Blue and White Summertime Patterns


Starting off the week in a fresh maxi dress that can brighten up any Monday blues! Quite the versatile piece, I could have styled the dress in many different ways, as this piece would be great to wear as a wedding guest, attending some sort of shower, or even just a casual day out in the park with friends. But after stumbling upon a street mural that complemented with the blue floral print perfectly, I knew I had to do the shoot at this location. I chose to style this look simple, boho chic. Continue reading to see full photoshoot along with where to get this look directly.

Floral print with eyelet trimming, the dress has self-tied tassels string on neck, a V-neck with button down closure, an elastic neck, waist and cuffs. Not lined and made with 100% cotton, this maxi dress is extremely comfortable and easy to move in. The dress can pulled off with several different types of footwear, such as sneakers, mules, slide-ons, and more. I chose a black western cut out lace up ankle boot to resonate with a more bohemian vibe. And now with my hair back to being darker, I think the boots go well with the color too. I also styled the hair a bit more curled and wore a vibrant pink lip for a pop of boldness to the outfit.

Now… where is this cute street mural located in New York City? It’s at the Yumi Kim store on Stanton and Ludlow! It’s a great photo spot, and the city is full of them, so I’m always grateful that I live in a place where there’s an endless amount of backdrops within my fingertips that I can use for photoshoots. This blog kind of began back when I created my dog’s Instagram, even before my main one now, where I trained MaQ to pose in front of many, many different street murals within the city. People are always amazing at his obedience and enthusiasm on top. Except when we were shooting this, he was cheering me on with the photographer. ;) Wishing you guys a wonderful week, stay tuned for more this upcoming week. xo






Chic Rainy Day Outfit


I thought the expression went, “April showers bring May flowers” but the month of May has been quite wet in terms of weather. Since it’s the last May showers before summer weather arrives, I wanted to share a rainy day outfit that’s not too casual - because even on the rainiest of days we’ve got places to be and people to meet! And given it’s wedding season, I’m also sharing a two-for-one look with a lace trim dress that’s perfect to wear as a guest to a wedding and other occasions such as bridal and baby showers, this dress is also great for everyday wear. I’ve also found the most gorgeous Italian red patent crossbody bag that won’t have you breaking the bank. So continue reading to see the complete look and also where to shop these specific items, for dry and/or rainy days.

This cute, A-line dress features covered front buttons, lovely crochet lace trim, and a ruffled, flared skirt for a charming feminine look. I think one shade of blue that works well all year round is in fact, navy blue. I think it’s a modest but regal color that’s perfect to wear while attending a wedding or shower of some kind. But I love to be able to wear items on more than one occasion. Which is why this dress is great for that. I styled it for everyday wear to show you its versatility. Fits true to size, it’s the ultimate romantic dress for this season. It runs at originally $185, but I found this dress on Nordstrom marked down half its price at $90! Check out this gorgeous navy blue dress here or down below.

An on trend white sole meets a classic Chelsea boot for an innovative, fresh appearance. The majority of rain boots I see are not very chic, but I really loved these black pair of rain boots. These ankle boot are in PVC, compliant with REACH European health and environmental standards against the effects of noxious substances. With a glossy finish and lemon-scented (literally not joking - I was pleasantly surprised when I first opened the package upon receiving it) these boots do run a little small so I recommend ordering a size up. If you’re a 1/2 size of any kind, I’d choose the next size up as well. These run for $150 but they’re also on sale at Nordstrom for only $80.

Arcadia Laila belongs to the famous “patent print” collection. It’s perfect for an elegant look, but at the same time it’s also fashionable thanks to the double adjustment gold chain. It’s made with a patent print calf skin and it has a customized lock on the front and a comfortable inner zip pocket. I love the bold pop of color from this bag when it comes to this rainy day look. But I’d also style it with an all white outfit or even a black pantsuit. Red always brings life to an outfit, in my opinion. If you shop on Arcadia, use my discount code, ‘suzanne10’ to receive 10% off!

I hope you enjoyed this chic rainy day outfit! Those rain boots can especially be worn during warmer weather, as the material is not as clunky/heavy. It is quite suitable for New York weather, as it’s going to be wet up until Wednesday. One day it is 70 and sunny and the following it’s rainy and 48 - seriously can’t seem to make up its mind, Mother Nature! Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you a wonderful week and a dry Monday ;)






10 Ways to Be a Badass

Normally when one thinks of a badass, one doesn’t usually come across an image of myself but more so along the lines of ‘The Terminator’, ‘Rocky’… even Lara Croft. Or perhaps a pick-up artist or someone who is all about getting ‘ripped’. My physique is petite more than anything else. But it’s what you carry on the inside that truly resonates who you are. So after my birthday weekend, I had some reflections as to where I am in life and who I really am as well. And I can assure you, I’m one hell of a badass for many reasons. So continue reading to learn more on ten ways to be more of a baddie in your life as well!


