Thursday: A.M. Walk w/ Essentials


Good morning, everyone! Happy Friday Eve! Today's blog is on our morning walk around the city toting our daily essentials. The heat is creeping its way back in, which is nothing out of the ordinary this time of year. New York in August is not cool. At all. But, I'd like to think, just like last summer, we've been pretty lucky with the temperature. Recently I've been wearing a lot of hats to protect myself from the sun when running around. (Sadly I'm not getting any younger!) My new go-to is my Fedora hat from Uniqlo. I've had it for years and I've always loved the quality of their products. My tote bag, made by one of my favorite galleries in New York, Clic Gallery, accompanies my current reads—Time Out and Charles Bukowski's, On Writing. In Bukowski's collection of letters to publishers, editors, friends, and fellow writers—the writer shares his insights on the art of creation. I'm pretty excited to dive right in. And I am totally digging Time Out's free handouts, as I'm sure many readers like myself were pleasantly surprised to see them circulating around their mailboxes again.

To carry some of my favorite but smaller beauty products from Body Shop and Fresh, I have a vintage pouch wallet once gifted to me many years ago by my lovely friend, Tyler while she was visiting Paris. I love it so much because of its uniqueness as well as it's size. I can fit cash and credit cards along with my keys and some lip balm. You can tell I sort of wore it out! I love any of the SPF lip balm from Fresh. Not only are my lips smooth with just a touch of color- they're healthy! And the Body Shop's tea tree oil face wipes are a total life saver on those especially hotter, more humid days. They are so refreshing in this heat and really balance out my skin tone. Plus, they actually smell great—like your face stepped out from the spa!

So with my bag and hat in tow, we ventured off to roam the streets. Today we stumbled upon two different artists, Hanksy, and Kelsey Montague, on the corner of Kenmare & Mott Street. Their murals, polar opposites of each other, both have excellent bodies of work. Kelsey's detailed, black-and-white angel wings make anyone look surreal, even innocent, for only a moment in time. A wonderful humanity piece and such a great spot to snap a memorable photo! She did a similar mural last year at the same location. I really admire her work! Hanksy's depiction of Homer Simpson's 'Avocad 'oh!' is cheeky and downright cute. What can I say, you put avocado on it and I'll be sure to like it! ;)

MaQ really enjoys posing for me in front of anything and it's a great exercise on impulse control. He's gotten to be really great at it and will not release his place until told so. I'm pretty proud of myself as well as with him because we are constantly working together- learning and growing as a team—a partnership one could only dream about. We've built a lasting bond and a trust worth dying for. It's no wonder German Shepherds are the most chosen breed for police and military working dogs. I have always had such a deep connection to GSDs, I sometimes swear I was one in a past life! Anyone else feel this way? I know we all think our dogs are the greatest dogs and you know why? Because they truly are.

I'd throw in a cute throwback puppy photo (because that's what #tbt's are for), but I'll save it for Instagram. Follow both of us @suzannespiegoski + @maq_life for our daily adventures.

We hope you enjoyed joining us on our morning stroll. Have a kick-ass Thursday! Catch you tomorrow!