Baby Blue Spring Outfit

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Happy Monday! Spring has sprung! The cherry blossoms are blossoming and the weather is finally sticking to warmer temps. Easter Sunday is right around the corner, in a couple of weeks to be exact, and for those that are celebrating, how do you like to wear your Sunday’s best? And even if you’re not celebrating, this is an outfit for spring! All about baby blue and a bit of princess/folk vibes (what can I say, I’m a bit too excited for GoT - Game of Thrones) continue reading to get more info on where to shop this springy look on top of seeing the complete shoot! Wishing you all a wonderful week!

NYC Fashion Blogger

The baby blue crop top and wide leg trouser is essential for your summer wardrobe. Featuring a blue crepe material, a bandeau neckline and a tie front detail. However, since I layered it for spring, I opted to tie the front detail in the back to create a stronger silhouette with the white. I love palazzo/wide leg pants for the spring/summer season as they can easily look like a dress depending on movement and how you’re positioned. It gives it a lovely flowing quality with the color alone, as it’s one of my favorite pastel colors of all time. Style this set with some sandals for a cute summer look!

NYC Fashion Blogger
Baby Blue outfit

The Aria Toe Strap Heel Mule In Light Blue Faux Leather is perfect for the season. I kept it monochrome and chose the same colored accessories in today’s post, such as the sandals as well as my handbag. Aside from the tunic not being in the same color family, my hair accessories were also not baby blue. I went with silver, as I found this to complement with the pastel well. Gold would may have been too much.

NYC fashion blogger

The white top is not even a top or a blouse! It’s actually a tunic dress from last summer, but the material is paper thin, so I was easily able to layer it together perfectly. Early spring weather tends to be tricky - one day it’s above temperature and the next freezing (even though it looks so beautiful outside), so I tend to layer a ton before it really starts to warm up. How do you like the layering technique? I’ve linked the most similar tunic from the same brand as the one I’m wearing is from last season and is no longer available online.

Baby blue outfit
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Thanks for stopping by today! I hope your week is off to a great start and that you’ve been enjoying the spring season as much as I have! Stay tuned for more spring outfits, but I’ll be doing a couple of posts where I’ll be styling a piece in several different ways. Can’t wait to share! Feel free to drop me a line down in the comment section below. Direct links to the pieces from this look, as always in all of my outfit posts, are listed at the beginning and end of the post, with links within the text as well. :) Have a good one!