Black & Yellow Winter Layering


Happy Wednesday, everyone! Last week’s post focused on a winter outfit which included a pleated skirt. There is also a pleated skirt in today’s post, but completely styled differently and with a change in color palette. The first pleated skirt look (take a look at the post here) was with blue, white and black stripes where today’s skirt is black, mustard yellow and plaid. And a shift from feminine edge to a more masculine one. Plus, I’ve got the coziest cashmere hat I’ve been wearing all winter long and wanted to share the piece because I love it so much! Continue reading to see and learn more about this winter look, where the layering game is in full effect and I’m geared up for the extra colder days.

I’m obsessed with this cozy chic longline coat boasting a snuggly black faux fur design. The coat is glam enough to layer over your dresses yet can bring extra edge to your casual looks. With a fluffy faux fur finish, side pockets, and a turn-down collar, it’s the ultimate go-to black coat in my closet at the moment. And can you blame me? You can get one for $80 HERE. I love this brand - I literally have so many pieces from them and yes, you can bet it, the pleated midi skirt is also from the same label as the coat is from.

I love the trendy yet professional feel to the skirt. It is snug at the waist, but the material is of great quality and it did not arrive to me frumpy by any means. The pleats have stayed in their place. There’s literally only one more left online, so check out the site now before the skirt goes quick! This skirt is retailed at $45 which is a great deal for this type of skirt. I styled it this time with my favorite pair of winter boots this season, these black combat boots with yellow lacing but I think you can definitely style it more elegantly or even with sneakers depending on your style. In my case, I went for a grandma punk style ha ha!

To complete the touches of yellow from the shoe laces and skirt, I layered with a mustard yellow blazer which has ruched sleeves (can be seen here and here) and a heat tech shirt underneath from Uniqlo which are life savers during the winter time. Accessories include a designed with state-of-the-art seamless technology, this stylish hat is produced with a unique machine that all but eliminates seams for a beautifully finished appearance from every angle with no visible lines. 100% premium cashmere having a unique feeling of comfort, versatility, and flexibility all the while maintaining sustainability. Warm cashmere beanie hats are a must from W. Cashmere. My chic sunglasses are from ACCRUE and this gorgeous handbag is from Delage. A classic piece, the Freda Collection is a tribute to an ambassador of Delage, Joséphine Baker, who’s real given name was Freda. A silhouette with a timeless beauty for a demanding, determined and diverse woman. The Delage’s red (the brand’s famous color) which is present in the lining of the bag, discreetly expresses the strength of feelings and the attachment to life. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s all about these subtle details, in fashion and in life. What are your thoughts about this black & yellow winter layering outfit?






What to Wear on and off the Slopes

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season! How was everyone’s Christmas (to those who celebrate)? My hubby and I always keep it low key. We don’t have big families and the imminent pressures of engorged family gatherings and togetherness may not always bring happy feelings, but just the two of us, with of course our baby, MaQ, is always enough. Life has many twists and turns, and is very short, so I consider to be very lucky to have my boys with me. They are my life and without them, I’m not too sure how well I’d do. The spirit of this time period isn’t about presents, lights and pretty festive pictures (raise your hand if you’re a NYC blogger and shot at Lotte Palace, Rockerfeller Center, or another touristy-driven location site…) Sorry not sorry. I. JUST. CAN’T. So instead of the same ole’ content everyone is doing, I’m still doing it MY WAY. So in today’s post, we’re mixing Aspen with Chinatown - grunge with ski wear. Continue to see the details from this uber cool yet casual styled look for the winter, and how to get this ski-inspired outfit!

The touch of color on the sleeves and chest, gives a unique style to the coat to be worn in casual occasion, on and off the slopes. By the way, can you believe I have never tried skiing before in my entire life?! I’m a trained figure skater, so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be completely terrible at it! Plus, being a Midwestern gal at heart, I’ve always loved winter and even more so, the snow. Normally with a ski jacket/coat, it is puffy and not exactly the easiest piece of outerwear to maneuver in. But this faux fur shearling-styled jacket is great in the cold, and quite fitting for next month… the month of love :) I love how this v-shaped jacket also looks like there’s a heart in the red, when angled to the side. Do you guys see what I see?

