Old School Poetry

As an adolescent I had used poetry to express my teenage angst but, as I got older I have and still have continued using poetry as a medium of writing. I consider poetry one of my fundamental blocks of learning and discovering my passion for writing. Poetry has allowed me to explore and discover new genres. I am currently in the works of finishing of my first novel, that being of the crime/thriller writing style.

I Have Been Sometimes True to Nothing was one of the first books I had my work published in. Here is the poem from the book:

Locked Corners

Bright necks decided on purple after patches of a skinny grip
Tire marks in lavender of innocence
The dark echoes befriend you in the cold corner,
Waiting feels war to the blind floor-
For he hides beneath your feet - somewhat a comfort.
Rough palms collide and time becomes wasteful days
Realize the anguish in your own truth
a squared room is the only reason your mind moves,
and hands dryer than your mouth.
It must be the blocked wall screaming,
You're wanted as much as the weeps carried on.
Who wants to blame the lost illusions you're facing?
Hands run off onto the wall with permanent scars.
I'm sure it's missed especially in the afternoon,
Where you sip your soup and wrap a hot towel around your head.
That's what it must be, what else is there to live by?
Hoping for it, no... there is no such way!
Forgiveness is where I throw your dreams
with my dirty basket of clothes.