Fall Fashion Trend Alert: Socks and Sandals


Happy Hump Day! Today I'm sharing a new fall look. This past month I've been so taken aback by every single fashion week, most especially with Miu Miu's new collection in Paris. Starting with NYFW (see my post about my experiences here) I was swirled with emotion from the 80's and raver culture-inspired Marc Jacobs show, and also JW Anderson's textures and Mulberry's stripes & colors in London. Let's not forget Maison Margiela's weirdness and Gucci's decadent & intricate vibes along with the risqué YSL show. Can you tell I'm kind of into fashion & style? Ha ha! 

So this outfit's theme is circulated around my many fashion week inspos, but more specifically, the idea of breaking the rules and making it new. Case in point: Socks and sandals. I bet a lot of girls (and boys) find this pair together a big no-no. However, sometimes something so wrong can be surprisingly, so right! At first I thought the styling of the platforms with the socks would prove to be too gimmicky/too much, but I think with the rest of the outfit it gives it a pop of vibrancy and strangeness. Style should not be taken so seriously all the time. Style is about having fun, trying something different one normally wouldn't try - taking risks. Taking chances. This is exactly how I felt about Miu Miu's latest show. Don't even get me started on their shoe collection!

Mustard yellow has been quite a prominent color for fall fashion and I combined colors I found to work with such a distinct color. Rust/copper, camel/beige tones with black and grey; a touch of pink and blue. And for the finish, I went for a vampy lip. I used YSL, but can't remember the name of the color. Ask and I'll check for ya! :) I've been carrying this tribal beauty bag from Aldo around with me everywhere. From our summer vacation to the Cape up until now, I simply adore its versatility as well. Transitional pieces are always good to have in your closet, as I'm not the type of girl to wear something once and that's it.

The belt is actually part of the cardigan, but instead of keeping it together, I separated them to give the BCBG Max Azria dress some shape as it's a maternity dress! No, I'm not pregnant. But I'm obsessed with oversized clothing at the moment, and speaking of transitional pieces, I know I'll have a reason to wear this dress again in the future. Fun fact about this maternity dress: It was the dress I wore to my hubby and I's first official date to a swanky Korean restaurant in Soho. Sadly, the place has closed since then but I remember eating next to Famke Janssen and how crazy I was about my man before he even started courting me. (*Omg, how old do I sound?!) 

Stay tuned for new upcoming stories on the blog! This month we'll be doing a pet photography piece, as many of you have been asking me how I get those amazing shots of MaQ! There will also be a love story about where and how my husband proposed to me, AND a very special feature interview with an acclaimed photographer releasing a new book in the beginning of November. And of course, continued styled looks and recipes. Can't wait to share everything with you guys, as always! Catch y'all soon. :)   





How to Update the Back to Front Shirt Trend


Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? We had a low key and cozy one for a change. For once I was able to unwind and just relax! And catch up on some much-needed sleep. And have brunch with an old gal pal. And editing, of course. ;) MaQ turned 4 on Saturday and because of the rain, we postponed his birthday plans until hopefully sometime next weekend. YES. My dog has birthday plans every year! I don't care what anyone thinks. He's only going to have so many birthdays, and I'm determined to making each one count! I was kind of bummed not being able to do what we initially had planned, but to be quite honest, I needed to recover from working non-stop since NYFW. After going weeks without a break, it's important to breathe and reboot. As much as I love going out, meeting new people and socializing, I also enjoy my alone time. It's where I gather my thoughts and inspirations, and try to creatively put together different points of view, whether from fashion or travel, or food, I want you to see my world from own personal style & taste.  

