Babushka Chic

The word, ‘babushka’, has its origins in Russian and means, ‘grandmother’. It also makes reference to the manner in which ladies in Russian, use this type of scarf, covering the head and knotting it under the chin. The last reference was taken to name the famous, ‘Lady Babushka’ who was suspect of recording the Kennedy assassination while wearing this garment. A trend that has come and gone, from Audrey Hepburn to the film, ‘Thelma & Louise’, to the Queen of England and even A.S.A.P Rocky, the rapper, has kept this style alive, even breaking boundaries which is something I definitely enjoy doing. And I really wanted to style this in a great setting instead of the usual street style photos we sometimes take. So continue reading to see the complete shoot along with where to shop the pieces in this look today!

I love a good rib-knit dress in a cotton blend. This one is great for spring. Small stand-up collar, short sleeves, and slits at sides, it’s movable and very comfortable. Since the the weather is not quite springlike here in New York yet, I layered the dress with a faux fur coat with contrasted cuffs to bring out a more Russian-feel to the look. I even wore sheer nude tights to also keep with the overall mood of this outfit. I also mixed with the stripe print with an animal one, as snake print anything is super hot in trends at the moment. Don’t worry, they’ll still be around this coming fall/winter as well.

These snake print booties are awfully comfortable too! Super sleek pointed ankle boots featuring exposed zip and sock style fit, you would think 4.5” in terms of heel height would be too much on the feet, but they’re so well-fitted, like a glove, makes it easy to walk around in. I wouldn’t say this if you’re on your feet all day, but for an afternoon or evening will do just fine. I like my shoes to be practical.

So I’ve mixed in animal print with stripes. You’d think I’d stop there, right? Nah. I love playing up on the beauty of print and patterns. There’s something about pushing boundaries like I mentioned earlier in today’s post, I find that when you do, in terms of fashion & style, you can really find out if these rule-breakers work or not. I wore a blue and white floral scarf around my head, a standard must in a babushka chic outfit. :) This scarf in the post is not intended to be a headscarf and is no longer in stock so I linked a very similar one that can definitely be intended for a headscarf/headwrap.

Other accessories featured in today’s look are a luxe burgundy crossbody bag and gold statement earrings. I hope you enjoyed this more stylized editorial shoot! I am working on doing more of this kind of content, but it takes more time, therefore, a longer waiting period. What did you like the most about this babushka chic look? The headscarf? Coat? Perhaps, you’re wanting to see a trend/concept on MaQ + Suz that you haven’t seen and would like to? Drop your messages down in the comment section below!






The Most Stylish Trench You'll Ever Own

When you think of Spring what is your number one go to kind of outerwear? For me, they are trench coats. One of my favorites to wear, I appreciate when a design is fresh and fun, like the star of today’s blog post. The cut is a bit different while maintaining premium quality, it has definitely become my favorite jacket to wear come this season. I’ve already worn this beauty across the pond during London Fashion Week in a very British street-style look (see HERE) but in today’s look I went for a more minimal chic vibe, one that can be easily re-created. So continue reading to see more of this spring wear outfit (who else is just as excited for warmer weather?!) and to learn more on why this is the most stylish trench coat you’ll ever own.

The calf-length trench coat from H&M is in thick, woven fabric made from a cotton blend. The details are the best: Collar, buttons at front with decorative buttons alongside, and concealed inner button. Long raglan sleeves with wide, tapered tab and button at cuffs. Wide welt side pockets, belt loops at back, and adjustable belt with covered metal buckle. High slits at sides. (my personal fave) Pleat at back with concealed tab and button to adjust pleat opening. Lined at top. This trench coat would be perfect with jeans and a white tee for a more casual look, but I went for a little more of a polished look.

I styled the trench coat with a high neck ribbed knit top and skirt co-ord with a beautiful pair of leather and suede tall black boots. Handcrafted and made in Italy, the tall boot by Sclarandis has a three quarter inside zipper, on a medium chunky wood heel and a touch of cushion to soften your step. They’re quite comfortable and super stylish. Perfect for transitional weather aside from the fall/winter season, in this look I think it flatters the legs well with the length of the skirt. The black matching set is from SHEIN, you can get 15% off your purchase until the end of March by using my code 1suzan15 before checkout. Their clothes are very affordable and super cute in terms of fast fashion.

This mini version of the Lantern Bag is designed to fit just the essentials - keys, lipstick and a big screen phone. You can carry it by the top handle or go hands-free with the shoulder strap but I love it with the strap, it is more practical while running around town. Crafted from croc-effect calf leather, and suede interior, it is one of my favorite bags the past couple of months. The brand, mlouye, has an assortment of other colors and textures when it comes to the lantern bag. If you’re looking for a refreshing take on handbags, you need to check them out!

