Trick or Treat!


Happy Halloween everyone!!! Every year, my husband and I do our annual costume tradition where we come up with a different concept/theme. Last year, he opted out on playing dress up and only took photos of MaQ and I being Cowboy & Indian. But not this year!

Because I've been an avid fan of The X-Files since the tender age of 12, and the fact that the series is coming back this January (I can hardly contain myself), I knew we HAD to be Fox Mulder & Dana Scully! Do you likes our FBI badges? We even put our own photo in the badge, ha ha! Nerds... I have to admit- being a redhead is actually kind of fun! I'm digging the shorter-length, perhaps it's time for a haircut?

I went all out trying to capture Scully's essence as best as I could. I wore a cross necklace like she did throughout several seasons in the show, wore nude-colored pantyhose with black heels and everything!. Plus being an FBI agent is totally bad-ass. Come on, you know it is! And who got to be a little green man this year? Yep, MaQ the Martian, is out and about and on the loose! Lock your doors and hide your 'Samantha's' - we're coming for you tonight! ;)

Have fun and be safe trick-or-treating tonight. Check out all of our photos below, and remember...


Ha ha ha ha!

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz

P.S. No animal was harmed during this photo shoot. The guns are just prints on paper. :)