The red and white jacket is quite warm, but when the temperatures dramatically drop whether you’re skiing or not, it’s important to be properly insulated. Which is why I wore my favorite Uniqlo Heat Tech top. Black, sleek and goes with many many outfits. It is definitely a staple piece in my closet during the winter season. I love how lightweight it is, and that you can easily layer with other clothes to keep warm. The black pants are from Reebok. A classic jogger-silhouette, these comfy pants has a slim fit with a modern cut that hugs the body while still leaving room for movement. Very comfortable cotton fabrication. Other features include front hand pockets, tapered ankles for a bulk-free fit, elastic waistband with drawcord and detail at the outer left pocket. 

To continue with the mostly black ensemble, I styled the look with my latest favorite pair of winter boots - these yellow-laced black combat boots. I thought the high-ankled boots would fit well with the jogger pants, keep an elongated frame. Sneakers wouldn’t made me look stumpy I think when it came to this look. They’re also great to tread in snow, completely durable and also easy to walk in. Literally can’t get enough of ‘em! Other accessories that I styled with this look is this cognac studded crossbody bag from Foley & Corinna and a very cool yellow pair of cateye sunglasses. I think the colors tied everything together when it came to the overall look.

What do you guys think of this look? Can it be worn both on and off the slopes? Are you an avid skier? Got any suggestions for a first-timer? Ha ha! Also, where’s a great place near New York? Vermont? Upstate? I’d love to hear from you guys as I continue to do my search for a possible trip with the boys! Also, I’ve listed each piece from this look with direct links in the beginning and end of this post. Wishing you guys a wonderful rest of Christmas break and an even Happier New Year! I have a feeling 2019 is going to be fun! Until next time… :)






Green Oasis in a Concrete Jungle




The motif behind Korean designer, Lissa Koo's work is both the chic New York sense and the easy, breezy West Coast atmosphere. While being a unique, never-seen-before style, saku New York offers clothes that are ready-to-wear and easily approachable for anyone. Pursuing both sportiness and femininity simultaneously, saku New York showcases silhouette apparel that greatly emphasizes women’s beauty along with comfortable fabrics that allow easy movement. The last of the three features with s a k u New York from the past week, a garden feel in the concrete jungle, this floral embroidered dress on the blog today is just that: there's a lot going on with lots to attend to but I still feel beautiful and yes, feminine. (Shocker in my "style vocabulary" ha ha ha!) Continue reading to see how I deal with feeling and looking positively radiant even if what's going on around me is completely chaotic and never-ending (or so it seems...) 


Like a garden, what doesn't grow will die. And like in a garden, there will be setbacks: stubborn plants/flowers that will require higher maintenance, furry rodents trying to steal and ruin your crop, and yes, even those dry spells and perhaps even worse, when it rains... it really pours time period(s). Time and effort are an automatic given, and just in self-care, no matter how crazy your life can get, it is so important to give that time and effort to yourself. Sure, I love to see my friends and colleagues but I love my alone time just as much. In fact, I need it. Otherwise, I'd probably lose my mind. I got to have that in order to sort things out in my head and trust me, there's a lot going on up there at the moment. And I've always believed in that if you really want to grow, you've got to figure it out on your own and really, and I mean, really know what you want. Don't be compromising of that. 



You also have to keep your eye on the prize. But just like that garden, that will get messy and hard to upkeep from time to time, you have to be able to see the bigger picture. Because like everything else in life, and yep, even when it comes to taking care of yourself, it's never an easy ride. It's more like an upside down topsy-turvy rollercoaster if you ask me. But, no matter how awful or how hopeless the ride seems to get, remember you can get off that ride at any time. But if you're not a quitter like myself, just hold on to that "Holy, shit!" handle and brace yourself until the ride ends. Because it eventually will. I can whatever metaphor all day long, but you know after any storm comes the rainbow right? I know, but it's true. Hang in there, my friend!