I hope you enjoyed this brief outfit post! Be sure to check out my latest roundup of beauty favorites (see HERE) as well as all of my fashion month content from NYFW & LFW. Be sure to find direct links to the pieces from today at the beginning and end of this post. Got a question? Want to leave a message? Drop those comments down in the section below! Happy Hump Day, everyone :)






Black, Pink and Lavender Outfit


Happy Monday! In light of my pretty packed week, I’m keeping it short and sweet on here with little bit of contrast in today’s look. It can look great on anyone as these colors are flattering on all skin types. We’re talking pink, lavender, and black. Plus it’s an outfit that I feel good in, on top of being fashionable. And I’m sharing two brands I’ve recently discovered that I wanted to share with you in what I styled today. One is outerwear and the other is jewelry. And these staple pieces can be worn in many other different looks. So continue reading to see more details from casual, feminine yet edgy look with direct links to shop.

How beautiful is this light pink fur coat? It is rex rabbit, with a relaxed fit and hook eye closure. Fits true to size, I love that this coat can be dressed up or down. I love the slate pink color mostly, as it’s a very unique pink shade. And let me tell you how warm this baby is! I literally only had a white bodysuit underneath (with a bra) and I was snug as a bug in a rug! This coat is valued at $370 which is a bit expensive, but it’s definitely an investment piece! Luxurious I might add as well :) Check out more clothing items by Heartloom!

I love these long geometric statement earrings. Very lightweight as they are made from 0.3 mm silver sheet - I discovered this jewelry brand from Barcelona on Instagram!. Nia Dana Jewelry designs minimal chic pieces with quality metals and each piece is individually handmade. These earrings for example took about 10 days to produce, so you know the added details to everything will be perfect. In which case, they were! Check out more of her designs here

These two-tone ankle boot beauties in lavender feature a pointed toe and stiletto heel. They’re 5” heels, so I wouldn’t recommend these if you’re not about the height. But I’m quite petite (only 5’3”) so anything that can add length especially to the bottom portion of my body is a good thing. One of the best ways to elongate your legs as a petite woman is to wear cropped pants with statement booties as such. Not only will it give you height, but the two together looks great while really showing off your new pair of shoes. And how much do you love the frayed hem on these faded black pair of denim jeans?!


Hope you enjoyed this more laidback casual look today on the blog! I think this outfit would also be perfect for Valentine’s Day, whether hanging out with the girls or with your date. A definitely day-to-night kind of look - easy peasy. What would you guys like to see more of? Styles like these or more polished up looks? I definitely have a few projects in mind when it comes to editorial work, but these will take a good second. Got an idea you’d like to see on M + S? Drop your thoughts in the comment section down below! Wishing you a great first week of February!







My Best Tips for New York Fashion Week


Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? I spent it working, while also preparing for next month, which is one of the busiest months for me. In less than a couple of weeks New York Fashion Week will be here. This will be my sixth season attending NYFW, and after a few years in the ‘rodeo’ I definitely have learned a few lessons along the way. It’s not all what it is cracked up to be, in that it’s not something you just show up to, like going to the movies. It takes weeks (more than that if you’re out of towners) to organize and plan for the week, from meetings with brands/pr agencies that you’ll be working with, to the shows you will be attending, and even squeezing in a couple of photo shoots and dinners/site seeing along the way. And if you’re visiting, you’ll need to handle your flight, hotel, transportation, etc; So in today’s post I’m sharing 5 of my best tips for New York Fashion Week. Whether it’s surviving or thriving (let’s hope both ha ha) - during the week here in New York, these tips will keep you moving and grooving!


A blogger once told me that if the brand could not seat her front row, she would refuse to attend the show. So it’s not only about who you’re connected with, because in the 7-day binge of networking with other like-minded people you could potentially partner with in the future, it’s about how you are connecting (while certainly being kind to others) to begin with. And this is not in terms of logistics, but rather taking value in a person’s time and input, and actually connecting on a creative level. For example, getting in the Coach show because it’s a place to be seen is not going to get you in at all. You have to gain the experience in the industry along with a growing audience in order to achieve some sort of recognition, only then to have bigger opportunities in meeting with the bigger labels in fashion. I’ve been fortunate to meet many in the business just by chance, or even taking another chance on smiling at someone backstage and striking up a conversation, only to lead to some sort of connection. Nowadays it’s all about numbers and what’s on the phone, but I think in order to build any sort of successful business relationship (or any for than matter, not just business), there has to be a personal connection, first and foremost.


No matter how much you think there’s time to prepare for what’s a veritable buffet for fashion bloggers during NYFW, it goes by so fast and there is a ton of preparation to deal with beforehand. For example, the emails that are sent out and received. Hopefully, your emails are not automated/robotic-like and have some sort of ‘you’ in the message along with yes, your numbers, because stats are also important. Then the organization of what you chose to do everyday, from events to shows, meetings, shoots and, hopefully some sleep, along with preparing looks each day before as well. It’s a lot of work for only a week. And even more if you do more than just one fashion week, like I have been doing for the past two seasons attending London Fashion Week, where next month will be my third time visiting - I’m very excited! Bring a really good external/portable charger. With all the phone usage from ubering, texting, photo/video taking, and more, your phone’s going to die rather quickly. Here’s a little tip: To conserve your
phone battery during fashion week, put your phone on airplane mode during
fashion shows. You can post what you want afterward, of course after turning the airplane mode off.