As a trained figure skater, I was criticized on a daily basis (and then some) which became part of the norm in my childhood. Good and bad, the latter proved to toy with my insecurities for years. But what it has also taught me is discipline, perseverance and most importantly, the only competition that I’m up against is with myself. Do you really think, with the career I’m in now, that I’d have any real fighting chance if I spent my days trolling Instagram worrying about other people and what they think of me? I’d never leave the house! So throw caution to the wind in this case - once you really don’t care about what others think of you and are only worried about yourself, it is forever life changing. And yes, a complete badass in doing so!


We are human after all, we all become afraid of many things throughout our life. But it’s how we manage that fear is what counts. To lead an exciting life, one must be open to new experiences. Jump with a leap of faith instead of waiting for something to happen. You just got to go for it, remember that you are uncomfortable because you are simply traveling out of your comfort zone, which is a good thing. Overcoming fears equals personal growth, and badasses are far more capable than what they ever imagined to be. Better to have tried than not try at all.


Not to say one should be a doormat, but it never hurts to be kind. We are all in this together, meaning we are all going to go down just in different ways so while we’re here we should at least try to be nice to one another. Don’t get me wrong, once a boundary has been stepped outside of its line, I won’t be as cool. But to me, a badass isn’t a ‘mean girl’ or a beyotch with an attitude, but more so someone who is diplomatic, cool, calm and collective throughout many different scenarios. Treat others how you’d like to be treated. The cooler you are to everyone else, the cooler they’re gonna be to you.


Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, do it for the right reasons. Not for an ego boost. When you see someone being taken advantage of, abused, or wronged who may not have the strength to stand up for themselves, do whatever you can to help. Don’t go getting yourself into situations you can’t handle, but if there’s any opportunity to fight some sort of injustice before you, stand up and do something about it. Rise up for yourself because if you can’t do that, you’re not going to be able to help others either. But you’ll never regret doing either or the other!


Of course, it’s important to learn when to say yes but I believe it is even more important to learn when to say no. And rather frequently. You can’t please everyone, and even if you tried (which I have in the past) you will never win over everybody. Quickly saying yes to everyone and everything will consequently have you lose your focus and dilute your power. Be selective, take time in your decisions, and definitely be down to say NO AF. Lol.


If I have to endure one more conversation amongst ‘bloggers’ as to what I have in store for summer plans, future content ideas, etc; I’m going to die of exasperation. Less talk, more action. Like a writer, don’t tell me… but SHOW ME. One of the best ways to stay stuck in your life is to constantly talk about things and never take action. If you want to really change your life or achieve a big goal, then commit to being someone who takes big action and does something about it after rather than the other way around. It kind of coincides with #1 but it’s all about delivering what you plan on doing. GET IT DONE!


Life will try to beat you down, others will try and take what you have, and your own mind will tell you that you’re not good enough, but… guess what? The world doesn’t revolve around you and you have to maintain at not relenting. Don’t give up. Keep plugging away at it and go after it single-mindedly. Don’t let anything get in your away. Remember why you are doing what you’re doing and don’t let go of that.


Stay on your path and trudge forward with big strides, but be flexible and adapt to the conditions of the road. If you want to make the universe laugh, just tell them your plans. Things will go awry. If you’re too rigid, life will feel like it’s against you, so sometimes you got to adapt a little and go with the flow. Be like water, not cement.


It’s there for a reason, and believe me when I say this, it knows much more than you do! ;) If someone or something feels wrong to you, or a project just doesn’t feel right…listen to what your intuition is telling you. There’s a good chance that it’s right and you should at least consider what is going on. Don’t have a knack for it, or so you think? Meditate, take long walks, do things that will open your inner compass and guide you to do what is best for you.


We all have different sides to ourselves, but more so of what we project to the outside world, and then who we are - as in… who we really are deep down inside. In my profession, it’s easy to just think I’m this or that, depending on what’s in a person’s ‘about me’ page, outfit, tweet, and then some. None of this makes a person. What’s in your heart and what actions you take definitely take hold over who you truly are as a person. And it’s all about being able to look at yourself in the mirror every morning and be very accepting with yourself. Because if you can’t even face yourself, how do you really know yourself? Be happy knowing your true self, a badass at heart all the way!






The Most Stylish Trench You'll Ever Own

When you think of Spring what is your number one go to kind of outerwear? For me, they are trench coats. One of my favorites to wear, I appreciate when a design is fresh and fun, like the star of today’s blog post. The cut is a bit different while maintaining premium quality, it has definitely become my favorite jacket to wear come this season. I’ve already worn this beauty across the pond during London Fashion Week in a very British street-style look (see HERE) but in today’s look I went for a more minimal chic vibe, one that can be easily re-created. So continue reading to see more of this spring wear outfit (who else is just as excited for warmer weather?!) and to learn more on why this is the most stylish trench coat you’ll ever own.

The calf-length trench coat from H&M is in thick, woven fabric made from a cotton blend. The details are the best: Collar, buttons at front with decorative buttons alongside, and concealed inner button. Long raglan sleeves with wide, tapered tab and button at cuffs. Wide welt side pockets, belt loops at back, and adjustable belt with covered metal buckle. High slits at sides. (my personal fave) Pleat at back with concealed tab and button to adjust pleat opening. Lined at top. This trench coat would be perfect with jeans and a white tee for a more casual look, but I went for a little more of a polished look.

I styled the trench coat with a high neck ribbed knit top and skirt co-ord with a beautiful pair of leather and suede tall black boots. Handcrafted and made in Italy, the tall boot by Sclarandis has a three quarter inside zipper, on a medium chunky wood heel and a touch of cushion to soften your step. They’re quite comfortable and super stylish. Perfect for transitional weather aside from the fall/winter season, in this look I think it flatters the legs well with the length of the skirt. The black matching set is from SHEIN, you can get 15% off your purchase until the end of March by using my code 1suzan15 before checkout. Their clothes are very affordable and super cute in terms of fast fashion.

This mini version of the Lantern Bag is designed to fit just the essentials - keys, lipstick and a big screen phone. You can carry it by the top handle or go hands-free with the shoulder strap but I love it with the strap, it is more practical while running around town. Crafted from croc-effect calf leather, and suede interior, it is one of my favorite bags the past couple of months. The brand, mlouye, has an assortment of other colors and textures when it comes to the lantern bag. If you’re looking for a refreshing take on handbags, you need to check them out!

I hope you enjoyed this brief outfit post! Be sure to check out my latest roundup of beauty favorites (see HERE) as well as all of my fashion month content from NYFW & LFW. Be sure to find direct links to the pieces from today at the beginning and end of this post. Got a question? Want to leave a message? Drop those comments down in the section below! Happy Hump Day, everyone :)






Stars and Stripes


Happy Thursday, everyone! I’ve been back from London a couple of days ago, and it’s been nonstop work straight off the plane again, with a little sickness (respiratory infection of sorts w/ a ‘fun’ raspy voice) and complete exhaustion. But still trudging through and getting it done because that’s the way it is around here! Today’s post is dedicated to the teasing springlike weather, and as many of you I’m sure, just like myself, are itching to take those heavy winter coats off! But with transitional weather right now, it’s still not quite time for that, so our wardrobe needs something in between. How about a gorgeous striped maxi sweater dress? Continue reading to learn more about how I styled this particular piece, where to shop and more of what’s to come on M + S!

Who says you can’t wear your stars and stripes before the Fourth of July? And it doesn’t have to be in red, white and blue either. I love mixing prints, in which case, this is more about mixing materials and textures, but still falls in the category lines of it. I’ve been growing my bangs out since I grew tired of the maintenance it took with them. So with the latest hair trend, everything clips, barrettes, etc; I took the liberty in styling my hair with a single hair piece, amongst them the stars. I wore the stars hair clip the opposite way to have the dangling star on my upper face, to give it a ‘Rainbow Brite’ kind of vibe with the candy-colored striped maxi sweater dress.

The striped maxi sweater dress features an off-the-shoulder long bishop sleeves with ribbed cuffs, ribbed fold-over neckline, and double patch pockets. It’s the perfect dress for pre-spring. On warmer days you can wear it by itself (with perhaps some thermo wear underneath) and on those chillier days, top it with a trench or warmer oversized coat and you’ll look stylish both ways! I think it would pair nice with a powder blue or a khaki color, what kind of coat would you wear with this dress?

To elongate my height with the long maxi dress, I opted for black sock boots with a high heel. Other accessories with this look is the green triangle clutch and pink lippie. I’m not much of a pink girl, but it’s the most frequent color I’ve been wearing on my lips the past six months! I’ve been using Lime Crime’s lip liners and they’re absolutely the best I’ve ever tried in the business. They’re even smudge-proof, which is always a plus for someone like me who’s running around town and doesn’t like to touch up my makeup that much during the day. Because with good makeup, you won’t need to do much touch-ups!

I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit today! Still to come on the blog later this week, my recap of NYFW shows, LFW shows and LFW outfits. Not the mention my February beauty favorites which there are a ton this month (alas, the life behind a beauty product junkie ha ha!) We are also stirring the pot for more interesting content for this year, but these will take a lot of time so please be patient! I will announce more news as it comes sooner into the limelight. If you’re an avid reader of M + S, we’d love to hear from you! What would you like to see more of this year? Anything we’re not covering that you think we should? Drop those suggestions/comments down in the section below! See you guys soon. :)