White Denim Cycling Shorts with Snakeskin


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It’s getting hot out there! One of the biggest trends to hit in fashion the past few years are biker shorts. I never really got on board with this look - that is, until this particular style evolved with different materials that are indeed a fave. I couldn’t resist a pair of denim cycling shorts. And being that I love to wear white during the summer, I really wanted to style one for you guys. But how to style it? I went with a snake print pattern and I ‘made’ the shorts myself! Continue reading to see how I put this look together and where every piece is from with direct links.

The link to the shorts is the only item that is not a direct one. Why? I cut these into shorts as these were originally a pair of white denim jeans. I didn’t want to style this look with a pair of white pants - I have a variety, but really felt a pair of white shorts, longer length, would bring something to the outfit. So instead of cutting them normal-length, I cut the denim biker style. I distressed the hem just a little bit to give it an unpolished, relaxed vibe with the intensity from the major snake print going on in this look.

The snake print blazer is only $15! At first I was a bit hesitant since I couldn’t touch or really see the material, but it’s thin and very moveable, even in the scorching heat! A definite piece that can be easily transitioned into fall. To keep the look edgy yet boho, I accessorized with a large straw tote and some cowrie shell earrings, both super trendy for summer. I paired the blazer with a matching snake print. These western boots fit like a glove and I could walk in them all day long. They are $60 and a really good price for a boot that can be worn well into the winter time. I always love pieces that can be styled in more than one season, how about you?






10 Ways to Be a Badass

Normally when one thinks of a badass, one doesn’t usually come across an image of myself but more so along the lines of ‘The Terminator’, ‘Rocky’… even Lara Croft. Or perhaps a pick-up artist or someone who is all about getting ‘ripped’. My physique is petite more than anything else. But it’s what you carry on the inside that truly resonates who you are. So after my birthday weekend, I had some reflections as to where I am in life and who I really am as well. And I can assure you, I’m one hell of a badass for many reasons. So continue reading to learn more on ten ways to be more of a baddie in your life as well!


As a trained figure skater, I was criticized on a daily basis (and then some) which became part of the norm in my childhood. Good and bad, the latter proved to toy with my insecurities for years. But what it has also taught me is discipline, perseverance and most importantly, the only competition that I’m up against is with myself. Do you really think, with the career I’m in now, that I’d have any real fighting chance if I spent my days trolling Instagram worrying about other people and what they think of me? I’d never leave the house! So throw caution to the wind in this case - once you really don’t care about what others think of you and are only worried about yourself, it is forever life changing. And yes, a complete badass in doing so!


We are human after all, we all become afraid of many things throughout our life. But it’s how we manage that fear is what counts. To lead an exciting life, one must be open to new experiences. Jump with a leap of faith instead of waiting for something to happen. You just got to go for it, remember that you are uncomfortable because you are simply traveling out of your comfort zone, which is a good thing. Overcoming fears equals personal growth, and badasses are far more capable than what they ever imagined to be. Better to have tried than not try at all.


Not to say one should be a doormat, but it never hurts to be kind. We are all in this together, meaning we are all going to go down just in different ways so while we’re here we should at least try to be nice to one another. Don’t get me wrong, once a boundary has been stepped outside of its line, I won’t be as cool. But to me, a badass isn’t a ‘mean girl’ or a beyotch with an attitude, but more so someone who is diplomatic, cool, calm and collective throughout many different scenarios. Treat others how you’d like to be treated. The cooler you are to everyone else, the cooler they’re gonna be to you.


Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, do it for the right reasons. Not for an ego boost. When you see someone being taken advantage of, abused, or wronged who may not have the strength to stand up for themselves, do whatever you can to help. Don’t go getting yourself into situations you can’t handle, but if there’s any opportunity to fight some sort of injustice before you, stand up and do something about it. Rise up for yourself because if you can’t do that, you’re not going to be able to help others either. But you’ll never regret doing either or the other!


Of course, it’s important to learn when to say yes but I believe it is even more important to learn when to say no. And rather frequently. You can’t please everyone, and even if you tried (which I have in the past) you will never win over everybody. Quickly saying yes to everyone and everything will consequently have you lose your focus and dilute your power. Be selective, take time in your decisions, and definitely be down to say NO AF. Lol.


If I have to endure one more conversation amongst ‘bloggers’ as to what I have in store for summer plans, future content ideas, etc; I’m going to die of exasperation. Less talk, more action. Like a writer, don’t tell me… but SHOW ME. One of the best ways to stay stuck in your life is to constantly talk about things and never take action. If you want to really change your life or achieve a big goal, then commit to being someone who takes big action and does something about it after rather than the other way around. It kind of coincides with #1 but it’s all about delivering what you plan on doing. GET IT DONE!


Life will try to beat you down, others will try and take what you have, and your own mind will tell you that you’re not good enough, but… guess what? The world doesn’t revolve around you and you have to maintain at not relenting. Don’t give up. Keep plugging away at it and go after it single-mindedly. Don’t let anything get in your away. Remember why you are doing what you’re doing and don’t let go of that.