Lastly, aside from 'me' time and seeing the bigger picture, don't forget to embrace your beauty amidst the chaos. Yes, you're probably tired, frustrated, stressed, maybe all three: but it's all about the energy you carry. Believe in the best of yourself and the other not-so-great reminders we have daily will slowly start to melt away. Every day I wake up and when I see myself in the mirror I try to reflect on the positive parts of myself rather than the negative. Instead of thinking, "My god, I look awful, I hate my nose, I wish it were smaller, instead start looking at the parts you, in fact, love about yourself. Maybe, "Wow, I never noticed how long and lush my eyelashes are," or, "That scar may be permanent, but it doesn't define who I am nor does it make me any less beautiful." In fact, I think these chaotic imperfect attributes are what makes some of the most beautiful people in the world. Think about it, you ever deeply love someone who was perfect? Yeah... my thoughts exactly. 







To All the Ladies with Style and Grace



Happy International Women's Day! I could say the usual, such as how all women are beautiful, special and worthy of everything, etc.; but I'm not the usual kind. *WARNING* This post is not anger filled but brutally honest. Don't like what you read or see? Get outta my way. BYE.

There's a ferocious new trend-demic where women, but more so cliché-like cliques, that are parading around their 'love & support' for ALL women. Now, don't get me wrong. There are a ton of bad-ass ladies that are really about community and the idea of everyone getting their fair share of the pie with unity and togetherness, but then there are always the typical two-faced bitches (particularly in the blogger world) that are not only complete hypocrites, but also liars and manipulators and have no other motive than to cause drama because of their unhappiness and insecurities. Maybe they're not as terrible as it sounds because hey, I get it. We're all human. I'm flawed and complicated, and not in a light-hearted funny kind of way. But I'm in no way intentionally mean-spirited. 

My closest girlfriends, which have been in my life for decades, can be counted on one hand. Why? LOYALTY. TIL THE END DAWG. We have been through so much shit in life I don't even know where to begin. I'm not talking about childish high-school breakups or fights with the folks, I'm talking about life & death situations. Loss, heartache, violence – our trials & tribulations were sometimes extreme and I really wouldn't have made it out alive if it weren't for my babes. And we didn't become friends because of race, social class, and other ridiculously atrocious reasons why some girls 'clique-ify' their way through life. It's the same type of girl who can't STAND being alone and always has to have a guy around. Seriously?

I don't need a pile of so-called friends to waste time shooting the shit with over coffee anymore. It's so mundane and it makes me nauseous just thinking about it. On the same note, it is crucial to network and to connect in New York City and also the world. It's not just about how hard you work to get towards that 'pie' but rather, who you know and what you can do for each other. Now is having coffee with any kind of friend, close/non-close a crime? Of course the fuck not. Yes, I continue to make new friends and they're all truly AMAZING but again life is so short and there will be very few people in the world that will deeply matter to you. And you to them. I'm not here today to engage in any kind of battle but I see what I see and I have the right to express what I want to freely. Dammit, I hate being a writer sometimes...

It's unnerving to continuously meet other bloggers who are not in this game for the right reasons. Sure, everyone has the right to go after whatever they want. I remember having a conversation with a 'part-time' blogger, and even though she wasn't doing it full-time, she thought anyone can become a blogger. That's like saying anyone can become a writer, a photographer and so on and so forth. BULLSHIT. It takes so much hard work, PASSION, dedication and discipline. It is by far the most challenging work I've ever had and I wouldn' have it any other way. And yes we 'all have to start somewhere'. You pay your dues, you learn & grow (I PRAY), and you work hard and be kind to people. BUUUUUUUTTTTT, that doesn't give anyone the right to make you feel uncomfortable about yourself. PERIOD. The second anyone, not just a woman, wants to treat you this way: DISENGAGE. Don't even give them the reaction that they're just dying to wait on. Pathetic. Let them get even more pissed because of your lack of care or effort on the situation.

