Summertime Snacking with My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

This post is sponsored by My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I'm more of a dessert person when the temps are warmer and now that summer has finally arrived what is better than finding two loves in one? I'm talking mochi and ice cream combined, how yummy does that sound? It's the perfect pairing for anyone with a sweet tooth, especially to anyone who is always on the go or to those that just like to kick it back at home and unwind. So basically it's great for everyone! Continue reading on to learn more about mochi, if you don't already know what it is, and also why you need to get your hands on a box of My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream asap! There are also shop sections for both my outfit and my two most favorite flavors that I'd recommend trying.

Back to the mochi at hand! If you're wondering what My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is, it's soft mochi dough with very delectable ice cream in the middle. These snacks are not only the cutest little things, they're also the yummiest of the mochi ice creams in the market. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream comes in 8 appetizing flavors, and my husband and I's most recent favorites have got to be  Cookies & Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip right now! Let's just say we're already out of it, and I cannot wait to grab another box (or two). These two boxes from this post may or may not have been completely consumed while on set!

So are you ready to blow your mouth’s mind? My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is taking over snack time ALL the time! Why wait 'til after dinner? It's pre-breakfast, post lunch and/or a midnight delight. It's great on Monday morning to shake off the last of those Sunday scaries. A mundane meeting made wayyyy better by sneaking a little bite of your favorite boisterous balls. It's perfect for picnics, car rides, carousels, beach walks, boardwalks.......and pretty much just about any other summer adventure you can think of. Like here where we literally stopped in the park after lunch to sit down and devour these cute little bites. So stop with the boring snacking and make your chosen bites more bold, beautiful and all around better with these balls!


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