Autumn Playlist

Well... (take a deep breath) the past few days have been Hell. I've been fighting an awful respiratory infection of some kind (thanks to the temperature drop) and, after nearly ten years of living in New York City, I officially got pick-pocketed this weekend! Just when I thought something like that could never happen to me, alas, it did. Hence, the reason behind my unintentional absence. Bullocks.

Long story short, I'm okay and all is good. Just annoying. And petty. To the person who stole from me, all I gotta say is Karma is a B!TCH and I know she will arrive at your front door when you think you got away with it scots free! Grrrrr! Who wants to send me a pint (yeah, right- let's make it 3 buckets) of Moosetracks ice cream? :-/

But I refuse to take it going down without a fight! I'm a Spiegoski, dammit! Music never fails to cheer me up, get me pumped up and ready to take on the world. One problem at a time. And no matter how bad things might get, music and the power of lyrics always re-center me, bringing me back to my good ole' self, remembering who I am, where I come from, and what I stand for. And that hope is never a bad thing... as Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption once said, "Remember, Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies." I like to think of music that way. ♥

And how could this face not cheer you up? A couple of licks and 100lbs of pure love trying to sit on me will always get the job done. MaQ wanted to listen in on my current Autumn Playlist and get the full scoop of what's new in the industry. Ha ha ha! Check out the list below.

Autumn Playlist

  1. Nora en Pure - Come With Me
  2. X Ambassadors - Gorgeous
  3. Odesza ft. Shy Girls - All We Need
  4. Drake, Future - Big Rings
  5. Drake, Future - Diamonds Dancing
  6. Great Food Fine Ok - By My Side
  7. Sigala - Easy Love
  8. Hayden James - Something About You - Extended Mix
  9. GRiZ, Big Wild, Talib Kweli - For the Love - Big Wild Remix
  10. Little Giants - Lately (Love, Love, Love) Monsieur Adi Remix
  11. Pharrell Williams - Freedom
  12. Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait
  13. LION BABE, Childish Gambino - Jump Hi
  14. Karen Harding - Say Something - Zac Samuel Remix
  15. Ella Eyre - Good Times

No, I can't sing to save my life, but it sure looks like MaQ doesn't mind hearing it! Since he was a puppy, he's really been into music. When he was only 4 months old, he heard a man play a saxophone on the streets of New York and was completely taken aback! Truly enamored with the instrument, we sat there and listened to the man play jazz, as MaQ wiggled his butt ever so slightly, getting his jam on. It's probably one of the very few times I've missed out on documenting the pup, because we were actually enjoying a moment together and (oh, the horror!) I forgot to take my phone out. It's funny because out of all the memories I've collected through the years with photographs and even video, the ones I hold deepest in my heart are the memories that are not documented.

Even so, I'm compelled to capture as many photos/videos as I can because life is precious and short. If there was one wish I could have, it would be that MaQ could live forever. Obviously this is not possible, but as a photographer, I find photographs so important and a wonderful tool to help those grieve and mourn, celebrate a new beginning, or just to reflect and remember a certain moment in time, or a feeling you projected during a photo. This is forever. This is everlasting. This is power.

Life can sometimes feel very long, but with this furry pal around, he just lights up my life when I'm feeling blue or down. I'm so grateful I've got him to help brighten up my days and to get me to smile like a little girl again. Thanks for making this less than perfect Monday somehow quite perfect! I love you to bits, Toots.

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz