The Crème de la Crème



My intentions today were to delight you in a wonderful new gastronomy recipe, but it was one of those Monday's where some things just didn't work in my favor. Especially this morning. After mistakingly thinking Windfall Farms (where I get edible flowers) was stationed at the Union Square Farmer's market on Monday's, I quickly came to realize they were only there on Wednesdays and Saturdays. So I went with plan B, looking for other gourmet-type of grocery stores (I mean, you can't find anything on the island of Manhattan, right?!) that had available edible flowers. I've been wanting to incorporate them into my dishes not just for taste, but also for styling/plating. I searched through several Whole Foods where at my last one, and my FIFTH store, I called before heading over because of the heat. I thought it was my lucky day! They had a few left and they were going to hold them for me! Win! No. When I arrived to customer service where they had told me to pick up my reserved flowers, the poor woman's face immediately changed when I told her what I was there for. She informed me that the second the guy got off the phone with me and went to go get the flowers to hold them for me, someone had already grabbed them in the store! WHAAAAAAA! I walked over 20 blocks to get them. So I may not have a new recipe for you, but I'm tanner and not getting fatter so there is truth to always staying positive! Ha ha ha! 

Since I had such an awesome response from my 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' story, I wanted to share a little more on the subject, like this crème de la crème graphics tee I've had over the years from Forever 21. When it comes to a lot of pieces from my closet, they've been around. Ha! Of course, I love updating staple pieces but I'm a little bit of a secret hoarder! I just can't throw any of my clothes out! I can't even give them away, which I've been doing a lot of this year, in terms of cleaning out my closet (sorry for the Eminem phrase). But I'm like Carrie in the episode where Aidan has moved in and she has to make room for his stuff, which proves to be rather challenging for her. This is exactly me! I just can't bear to part from any of my clothes. Why? I think it's because I get my clothes from all sorts of places and they carry memories and special meanings within them. Like the Hollister Co. ripped denim mini-skirt? I fell hard in 'em with my first love while in college. And while I still wear them because not only do they still fit, but because more importantly, they're a reminder of who I was and who I still am today. 

Like most other girls, I've really been into the 90s comeback vibes lately, especially in the last year. I'm all for chokers, platform shoes and gothic emo looks. When I collaborated with The Savvy Heart almost a year ago, I was immediately drawn to their flair & style. They were one of the first brands I worked with when embarking my journey into the world of blogging. The black satin ribbon I'm wearing around my waist as a belt? This is the exact same 'belt' I wore when I married my husband! I love wearing satin, and when I wear this one in particular, I can't help but feel closer to my boo. Wearing it makes me all mushy, but I don't care, I love how I feel wearing it! And that's what really matters when it comes to what you put on. 

Coming up this week? Definitely my gastronomy post, recipe included, you know I'm all on it! Wish I could give you a clue, but for this one I'm keeping it a surprise. I also have another anniversary coming up, my very first 'blogversary'! I will be doing a special giveaway, along with a post reflecting from the past year, so keep your eye peeled! Lastly, I'd love to hear some of your shared memories with pieces of clothing in your closets! Comment down below. Thanks for stopping by! We hope everyone has a wonderful, 'cool' week! :) 

Photos by: Suzanne Spiegoski (Self-Portrait)