One such legend is steeped in the poetry of the English writer John Gay, who wrote, “Sweet William’s Farewell to Black-ey’d Susan: A Ballad.” In this piece of poetry, both the sweet William and the black-eyed Susan were depicted as real people – Sweet William as a sailor and the black-eyed Susan as his beloved, who must part from him. The story tells of the two meeting, then having to separate again – sweet William assuring his love and fidelity all the while. Sweet Williams flowers are one of the few blossoms that have symbols that most people associate with masculinity – their predominant symbol being that of gallantry. However, they also represent finesse and perfection and are frequently presented to the recipient as a way to tell him or her that the giver feels they are either quite smooth or simply as good as it gets. They also express the sentiment, “grant me a single smile,” and are sometimes given as gifts solely to make the recipient’s day. Sweet Williams flowers (yes, the flowers from this shoot are in fact, Sweet Williams!) have always reminded me of my grandparents. And the way they came together is not only over-the-top romantic, but fitting on a day like today... Memorial Day.


Hey, everyone! I just wanted to start off by thanking everyone for all of their feedback from last Friday's post. It was also the first time I received a negative comment on my blog which of course at first, stung, but then I quickly realized: One - this person intentionally went out of their way to leave a ridiculous comment, which in turn proves they have too much time on their hands, and Two - one has to be way more thick-skinned than that to get through judgmental remarks, scrutiny, criticism and then some in this industry. I responded the way I wanted to respond to the person who wanted to deliberately hurt me and I will leave it at that because any more time spent on it would be sad. But to those who reached out with love, kindess, and support, thank you!! I can never tell you how much it means to me. So speaking of thick-skinned... today's post is featuring some of my most recent favorite beauty products! Come take a loooksie down below! 


A rainy start to the work week, I wanted to create some new food content as a lot of you have been making several requests as of late. Plus, I've been going through a lot personally, and cooking has always been therapeutic, for me, at least. Eating well never sucks and having others enjoy the food I make results in me being happy, which also never sucks :) So let's talk about this wonderful recipe I tried out - it's nutty, buttery, and tangy with just the right amount of heat, and perfect for a chillier day like today... kimchi risotto! What the heck did I just say?!