Rooftop Mornings with Activia

This post is sponsored by Activia but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Lately, I've been really taking in my mornings with a little me-time before starting my day. Especially when the past couple of weeks have been pretty grueling (14-16 hr work days) of meetings, events, shoots, editing and then finding the time to rest and recuperate. Which is why I'm so excited to partner with Activia, a probiotic yogurt that is good for everyone. And now that it is summertime, one of my favorite places to hang in the city is my rooftop. It's not a luxury building kind of rooftop, but one that is peaceful and quiet in the mornings, so much so that I've been enjoying my breakfast while reading and catching up on emails before heading out for work. The best part? I have the whole rooftop to myself with the written word and a yummy brekkie. Continue reading to learn more about my two-week Activia Challenge experience and how these delicious yogurts help support your digestive health on top of being absolutely delicious!

Only 60 calories per yogurt, I tend to have one in the morning and another during lunch time. They're contained with loads of probiotics (the good kind) that help regulate your digestive tract with fewer tummy aches and discomfort from bloating, indigestion and more. I started to notice a difference within a week after consistently eating two Activia yogurts a day. I love how light and flavorful the yogurts are, unlike some yogurts that are too dense/thick which I'm not a fan of. My two most favorite flavored yogurts are peach and strawberry-banana, blended not the fruit on the bottom kind. What's your favorite flavored kind of yogurt? 

I find that taking the time to relax before the day starts makes me more productive and at ease. I'm not so much a scatterbrain, whereas hectic mornings will leave me all over the place; forgetting things and more disorganized. I also find that eating properly is a MUST - and yes, I am so guilty of not always eating properly (I'm just a firm believer in the pleasure of food that I can't restrict myself to the enjoyment, even if that includes consequences!) But since incorporating Activia into my everyday diet, I have little to no stomachaches leaving me with a content belly. Lastly, reading first thing in the morning, whether the news or magazine article, blog post or a really satisfying book such as 1Q84. Haruki Murakami is one of my favorite writers and I have read many of his books. If you are a fan of complicated love stories & time travel - he's your guy.  

Why not give Activia a try today?! Click here to get yours where you can also get an ibotta offer and save when buying the products at your local Walmart! Don't forget to drop your favorite flavored yogurt and if any Activia experiences you'd like to share with me and our readers in the comment section down below :) Wishing you all a very awesome Wednesday!