how to wear WINTER WHITE

Monday Blues? What if I told you there was a way to polish up your winter wardrobe as easy as 1, 2, 3? Today’s discussion is the white talk. Nah, not the political kind. But fasssshuuuun. Lolol. For those that follow the ‘No white after Labor Day’ rule, don’t fret! This look will perhaps change your mind about wearing white during the colder season, but with the right palette and cool (heh heh) accessories, you won’t look washed out. For those that are accident prone like myself, I can’t help you there, except a trusty Tidy bleach pen and a lil’ prayer. That’s the risk you take when wearing white! Continue reading see more of this gorgeous winter coat that’s white, but also blue! Follow the link to shop. Hurry there’s only 5 LEFT!!!


My favorite season is here! Crisp air, leave foliage and everything pumpkin, your girl is a little too excited for it all! Fall makeup is supposed to be subtle but with a touch of the dramatic. Some classic favorites? Black eyeliner, rich red lips, and overall warm tones. I've been wanting to create a look that's not too difficult to do but at the same time, also super gorgeous and still quite natural. Think of a very underplayed smokey eye with a cherry autumn lip and some gold highlight glowy-ness. Which is why I'm thrilled to partner with Bobbi Brown to share this fall makeup look with you guys! Continue reading to learn about every single product we used to achieve this look along with a quick fun makeup video!


I'm always checking in on my emails in between meetings but can never always answer back immediately. What I do like to do after checking in, however, is playing Pyramid Solitaire on my iPad. One of my favorite activities to help me relax along with killing some time includes this game, precisely for its fast turnaround of each round. It is also the perfect mobile game to exercise your brain and keeping you focused. So in today's post, I'll be sharing how to play on the game as well why I love to play this particular game while on the go, or rather, in some cases, while waiting in between meetings.