An ongoing trend that started during Milan Fashion Week same time last year is the back to front shirt, where all types of buttoned down shirts are worn in reverse. The back in the front and the front in the back. Even during the latest interview I did on the blog, I helped style my goddaughter, Océane, in one of her boyfriend's white shirts, where I created an off-the-shoulder look and tied the sides of the shirt around her waist. Take a look here. I love how versatile and casually chic this look brings to the ordinary mundane white blouse. And in fashion, I love playing and mixing up with trends. In this case, one of my favorite trends happening on the runway right now, especially in Paris, is oversize everything. The extra layers and volume put a great twist on already trendsetting looks, such as the back to front shirt! Which is why I picked out my husband's white tux shirt with French cuffs. The sleeves are exaggerated to my petite frame, bringing attention to the shirt. I tied a small doubt-knot in the back leaving the front of the shirt unbuttoned to show a little skin.

What I also love about this style is you can pair the shirt with jeans or a nice flared pant, which I did here in this outfit. I love that you can wear this day to night, or work it with a skirt or even a maxi dress. There's so many ways to style the plain white shirt! Let's not forget to mention my favorite pieces of jewelry at the moment, the Arta ring from Vajzë and the Noel choker from Veronika. I'm obsessed with both; the gold dagger ring dazzled with clear crystals and the emerald gorgeousness from the choker. Talk about bead work too! Brown suede heeled sandals are BCBG Paris and the fresh blue-colored crossbody bag is from Dress Lily. Western-styled belt is from Urban Outfitters. To accentuate the green and blue colors from the accessories, I wore fuchsia colored lipstick and let the wind do it's thang to my mane. (Did not at all intend to rhyme. Nope, not one bit.) ;)   





Trick or Treat!


Happy Halloween everyone!!! Every year, my husband and I do our annual costume tradition where we come up with a different concept/theme. Last year, he opted out on playing dress up and only took photos of MaQ and I being Cowboy & Indian. But not this year!

Because I've been an avid fan of The X-Files since the tender age of 12, and the fact that the series is coming back this January (I can hardly contain myself), I knew we HAD to be Fox Mulder & Dana Scully! Do you likes our FBI badges? We even put our own photo in the badge, ha ha! Nerds... I have to admit- being a redhead is actually kind of fun! I'm digging the shorter-length, perhaps it's time for a haircut?

I went all out trying to capture Scully's essence as best as I could. I wore a cross necklace like she did throughout several seasons in the show, wore nude-colored pantyhose with black heels and everything!. Plus being an FBI agent is totally bad-ass. Come on, you know it is! And who got to be a little green man this year? Yep, MaQ the Martian, is out and about and on the loose! Lock your doors and hide your 'Samantha's' - we're coming for you tonight! ;)

Have fun and be safe trick-or-treating tonight. Check out all of our photos below, and remember...


Ha ha ha ha!

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz

P.S. No animal was harmed during this photo shoot. The guns are just prints on paper. :)


Inner Katie Girl // OOTD


Hello! C-C-C-Curly!!
— Carrie Bradshaw

If any of you gals are huge fans of SATC, you'll know what I'm referencing to. How many of you are Katie girls? We're talking about the ones with that 'wild curly hair'. When I was in college, and also when SATC was still airing on TV, I had become quite infatuated with the character, Carrie Bradshaw's Boticelli-esque, ever-flowing ringlets. (Not to mention her all-around adorableness.) And I had begun a new hair cycle.

But I stopped doing this regularly because quite frankly, I don't have the time! It takes me about an hour to complete curling my hair! Sometimes I'll straighten it because it isn't as time-consuming as it is with the curling iron but for the most part I just leave my hair all-natural. Since I haven't really done my hair like this in many years, I was really in the mood to have some big hair today! What's even better? The morning-after hair! The curls will still be intact, but looser and more bedhead. Which is my favorite because it's carefree yet rebellious. What do you think of my curls? Are you into this style?

I have a confession to make on top of secretly crushing on Ms. Bradshaw. The cardigan I'm wearing from Bergdorf's belongs to my husband! It's my favorite cashmere piece and I'll admit that I stole it! He barely ever wears it because I always do during this season! Ha ha ha! It's so soft and comfortable, plus the lil' after smell of the hubs is always a plus.

