Transitioning with Olay during NYFW

MAGIC IN A JAR: Olay Regenerist Whip with SPF 25

This post is brought to you by Olay but all opinions are my own.

This summer was a first for me. I wore little to no makeup! Aside from a tinted moisturizer here and there, I've cut out makeup all-together to give my skin some breathing room. Especially when summer's in New York City are not cool at all. The humidity alone will wreak havoc on your face! So I find it imperative to take breaks in between to keep my skin fresh and healthy. I've been trying out the Olay Regenerist Whips with SPF 25 and all I have to say is wow! Continue reading to learn why this is my latest go-to moisturizer at the moment. 

Time and time again as the seasons change, I make slight tweaks to my beauty routine. I think it's great every few months to switch up your regiment to refresh your skin to new nutritious ingredients. To me, it keeps my skin fresher and more active. And with Fashion Month around the corner, I'm super excited to have the Olay Whips with SPF with me to bring along a rather crazy couple of weeks. With long nights of editing, events, early morning meetings/shoots, then the shows on top of after-parties, I get sleepy just talking about my schedule. Imagine how the skin reacts to little to no sleep!

Made with a unique formula, including Active Rush Technology that transforms from cream to liquid on the skin for instant absorption, it also is able to absorb oils on your skin throughout the day, for a dewy (not oily) finish. My skin is velvety-smooth, it's like the no primer, primer! And anything that's going to cut my time in half when getting ready is a major bonus during hectic days as I previously mentioned, because let's face it (no pun intended...) who has all the time in the world to get ready when you should be out ready to take on the world?! ;)

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