Mickey & Butterflies


This week I'm pleased to announce I've teamed up with Jenabelle, an online fashion retailer based here in New York City, in collaboration with Shopping Links. Jenabelle's motto is 'Fun. Affordable. Fashion.' And it is so much more than that. They carry many different fashion trends, with it's clothes, accessories and shoes, serving any stylish gal a silver platter of endless tasteful chic choices.

I've never been one to only wear one style or label. I'm a mixer, just like my ethnic background and love to combine feminine and masculine pieces, even high end and lower end labels or vintage, and west coast vibes with the Midwest's. Detroit Rock to be exact! To me, style is all about how you carry yourself in whatever choices you make with your statement.

For today, my statement, of course, is even though I'm totally infatuated with the Fall Season (it really is my favorite!) I'm a California-born chic and am never fully willing to let go of summer! Now that it's getting colder in New York, but warm enough to hold on to maxi skirts and wedges (perhaps too stubbornly), I'm all for bundling up, but my legs and feets are not! I blame it on 20+ yrs of being a rink rat. Or what most people refer us as: figure skaters. :P

I mixed up a Fall statement pashmina scarf, a more masculine piece with Mickey (cause this mouse is from Cali LOL), a Bohemian flowing skirt from Jenabelle, and my go-to summer wedges! I like to think of this outfit as "Hippy & Shabby-Chic meets Casual & Fun!"


As a New Yorker, I am guilty of wearing too much black and barely smiling in photos. New York will make you too honest, raw, and sometimes, sadly, will unknowingly start to take yourself too seriously. Life should be fun and your clothes should be too! (At least from time to time... if you're really that into black..) ;)

Here's a close up of Jenabelle's skirt's gorgeous fabric and illustration of butterflies with some floral foreshadowing in the background. I love how feminine and free-spirited this piece feels on me! As soon as I tried it on, I got major L.A nostalgia, reminiscent of Venice Beach, Disneyland and my mom's immaculate flower garden at our first home in Anaheim.

I love the shoe embellishments of these Bamboo wedges. The beachy, west coast vibe shoes go very well with the lightness of the Jenabelle skirt. And I'm all for adding a few inches on my short self when wearing long dresses or skirts. Plus, my feet want to soak up as much sun until it really gets too cold! Brrrr!

Here's the back of the Mickey sweatshirt. How many of you are a fan of the messy bun btw? I love it but when my hair gets too long, there's literally too much to bun! Ha ha ha! I'm thinking about cutting the hair short again, but I love my hair long. Ah, decisions, decisions. :)

What's your signature style? Feel free to share and comment! We love to hear from our readers! See a fashion piece you're eyeing for yourself from this look on my blog today? You can shop for it below!

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you had a not so manic Monday. <3

Love & xx's,

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