I've had this jersey dress since I first moved to New York City! That's nearly 10 years ago! I love the versatility of it. You can wear it all four seasons and playing around to mix and match the dress with different pieces is always so much fun. I love that you can even wear it off the shoulder, making it a bit more romantic and sexy. 

Last but not least are the riding boots I'm wearing from Ralph Lauren. I love wearing these during the Fall. They pair perfectly with leggings, mid-skirts or dresses. Tights too! I love boots that aren't too high-heeled. I have a ton of running around to do and need something that won't kill me by the end of the day. I know some of you ladies only wear heels, and I have to say, I don't know how you do it!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my outfit of the day along with my new C-C-C-Crazy do! ;) In case you're wondering, all photos were taken by me. Self-portrait, all the way baby!

We'll be back on Halloween, in costume! All 3 of us. Me, my boo, and my other boo, MaQ! I'm so pumped for you to see! I think it's gonna be a hit this year! Stay tuned... you're going to love it! Until then, check out my other blog posts on fashion & beauty, food recipes, photography, street art, and more!

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz


Rodan + Fields Sampling

Happy Hump Day everyone! What a dreary, gloomy day here in New York City. Yuck! I hope you're all staying warm and dry today! This week, my lovely friend, Alice, generously offered me some skincare products from Rodan + Fields to review. From what I can tell, most of the current Rodan and Fields reviews are pretty fantastic. Here are the following samples I received:

Rodan + Fields ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste - use this to first and in the morning! Gently massage the paste onto dry skin in the a.m to enhance cell turnover and improve skin tone and texture. For gentler exfoliation, add water. You can use this up to 3x per week as tolerated. I loved it! My face felt clean and refreshed, and not too exfoliated like some other exfoliants I've tried in the past. I could feel the dead skin cells being gently removed and the tone of my skin was amazing afterward! A wonderful glow to it, really!


REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum - After cleansing and toning in the evening, apply the serum (blue ample) over the entire face (avoid eye area) to visibly improve skin texture and firmness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This serum worked well on my face but left it a tad dry, but my skin always becomes drier during the Fall/Winter seasons so I just finished with a moisturizer to balance it off. I enjoy using serums at night because while you're getting your beauty sleep, these little guys are hard at work! I also don't have many wrinkles (not yet at least) so it was hard to notice any change in that. Overall, a great serum product to use while you catch up on resting!


REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum - Apply this serum (gray ample) to smooth lip texture, reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles and increase moisturization. Okay, ladies. I'm truly obsessed. The following morning, my lips felt like a rose petal. Silky, satiny, and 100% soft! I always get very dry, chapped lips during this season, and this serum was the perfect 'potion' to remedy my puckeroos! A definite recommendation, for sure!


REDFINE Acute Care Skincare for Expression Lines - This should be used in conjunction with your nighttime skincare routine. Don't use it on active acne or areas of sensitivity, redness or irritation. I got a defined wrinkle right in between my eyebrows from all the squinting I've done burning the midnight oil with my writing and other projects. I saw a subtle change after using one application, but not enough to say that it'll make any wrinkle disappear overnight! This takes time (up to 10 applications) to notice a difference. But I would strongly recommend this product for women who are battling with some wrinkles!

Interested in trying any of these products and more from Rodan + Fields? Please contact my friend, Alice! Here's the deal, just email her for a consultation and mention my blog, and you'll get the sign up fee of $19.95 waived! Pretty groovy, right? Did I mention discounts, free shipping and then some? Score!

Alice Kim

Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant

email: alicekimRandF@gmail.com


I thoroughly enjoyed these samples! My complexion feels revived, more luminous and youthful-looking than ever before! Thank you so much, Alice! And isn't my girlfriend just the cutest? I was just telling her today how adorable she looks with those pigtails! I could never pull it off! Don't forget to contact her for your own personal face goodies! And please refer my blog for your free sign up today!

Stay cozy my friends! ♥

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz