Thanksgiving Outfit: How to Boldly Mix Animal Print Together


It’s a great start to a new week! That’s because it’s a short one, brought to you by the good ole’ bird, the celebrated turkey we (well most of us) have grown to love, Thanksgiving is literally a few days away. Many have stocked their fridges this weekend for the big American holiday, while many have not, and I bet many have no idea what they’re going to be wearing for the occasion - especially if it’s somewhere you have to be and not in your jammies! But many know I’m not one to play dress up often, I’d rather be more casual where I can shamelessly unbutton the top button of my jeans after gluttonously stuffing myself with turkey, stuffing, and more stuffing. That doesn’t mean your fall accessories have to be boring though. So continue reading to see more of a Thanksgiving outfit that’s casual chic, but bold in all the right places.

Two trends I’ve been loving this fall: snake print (the famous OG leopard print) and bold, rich colors. So who’s to say you can’t blend all three together harmoniously? The key is to have the other pieces be on the more simple side, like a long sleeved white tee and black denim jacket with a pair of jeans. And I love the weather this time of year because you can still layer since it’s not too cold out yet. And what’s better than a strong red longline coat around the holiday season? It goes with everything! I’ve had this beauty for a minute and I cannot get enough of it. My favorite way to wear the coat is with jeans but a dress, pantsuit/jumpsuit, skirt, basically everything would pair nicely with this statement coat.

But now onto prints. The question of blending or clashing ensues: Can you wear both leopard and snake print at the same time? IMO, YES! But subtly. Don’t go overboard. For example, a two-piece leopard print set with a huge snake print bag would probably be borderline, ‘excessive’ lol. In this case, I paired a really groovy pair of snake print ankle cutout boots with a mini leopard shearling bag. The rest I left alone with simple straight hair, an orange/neutral nail polish color, and even a pretty natural everyday makeup. Because who cares what you look like when you’re about to happily stuff your face with some of your favorite food in the entire world? Haha!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving this year? My husband and I don’t have very big families and like it when it’s just the two (three of course with MaQ) of us, especially since we don’t get that much quality time as of late due to our crazy busy schedules. I will definitely be planning on getting my cooking groove on - should I maybe do a dessert of some kind and share it with you guys? I’ve made apple pie (link here) and was thinking of doing a fruitier one this time. Thoughts? Maybe a clafoutis? Stay tuned, I think you’ll be seeing my PIC, and us in aprons LOL!

And stay tuned this week for a ton of beauty content as I’ll be doing both a Black Friday roundup of sales I think you’ll love along with my monthly roundup of favorites that I’ve been currently using, both of which I’m excited to share with you guys! Wishing you a great short week and an even joyous holiday weekend (for those that are celebrating).