its clean, refreshing taste has distinguished S.Pellegrino as a preferred sparkling water by leaders of the global culinary community. S.Pellegrino is also a proud supporter of premier culinary events, such as Aspen Food and Wine Classic, Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation, Identità Golose, The James Beard Foundation Awards and Taste Guide. I had the pleasure of attending S.Pellegrino's Taste Guide yesterday, an online destination to explore U.S. cities, like here in New York City, through the eyes of award-winning chefs.