I can’t tell you how many times I would only have one meal a day during Fashion Week because of my crazy hectic schedule. And I was the crankiest, hangriest b-ya there ever was, haha! Kidding, but really, no one is pleasant to be around when hungry, and it’s just not good for you. Duh. Yes, I confess on solely relying on caffeine, such as soda and coffee instead of water where I became extremely dehydrated. Now I try to drink water everyday, but I also tend to drink a ton more while traveling, especially while on the plane. I also will eat a bit more on the healthier side just to give myself as much energy as I can get - and obv. the overall way of eating and drinking properly while literally being on the go for a week straight.


Every time I wore something I was even 10% unsure about, I would not get photographed by the street style photographers and I would just feel uncomfortable about wearing it the entire day. And this shows in photos. You got to know your style and own it! This is the time to have fun with your styling skills, but also shining on in that department! Who doesn’t want to look their best during Fashion Week? Again, if you’re a fashion blogger and you’re maybe doing it to just go- as in see and be seen, it may not be within your best interest then. You should want to go for the experience and to learn from it, to make you a better blogger and person, overall. But wearing what makes you feel 100% great about yourself, is something we all strive for and definitely want to showcase during this time of the year, while also sharing emerging talent/designers.


You can kiss that “perfectly scheduled day” goodbye, so you might as well make the most of it! Each day you’ll maybe get around 5 hrs of sleep (if you’re lucky and have an editing team) will not eat perfectly, and will definitely not be stress-free. Don’t forget why you’re doing what you’re doing, and I hope it’s because you absolutely love it, want to meet other people and connect, and maybe learn something you haven’t yet, whether it’s your first time visiting New York or your tenth - from all there is to do in my city, I hope it’s out of support and passion for fashion. And when is it a bad thing to catch up with old friends, too? I love seeing everyone during this time period too :)

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! I do realize not everyone that comes to my blog is solely doing so for my fashion content, more so the content from fashion week. But rest assured, lots of more beauty and lifestyle content coming your way very soon! If you come here for fashion + styling tips, what would you like to see more of on the blog? And if you are attending fashion week, drop your comments down in the section below with your number one tip for NYFW! Wishing you guys a killer week, get it done and have a good time while doing so! Catch y’all back here soon.






Crazy Indigo Courageousness



You know, sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage. Just literally 20 seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come out of it.
— Benjamin Mee

I wrote this in a caption on Instagram about a week ago. And I wanted to talk more about the significance of stepping out of your comfort zone and yes, sometimes doing things that might seem crazy at the time, but somehow always manage to bring something great out of it in return. Recently, I was having a conversation about this with a close girlfriend and how this applies to everything in life. From relationships to work, when was the last time you did something that was considered 'safe' and was rewarded for it? You know what I'm talking about. That job that pays the bills and gives you security but you hate it... that relationship you're in that sort of makes you happy but not entirely... because there's still something missing... or that trip you took and planned a thorough itinerary (don't get me wrong, it's good to make plans regarding any kind of travel) instead of letting go and getting lost, discovering hidden gems along the way. I find that especially when it comes to visiting a new place, to just let it flow... the unexpected always brings great adventures (and stories) out of it. 


Now to the bit more complicated: Relationships. Ugh. As I mentioned during the conversation with my friend, "How many love stories have you heard of that was logical and easy?" Because to me, the greatest love stories aren't happily-ever-after fairytales. They are NOT those couples that gush and proclaim, "We never fight" or "We met and that was it." A deep love is extremely rich in an assortment of complications and takes a shit ton of work. Think about it. What's braver, fighting for what you want regardless of how 'sticky' the situation may be or just letting it pass, just like a wind, without a care in the world? Because whether it's a friend, lover or something more, these kinds of loves don't come around very often. It's not as if you can just hop on the next train or another great love, so to speak. To be willingly committed to someone or something takes true strength and courage. You can't cop out because it's too hard or you're too chicken shit.


Now... have I ever run from something truly great? Oh, you betcha. Why? The one and only single reason: FEAR. Running away doesn't solve your problems, in fact, I sometimes think they'll become greater if you don't face them. And it doesn't matter what it is, but I think it's so important to stand up for what you believe in and to never avoid/digress in that feeling. I never once had the emotion of fear bring me anything except pain and regret. Even if you think you can't, trust me... you can! For me, it's always been mind over matter and you can set out whatever your heart desires. But you have to be the one to take the first step. Remember, if you want BIG rewards, you better be willing to take even BIGGER risks. 


What are your thoughts on today's post? Is it better to take chances, carry a big set of balls and crazily just going for it in life or to be reasonable, taking precautions and/or only dipping your feet in the water (instead of jumping in, full throttle)? I want to know what you think! Leave your comments below. I've been getting a ton of responses to these navy blue sock booties by Ego Shoes. You can shop them HERE or down below in the "SHOP THE LOOK" section. If you haven't heard about the UK shoe brand, you best get to their site NOW! www. Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! :)



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