Earn Your Stripes


But this was a White-lash against a changing country.
— Van Jones

Last night I went to bed around 4am. I couldn't sleep. The election was far too important to miss, let alone far too nail-biting to take your eyes of the television set. Every vote set its fate for the future of our country. Amongst friends and colleagues, I'm usually uncomfortable talking politics. It's not because I don't care or am afraid to speak my mind – it's because I care too much for the people I know to lose them over such a topic. 

Being half-Korean and half-Polish, female, and from a multi-cultural background, I know how hard I've worked to get to where I am today. But after last night's historic presidential election, I feel squashed. I feel heartbroken. I feel my country is not listening and therefore, not learning from their past mistakes. I worry for my future and our peoples' future. I thought the past eight year's progress were built on hard work and trust. But this was a White-lash against a changing country. It is a complete step backwards to where we were heading to.

This election proves this country is not ready for a woman to be a president and sadly also demonstrates how much this country still hates women and minorities along with its lack of culture. To be raised in a state that's suddenly turned red is disheartening and shocking. I am disgusted in what I've been seeing over social media since we found out Trump will be our next president. And today I cried over Clinton's emotional concession speech, a painful moment in American history. 

What is happening in our society where we think it is perfect okay and suitable to elect a candidate who's never had any political experience, let alone the knowledge or temperament to handle real-life situations as the President of the United States? And that with the right loopholes and strategic pulls, anyone can become the leader of the free world? I've never felt so shaky about the stability of our country and also the world. How can we go from the arc in losing and move forward? We have to accept what is and at least try to give Mr. Trump a chance to do good. Maybe he won't do everything he says he will because when it comes to politics, there's so much fluff and bullshit along the ride, you never know what's true and what's false. 

But I still hope, like many of you, that we will prevail and strive forward to make this country still the greatest country there is. Be kind to one another. Not just in the next few days but always. Never forget that your adversity and uphill battles will never go unacknowledged and that there's still a glimmering light shining at the end of that tunnel. Soldier on and continue to earn your stripes. I love you, all. Take care. Until next time. ❤️❤️❤️