To all my bad bitches, I LOVE YOU. I cherish our friendships and you all mean to me more than you'll ever know. Thank you for continuously inspiring me, supporting me, laughing with me and enjoying the good times with before they all fade away. To my loving followers, I may not have time to reply back to every single comment on social media every day, but I SEE you and I can never thank you enough for your encouragement and love to continue what I'm doing. Today is for you, ladies. Keep it real. Always. NOW, to all y'all weak-ass wannabes, I don't have the time playing checkers when I'm mastering my strategies at chess. Boom. Signing off. One Love.





Thursday: A.M. Walk w/ Essentials


Good morning, everyone! Happy Friday Eve! Today's blog is on our morning walk around the city toting our daily essentials. The heat is creeping its way back in, which is nothing out of the ordinary this time of year. New York in August is not cool. At all. But, I'd like to think, just like last summer, we've been pretty lucky with the temperature. Recently I've been wearing a lot of hats to protect myself from the sun when running around. (Sadly I'm not getting any younger!) My new go-to is my Fedora hat from Uniqlo. I've had it for years and I've always loved the quality of their products. My tote bag, made by one of my favorite galleries in New York, Clic Gallery, accompanies my current reads—Time Out and Charles Bukowski's, On Writing. In Bukowski's collection of letters to publishers, editors, friends, and fellow writers—the writer shares his insights on the art of creation. I'm pretty excited to dive right in. And I am totally digging Time Out's free handouts, as I'm sure many readers like myself were pleasantly surprised to see them circulating around their mailboxes again.

To carry some of my favorite but smaller beauty products from Body Shop and Fresh, I have a vintage pouch wallet once gifted to me many years ago by my lovely friend, Tyler while she was visiting Paris. I love it so much because of its uniqueness as well as it's size. I can fit cash and credit cards along with my keys and some lip balm. You can tell I sort of wore it out! I love any of the SPF lip balm from Fresh. Not only are my lips smooth with just a touch of color- they're healthy! And the Body Shop's tea tree oil face wipes are a total life saver on those especially hotter, more humid days. They are so refreshing in this heat and really balance out my skin tone. Plus, they actually smell great—like your face stepped out from the spa!

So with my bag and hat in tow, we ventured off to roam the streets. Today we stumbled upon two different artists, Hanksy, and Kelsey Montague, on the corner of Kenmare & Mott Street. Their murals, polar opposites of each other, both have excellent bodies of work. Kelsey's detailed, black-and-white angel wings make anyone look surreal, even innocent, for only a moment in time. A wonderful humanity piece and such a great spot to snap a memorable photo! She did a similar mural last year at the same location. I really admire her work! Hanksy's depiction of Homer Simpson's 'Avocad 'oh!' is cheeky and downright cute. What can I say, you put avocado on it and I'll be sure to like it! ;)

MaQ really enjoys posing for me in front of anything and it's a great exercise on impulse control. He's gotten to be really great at it and will not release his place until told so. I'm pretty proud of myself as well as with him because we are constantly working together- learning and growing as a team—a partnership one could only dream about. We've built a lasting bond and a trust worth dying for. It's no wonder German Shepherds are the most chosen breed for police and military working dogs. I have always had such a deep connection to GSDs, I sometimes swear I was one in a past life! Anyone else feel this way? I know we all think our dogs are the greatest dogs and you know why? Because they truly are.

I'd throw in a cute throwback puppy photo (because that's what #tbt's are for), but I'll save it for Instagram. Follow both of us @suzannespiegoski + @maq_life for our daily adventures.

We hope you enjoyed joining us on our morning stroll. Have a kick-ass Thursday! Catch you tomorrow!