Stay on your path and trudge forward with big strides, but be flexible and adapt to the conditions of the road. If you want to make the universe laugh, just tell them your plans. Things will go awry. If you’re too rigid, life will feel like it’s against you, so sometimes you got to adapt a little and go with the flow. Be like water, not cement.


It’s there for a reason, and believe me when I say this, it knows much more than you do! ;) If someone or something feels wrong to you, or a project just doesn’t feel right…listen to what your intuition is telling you. There’s a good chance that it’s right and you should at least consider what is going on. Don’t have a knack for it, or so you think? Meditate, take long walks, do things that will open your inner compass and guide you to do what is best for you.


We all have different sides to ourselves, but more so of what we project to the outside world, and then who we are - as in… who we really are deep down inside. In my profession, it’s easy to just think I’m this or that, depending on what’s in a person’s ‘about me’ page, outfit, tweet, and then some. None of this makes a person. What’s in your heart and what actions you take definitely take hold over who you truly are as a person. And it’s all about being able to look at yourself in the mirror every morning and be very accepting with yourself. Because if you can’t even face yourself, how do you really know yourself? Be happy knowing your true self, a badass at heart all the way!






Stars and Stripes


Happy Thursday, everyone! I’ve been back from London a couple of days ago, and it’s been nonstop work straight off the plane again, with a little sickness (respiratory infection of sorts w/ a ‘fun’ raspy voice) and complete exhaustion. But still trudging through and getting it done because that’s the way it is around here! Today’s post is dedicated to the teasing springlike weather, and as many of you I’m sure, just like myself, are itching to take those heavy winter coats off! But with transitional weather right now, it’s still not quite time for that, so our wardrobe needs something in between. How about a gorgeous striped maxi sweater dress? Continue reading to learn more about how I styled this particular piece, where to shop and more of what’s to come on M + S!

Who says you can’t wear your stars and stripes before the Fourth of July? And it doesn’t have to be in red, white and blue either. I love mixing prints, in which case, this is more about mixing materials and textures, but still falls in the category lines of it. I’ve been growing my bangs out since I grew tired of the maintenance it took with them. So with the latest hair trend, everything clips, barrettes, etc; I took the liberty in styling my hair with a single hair piece, amongst them the stars. I wore the stars hair clip the opposite way to have the dangling star on my upper face, to give it a ‘Rainbow Brite’ kind of vibe with the candy-colored striped maxi sweater dress.

The striped maxi sweater dress features an off-the-shoulder long bishop sleeves with ribbed cuffs, ribbed fold-over neckline, and double patch pockets. It’s the perfect dress for pre-spring. On warmer days you can wear it by itself (with perhaps some thermo wear underneath) and on those chillier days, top it with a trench or warmer oversized coat and you’ll look stylish both ways! I think it would pair nice with a powder blue or a khaki color, what kind of coat would you wear with this dress?

To elongate my height with the long maxi dress, I opted for black sock boots with a high heel. Other accessories with this look is the green triangle clutch and pink lippie. I’m not much of a pink girl, but it’s the most frequent color I’ve been wearing on my lips the past six months! I’ve been using Lime Crime’s lip liners and they’re absolutely the best I’ve ever tried in the business. They’re even smudge-proof, which is always a plus for someone like me who’s running around town and doesn’t like to touch up my makeup that much during the day. Because with good makeup, you won’t need to do much touch-ups!

I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit today! Still to come on the blog later this week, my recap of NYFW shows, LFW shows and LFW outfits. Not the mention my February beauty favorites which there are a ton this month (alas, the life behind a beauty product junkie ha ha!) We are also stirring the pot for more interesting content for this year, but these will take a lot of time so please be patient! I will announce more news as it comes sooner into the limelight. If you’re an avid reader of M + S, we’d love to hear from you! What would you like to see more of this year? Anything we’re not covering that you think we should? Drop those suggestions/comments down in the section below! See you guys soon. :)






Hot Cheetah in the City


Happy almost Friday! In today’s post I’m sharing a few essential pieces that’ll bring an edge to any look. They are staple pieces any girl can have in her closet: Budget-friendly, chic and actually all comfortable to wear. I’m sharing a pullover, jeans, boots and a cross body bag that I know any girl will appreciate - regardless of your personal style. And one of the most trending prints of the season: Leopard - is definitely featured in today’s post! The rocker chic vibe from this look is casual, but you can definitely bring it up a notch with different pieces from your closet. Continue reading to shop the direct links while learning more about each piece that you too should have in your wardrobe palette very soon, if not already!

Introducing a timeless, beautiful collection by a master American shoemaker for a modern woman of purpose. Effortless. Luxe. Forever. Chic. These Marc Fisher black suede boots are a dream! They literally go with everything! I would love to style these pair of boots with a mid-length dress or midi skirt. Even with pleats - it would be so good! But in today’s fierce, edgy look, I paired them with my favorite Levi’s Jeans. These are the only Levi’s I own and they’re the 711 skinny jeans. They’re the perfect cut and length for someone petite like myself. But back to the boots - the heel height is high, nearing at 3 and a quarter inches, but walking in them are actually super comfortable! They retail at $289 - but worth the investment as classic suede boots as such can be worn with nearly every outfit, and they’ll last a lot longer than buying a less expensive pair of boots.

