New Favorite Conditioner

Today I tried a new hair conditioner. "The Hair Growth Botanical Renovation Paraben-free Conditioner restores damaged frizz-prone hair and prevents hair breakage by coating and penetrating the hair shaft to create a protective barrier that restores hair and prevents further damage. By smoothing the hair surface it reduces hair knotting and breakage, so hair looks healthy, shiny and easy to manage because of improved elasticity. This Deep Conditioning Formula is based on the understanding of human hair structure and characteristics. It creates a protective barrier, increases mechanical strength of the hair fibers, detangles & restores elasticity, softens dry damages hair, returns shine and enhances thickness, nourishes and defrizzes, and improves color vibrancy with gentle treatment as it helps preserve the brilliance of hair without weighing it down. This deep treatment works to repair and to revitalize the surface of the hair for instant detangling, softness and shine. Designed for weak dull thinning hair, this conditioning treatment leaves hair smooth, healthy and strong with bounce, volume and shine. This ultimate hair conditioning treatment, specially formulated with essential oils and royal jelly extract, intensely replenishes vital moisture while reducing frizz and breakage, and leaves hair supple and free-flowing for ease of styling. The conditioning of this treatment forms a protective layer over the cortex where the cuticle cells have broken away, which provides a secure layer of coating over these rough edges."

I like to do a weekly deep conditioning earlier in the morning before I get the day going, rather than do it at night and getting it all over my pillow. This is going to come across rather strange, but I love the smell your pillow develops from the hair products you use, and call me a weirdo - I do not care, I just really enjoy the scent while sleeping! I do it before the day begins to give the products some time to wear in, so to speak.

This picture (they're all self-portrait by the way) cracks me up because this is how I typically look in the morning before coffee -  makeup free and aloof. I'm that girl who NEEDS her first cup of coffee before having a conversation. I'm not a morning person! Sorry! Ha ha!

I literally jumped in the shower, shampooed my hair with my regular shampoo, then to the fun part, trying the new conditioner! Most conditioners will tell you to leave it in for no longer than 10-15 minutes, but my secret? 30 minutes for any deep conditioning. After snapping a few photos for you to see it in use, I ran to the kitchen, poured myself my first cup of coffee and sat on the couch checking my emails and responding to messages with CNN in the background. My Instagram addiction will also tend to get in. Those 30 minutes went by quick! ;)

The scent of Rose geranium and cinnamon are lovely. The touch of floral with the heavy accent from the spice are complementary to one another. The conditioner is light but coats well into the hair. I liked the fact that it wasn't goopy like some products I've tried in the past.

After 30 minutes, I rinsed the conditioner out before blow-drying my hair, and then finally straightening it. Check out the results! Even after all the heat, my hair still felt and looked hydrated and silky smooth. And with some volume! Mind you - I haven't gotten my hair cut or colored since June! I'm really happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone, but especially those who may be prone to weaker, thinner hair.

Interested in learning more about this conditioner? Click here to direct you to the product available on Amazon. And if you make a purchase, use my 20% Discount Code: 6FI8TI6V

Have a great rest of your Tuesday!

* Please note, I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.