Case of the Monday's


B-b-b-b-b-but, I don’t compete with nobody
I just go hard, do the rope-a-dope Ali
Shuffle, and dance around my opponents, do donuts
— Eminem, 'My Darling'

Yo, Monday! We don't like you. Why must you return every week with such a vengeance?! In honor of the case of the Monday's, my pooch and I are showing our best, 'Monday, Get Outta Here' faces. Tee-hee ;) No really, though, I'm ready to kill it! Especially with this awesome t-shirt my good friend Agnes got me! Though, I think MaQ looks more confused than anything else. Like this derpy boy? He has his own Instagram account. Yes, I really do love my dog that freaking much, I'm shameless! For more adorable, funny, heart-warming daily moments with my best bud, check him out on IG @maq_life.

Now that I'm blogging again, I've been thinking a lot about changing the name of my blog and giving it a fresh, new start. What is it, you might wonder? ::Drum roll please:: MaQ + Suz! The Q is capitalized for the meaning of one of my most favorite words - quicksilver /ˈkwikˌsilvər/ noun: used in similes and metaphors to describe something that moves or changes very quickly, or that is difficult to hold or contain.

We, ourselves, are always changing. In a city like this, that tends to go quickly. Sometimes it's for the better and sometimes, unfortunately, it happens whether you like it nor not. We're all reaching a goal. A destination. A yearning. An acceptance of belonging to something.  I would like to think this way in terms of my new way of blogging. It will always be transforming with many different topics and discussions, and because of this, hopefully, this will also affect my readers.  The simple idea of sharing social media about our different cultures, backgrounds and style, it's something we can all relate to because we are all connected; no matter how far we go, geographically or emotionally, we are always constantly growing and changing. Together, as one, like quicksilver.

Speaking of change, I have to discuss last night's episode of the season finale of True Detective. All in all, I was truly disappointed in Season 2. Comparatively to Season 1, this season was weak. The first season was so in-depth with their characters and the story. It was clean, smart and compelling. In prep for the second season, I re-watched the first season not only to get hyped up for the new one but also for study and research on my current work project, my second crime novel. Last night's episode and overall feel, I thought the strongest character, Ani Bezzerides played by Rachel McAdams (and no it's not because I love strong female lead characters) were kind of swept under the rug. I wanted to know more about her background because even though the writers did give us some, I still wanted to know more to better understand her. I wasn't satisfied with just her relationship's with her father and her sister. Yes, I liked the sentiment of change, which I feel to be the focused theme of this season. Ani's final change was her firstborn son. His father, Detective Ray Velcoro, was killed before he even knew he was going to be a dad again, sadly repeating the same vicious cycle with his other son, (who looks way too much like a 'redheaded stepchild') of not being able to really connect with him and therefore, not ever really knowing him. His final change is death. 

Frank's death was lame. I know he's supposed to be one tough S.O.B, but watching him get stabbed felt like getting sucker punched. I mean, really? He's supposed to be this hardcore gangster, even though he detests the label when his wife uses it on him. The last scene of him and his wife, Jordan, was not my favorite. I really wanted to have a deeper rush of emotions, a kind of reaction to his sadness of not making it to his wife. Because their relationship between each other was very complicated and good, the ending between them should have been more, not some cheesy goodbye inside a train station. And the damn crows. Overkill.

I did find the scene with Jordan and Ani's baby touching. Her eyes said it all. Bittersweet. Even when Velcoro's ex-wife finally gets the paternity results it's no real shocker if you've been paying attention. I didn't like all the weird last names. It is one thing to keep names of characters original and memorable, but not to the point where I have to look it up online to make sure who is who. Too confusing. And don't get me started on all the aerial shots throughout each episode. Guys, you can totally do better than that! I swear I've seen them in every single episode! Transitions are made to be used in meaningful ways not to fit in a minute of California freeways and desolate lands. I figure you can't win one without losing one, so maybe if they do a third season, it'll be better like the original one! I look forward to what they will come up with and change from this season. See? Everyone's always changing. :)

To end off on a better note, I leave you a snapshot of my work desk... oh boy, looks like another manic Monday! To see more about the products in the photo, please check out my Instagram @suzannespiegoski for more details. And lastly a Monday Quote or as I call them, 'Monday Suzisms' of my current mood/thoughts.

Got to get back to the grind! I hope you all have a wonderful week! Come back tomorrow for some foodie goodie deliciousness!