Happy Friday! For my birthday this year, my husband gifted me an accessory I’ve been wanting for quite sometime: An Hermès carre scarf. Timeless, classic, utter perfection. The story behind the scarf: Artist Pierre Marie pays tribute to the "Les Amoureux de Paris" scarf, designed by Maurice Tranchant in the 1950s, on which several famous couples silhouette against a map of the City of Light. A marriage proposal on the Right Bank, a couple dancing on the Left Bank, love is alive on both sides of the Seine in Paris, the most romantic of cities. A jogging couple head for the Tuileries Garden, two cyclists embrace near the Madeleine church, a pair of skateboarders meet up in the Quai de la Gare quarter. The new interpretation is illustrated by contemporary lovers, straight out of everyday life. It holds such a beautiful message on top of such a beautiful piece. And what I love most about this scarf is its versatile abilities when it comes to styling. The possibilities are endless. Which is why in today’s post, I’m really excited to be sharing 5 different ways to wear your Hermès scarf! I could have worn it in so many other ways with this particular piece, but I chose to go with styles that I’d wear often, are practical and chic. Continue reading to see how you can achieve the looks along with where to get this beautiful scarf!


Head scarves can be dressy and classic - think Princess Grace of Monaco or Audrey Hepburn - or sporty and casual... and an excellent solution to 'bad hair' days! I tied it in the front under my chin here but you can also try crossing the ends of the scarf under your chin, then take them round to the back (or side) of your neck and tie them. Pair it with some sunnies for the French Riviera look!


A street smart update on the classic headscarf. I actually refer this the pirate/painter way as these are the types of people wearing the scarf as such, lol. Fold your scarf into a triangle and drape it over your head with the long edge of the triangle across your forehead. Take the two ends back across the sides of your head and tie at the back in a square knot.

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Tie the silk scarf around your waist, swap ends to the opposite hand, then tie at the back to secure. It instantly adds a pop of color and pattern and is an unexpected detail that can totally make a basic outfit look so much more polished and stylish. Wrap it through your belt loops and knot it in front, or wrap it around your waist to carve out your shape in a billowy dress or top. So easy, so chic.


A glamorous way to accessorize a simple ponytail. A ponytail is not just a ponytail when accented with a beautiful scarf! This style can employ either an along-the-length folded oblong scarf or a square scarf in a bias-band fold.Fold your scarf on the bias, then wrap it twice around your ponytail, finishing with a square knot. For a very dressy look for evening, tie the ends in a big bow!


I could have shown the Lady Lavallière - silk ties for the butterfly effect. (Looks like a huge bow) but I could not see myself wearing it this way as every day use. So I went with the standard scarf wrap, except I kept the triangle end unfolded to create a little more flair to something that is quite traditional. What do you think? You can also styles scarves around handbags, wrists, tops and so much more.






Babushka Chic

The word, ‘babushka’, has its origins in Russian and means, ‘grandmother’. It also makes reference to the manner in which ladies in Russian, use this type of scarf, covering the head and knotting it under the chin. The last reference was taken to name the famous, ‘Lady Babushka’ who was suspect of recording the Kennedy assassination while wearing this garment. A trend that has come and gone, from Audrey Hepburn to the film, ‘Thelma & Louise’, to the Queen of England and even A.S.A.P Rocky, the rapper, has kept this style alive, even breaking boundaries which is something I definitely enjoy doing. And I really wanted to style this in a great setting instead of the usual street style photos we sometimes take. So continue reading to see the complete shoot along with where to shop the pieces in this look today!

I love a good rib-knit dress in a cotton blend. This one is great for spring. Small stand-up collar, short sleeves, and slits at sides, it’s movable and very comfortable. Since the the weather is not quite springlike here in New York yet, I layered the dress with a faux fur coat with contrasted cuffs to bring out a more Russian-feel to the look. I even wore sheer nude tights to also keep with the overall mood of this outfit. I also mixed with the stripe print with an animal one, as snake print anything is super hot in trends at the moment. Don’t worry, they’ll still be around this coming fall/winter as well.

These snake print booties are awfully comfortable too! Super sleek pointed ankle boots featuring exposed zip and sock style fit, you would think 4.5” in terms of heel height would be too much on the feet, but they’re so well-fitted, like a glove, makes it easy to walk around in. I wouldn’t say this if you’re on your feet all day, but for an afternoon or evening will do just fine. I like my shoes to be practical.

So I’ve mixed in animal print with stripes. You’d think I’d stop there, right? Nah. I love playing up on the beauty of print and patterns. There’s something about pushing boundaries like I mentioned earlier in today’s post, I find that when you do, in terms of fashion & style, you can really find out if these rule-breakers work or not. I wore a blue and white floral scarf around my head, a standard must in a babushka chic outfit. :) This scarf in the post is not intended to be a headscarf and is no longer in stock so I linked a very similar one that can definitely be intended for a headscarf/headwrap.

Other accessories featured in today’s look are a luxe burgundy crossbody bag and gold statement earrings. I hope you enjoyed this more stylized editorial shoot! I am working on doing more of this kind of content, but it takes more time, therefore, a longer waiting period. What did you like the most about this babushka chic look? The headscarf? Coat? Perhaps, you’re wanting to see a trend/concept on MaQ + Suz that you haven’t seen and would like to? Drop your messages down in the comment section below!