Now if you know me and my personal style by now, you know I love a good leopard print. And ever since I discovered Zefinka - a fast-fashion online brand that’s been around since 2014, I’ve been a big fan of theirs! They carry a lot of great quality items that on mostly trending pieces, but the prices are even hotter! I love their tops, such as this leopard print pullover. It’s a mix of mohair and cotton, but overall the material is soft and cozy. The sweater would look amazing with leather pants, a black skirt, even wide leg - the possibilities are endless. I love a good piece as such - because it’s essential to my style and can be worn in a variety of ways. Plus, tell me you don’t love a good warm fuzzy sweater during the winter?! ;) Zefinka also did a lovely feature on me and my brand - check it out here now!

I also want to share with you another brand I discovered that’s really great - from Italy. EVVE Milano is a vegan handbag line that’s all about rocker chic, a mixture of Italian and New York style: Expressions of freedom. Each bag has an emblem of a snake, derived from the Adam & Eve story, embedded into it, symbolizing the woman’s inner ‘EVVE’. The BONN Crossbody has a semi-rigid but spacious shape to carry everything you need. Lasered details enriched with metal eyelets on the flap and shoulder strap embellish even the simplest look.

To keep with the edgy vibe, I wore certain kinds of makeup such as a bold red lip and cat eye. I’ve been doing more of a winged eyeliner lately - it makes my eyes look bigger (especially when one is TIRED lol) and gives a more dramatic look - what do you guys think? Also, seriously contemplating on whether or not I should grow out my bangs. I love my bangs but I also love no bangs as well. I used some hair clips (definitely in search of statement hair pieces right now) as this can give a more polished feel - but still edgy and rock and roll. Think it ties up the whole outfit together pretty well. Hope you guys enjoyed today’s fashion post! Leave your comments down below. Catch up with y’all again soon!






What to Wear on and off the Slopes

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season! How was everyone’s Christmas (to those who celebrate)? My hubby and I always keep it low key. We don’t have big families and the imminent pressures of engorged family gatherings and togetherness may not always bring happy feelings, but just the two of us, with of course our baby, MaQ, is always enough. Life has many twists and turns, and is very short, so I consider to be very lucky to have my boys with me. They are my life and without them, I’m not too sure how well I’d do. The spirit of this time period isn’t about presents, lights and pretty festive pictures (raise your hand if you’re a NYC blogger and shot at Lotte Palace, Rockerfeller Center, or another touristy-driven location site…) Sorry not sorry. I. JUST. CAN’T. So instead of the same ole’ content everyone is doing, I’m still doing it MY WAY. So in today’s post, we’re mixing Aspen with Chinatown - grunge with ski wear. Continue to see the details from this uber cool yet casual styled look for the winter, and how to get this ski-inspired outfit!

The touch of color on the sleeves and chest, gives a unique style to the coat to be worn in casual occasion, on and off the slopes. By the way, can you believe I have never tried skiing before in my entire life?! I’m a trained figure skater, so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be completely terrible at it! Plus, being a Midwestern gal at heart, I’ve always loved winter and even more so, the snow. Normally with a ski jacket/coat, it is puffy and not exactly the easiest piece of outerwear to maneuver in. But this faux fur shearling-styled jacket is great in the cold, and quite fitting for next month… the month of love :) I love how this v-shaped jacket also looks like there’s a heart in the red, when angled to the side. Do you guys see what I see?

The red and white jacket is quite warm, but when the temperatures dramatically drop whether you’re skiing or not, it’s important to be properly insulated. Which is why I wore my favorite Uniqlo Heat Tech top. Black, sleek and goes with many many outfits. It is definitely a staple piece in my closet during the winter season. I love how lightweight it is, and that you can easily layer with other clothes to keep warm. The black pants are from Reebok. A classic jogger-silhouette, these comfy pants has a slim fit with a modern cut that hugs the body while still leaving room for movement. Very comfortable cotton fabrication. Other features include front hand pockets, tapered ankles for a bulk-free fit, elastic waistband with drawcord and detail at the outer left pocket. 

To continue with the mostly black ensemble, I styled the look with my latest favorite pair of winter boots - these yellow-laced black combat boots. I thought the high-ankled boots would fit well with the jogger pants, keep an elongated frame. Sneakers wouldn’t made me look stumpy I think when it came to this look. They’re also great to tread in snow, completely durable and also easy to walk in. Literally can’t get enough of ‘em! Other accessories that I styled with this look is this cognac studded crossbody bag from Foley & Corinna and a very cool yellow pair of cateye sunglasses. I think the colors tied everything together when it came to the overall look.

What do you guys think of this look? Can it be worn both on and off the slopes? Are you an avid skier? Got any suggestions for a first-timer? Ha ha! Also, where’s a great place near New York? Vermont? Upstate? I’d love to hear from you guys as I continue to do my search for a possible trip with the boys! Also, I’ve listed each piece from this look with direct links in the beginning and end of this post. Wishing you guys a wonderful rest of Christmas break and an even Happier New Year! I have a feeling 2019 is going to be fun! Until next time… :)