The Remaining Days of Fall

Hi, everyone! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving filled with good company, good food and all around good vibes! I always keep it low key with my fellas as my husband and I don’t really have big families, we enjoy the time spent together and with a few of our closest friends. I really savor the times spent with the pup, being that I’m busy 24/7, it’s so nice to cut myself off from the online world and just be in the moment with the two most important people in my life. Now that we’re gearing into the holiday season, the leaves are falling and the winter chill is taking its course. So I wanted to get in a few more photos of the beautiful foliage along with playing in the leaves with MaQ - he literally goes nuts for them! Continue reading to see more of the photos, where to shop the look, and why my dog is the cutest German shepherd in the world! ;)

FIRST: Can we talk about how warm and snuggly this teddy coat is?! AND it’s only $40! It’s such a bargain because with the right layering, you can wear this all winter long! Seriously, I paired this with a denim jacket and scarf in 30 °F and was so cozy outside! And anything neutral during the colder months is a good thing - makes it for easier styling among many of the fall/winter colors. Plus I think anything in the neutral palette looks good on so many skin tones and hair colors! Plus the two front pockets and folded over collar are also some of my favorite features in a rocking overcoat!

Now you know me, to go with a cute coat, I love to amp it up in the accessories department with a good statement bag and watch! This chic crossbody bag crafted in Italian Embossed Croc and Pebble Grain leather can also be worn as a shoulder bag and you can double the strap for a shorter length. Front open flap has a polished gold lock closure that’s super luxe and polishes it up to be a fabulous day or evening bag with the classical sophistication. Which way did you like the way I styled this bag the most?

This rectangular two-hand dial paneled in lustrous mother of pearl and semiprecious stone is the focus of this elegantly striking watch. Hand-assembled with Swiss and imported materials right in Detroit, Michigan, the refined style is anchored by genuine alligator leather for a luxe finish. Given that I was raised in Detroit, I’ve already grown to be quite sentimentally fond of the watch. They have other styles as well, with this particular design, but they also carry other well-sized luxury watches. Check them out at

These sneakers are from Kenneth Cole and honestly are the most comfortable pair of kicks I’ve owned in a few years. They’re the perfect stylish sneaker for all-day wear and even cozy enough for travel. I always wear them on flights. They’re on sale at Macy’s for less than $60 and are totally worth the price for their quality. I love them so much I’ve already gone through two pairs! I guess I’m the kind of gal that when she stumbles upon something she loves, she’ll stock up on it! Haha.


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Fall Fashion Trend Alert: Socks and Sandals


Happy Hump Day! Today I'm sharing a new fall look. This past month I've been so taken aback by every single fashion week, most especially with Miu Miu's new collection in Paris. Starting with NYFW (see my post about my experiences here) I was swirled with emotion from the 80's and raver culture-inspired Marc Jacobs show, and also JW Anderson's textures and Mulberry's stripes & colors in London. Let's not forget Maison Margiela's weirdness and Gucci's decadent & intricate vibes along with the risqué YSL show. Can you tell I'm kind of into fashion & style? Ha ha! 

So this outfit's theme is circulated around my many fashion week inspos, but more specifically, the idea of breaking the rules and making it new. Case in point: Socks and sandals. I bet a lot of girls (and boys) find this pair together a big no-no. However, sometimes something so wrong can be surprisingly, so right! At first I thought the styling of the platforms with the socks would prove to be too gimmicky/too much, but I think with the rest of the outfit it gives it a pop of vibrancy and strangeness. Style should not be taken so seriously all the time. Style is about having fun, trying something different one normally wouldn't try - taking risks. Taking chances. This is exactly how I felt about Miu Miu's latest show. Don't even get me started on their shoe collection!

Mustard yellow has been quite a prominent color for fall fashion and I combined colors I found to work with such a distinct color. Rust/copper, camel/beige tones with black and grey; a touch of pink and blue. And for the finish, I went for a vampy lip. I used YSL, but can't remember the name of the color. Ask and I'll check for ya! :) I've been carrying this tribal beauty bag from Aldo around with me everywhere. From our summer vacation to the Cape up until now, I simply adore its versatility as well. Transitional pieces are always good to have in your closet, as I'm not the type of girl to wear something once and that's it.

The belt is actually part of the cardigan, but instead of keeping it together, I separated them to give the BCBG Max Azria dress some shape as it's a maternity dress! No, I'm not pregnant. But I'm obsessed with oversized clothing at the moment, and speaking of transitional pieces, I know I'll have a reason to wear this dress again in the future. Fun fact about this maternity dress: It was the dress I wore to my hubby and I's first official date to a swanky Korean restaurant in Soho. Sadly, the place has closed since then but I remember eating next to Famke Janssen and how crazy I was about my man before he even started courting me. (*Omg, how old do I sound?!) 

Stay tuned for new upcoming stories on the blog! This month we'll be doing a pet photography piece, as many of you have been asking me how I get those amazing shots of MaQ! There will also be a love story about where and how my husband proposed to me, AND a very special feature interview with an acclaimed photographer releasing a new book in the beginning of November. And of course, continued styled looks and recipes. Can't wait to share everything with you guys, as always! Catch y'all soon. :)   





Fall Mini Session w/ MaQ

Looks like New York City's last 70°F+ day, up until spring reappears, might be today! The temperatures will quickly drop, especially into this weekend where it might get to only the upper 50's! Brrr! My skin is shivering just thinking about the frigid temps that are around the corner! Winter is literally coming! (Insert the pleading & whiny emoji face here please.)

Before I know it, I won't be able to rollerblade with MaQ as much (I could always be my crazy self and make a go at rollerblading this winter because why not,) and since I've been taking advantage of this really beautiful & mild weather we've been having, of course I grabbed my camera for a few morning shots of my baby boy. 

I love the Autumn season and it's everchanging leaves. MaQ wanted to show you the start to the foliage. Like this one on the right, it was once a lush green and now you can see it's transition to yellow. Being raised in the Midwest, I've always appreciated the four seasons. (As much as I b*tch about the heat during the summer and then the bitterness of winter,) I am fond of the continuing cycle. Death and rebirth, as such it is in life. We too, are constantly changing, whether we like it or not. It's in our nature. Just like weather, you cannot fight this.

That'd be like if MaQ could never play fetch with his ball again! It wouldn't matter how hard you'd try to keep him from doing this, he'd find a way to play! You can't stop from being who you truly are! And this guy is just a playful mush...

Or... not... What force to be reckoned with! That's what 100+lbs of pure muscle looks like! Check out those T-Rex arms! Ha ha ha! It's one of my many nicknames for MaQ, because he's always in the exact same mid-air position with his paws! Too funny. But seriously, don't mess with this guy! ;)

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed this sesh with my pooch! If you're looking for a photographer to do a Fall-themed shoot, or any other inquiries, feel free to contact me! I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. To know more about what I shoot, please go to my bio page for more info. :)

Have a great Hump Day! ♡

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz