Winter Blue Outfit


Winter blue outfit

What Monday Blues? When you wear the color blue, do you ever stop to think why? Did you know that when one feels empowered, they tend to wear blue? Which is why you should wear blue more often! ;) In today’s post, I’m sharing a very ‘blue’ outfit, with one of my favorite fall/winter trends of the season: A chunky knit sweater with a pleated skirt. So if you need to find style inspiration, whether a piece has already caught your attention or if you’re looking for a more bluesy look, continue reading to find out more along with what wearing the color blue means for you!

Blue represents authority, structure, communication, dependability, trust and loyalty. Some shades or too much blue can project coldness, but with the right contrast in an outfit, I find it more inviting rather than not. Wear blue when you want to exude power, have mental control, be conservative, respected or communicate an important message. When wearing this shade, you’re broadcasting creativity, positivity, peace, loyalty (this has come up in many of my research finds) and it’s also saying that you’ve decided to live by your own rules, and by your own truth. “Because blue wearers think for themselves, they’re smart , have a quick wit, and are independent.” (Thanks, Huffington Post!) Ha ha! Don’t wear blue when you’re literally feeling blue. Did you know fashion consultants recommend wearing blue to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty? Again with this one! But I really think it brings a confident mood to the table, overall. Why do you think you wear blue when you do?

I’ve linked similar skirts to the one I’m wearing, because the one I have on could not be found online. There’s the same diagonal striped pattern in the H&M linked below, along with a few other selections that have a similar look. How do you feel about the knit sweater with a pleated skirt? I love that you can styled it up or down with chic ankle boots, like these navy blue satin booties, or even just a pair of Docs. I might have to do something like that when it really gets colder, what do you think?

This cobalt blue cable-knit sweater is in a cotton blend and super-duper warm. Heavily dropped shoulders, long sleeves, and ribbing at neckline, cuffs, and hem, I actually started to get warm while shooting this (yes, these are all in self-portrait mode - yet another challenge I’ve made for myself this year, to shoot more of myself, just by myself.) I went with a medium in terms of size because when it comes to these kind of sweaters I like them a little oversized. I hope you enjoyed this blue winter outfit! Links are at the top, middle and end of each post. Gotta question? Drop them in the comment section down below. Have a great start to the week!