Blue and White Summertime Patterns


Starting off the week in a fresh maxi dress that can brighten up any Monday blues! Quite the versatile piece, I could have styled the dress in many different ways, as this piece would be great to wear as a wedding guest, attending some sort of shower, or even just a casual day out in the park with friends. But after stumbling upon a street mural that complemented with the blue floral print perfectly, I knew I had to do the shoot at this location. I chose to style this look simple, boho chic. Continue reading to see full photoshoot along with where to get this look directly.

Floral print with eyelet trimming, the dress has self-tied tassels string on neck, a V-neck with button down closure, an elastic neck, waist and cuffs. Not lined and made with 100% cotton, this maxi dress is extremely comfortable and easy to move in. The dress can pulled off with several different types of footwear, such as sneakers, mules, slide-ons, and more. I chose a black western cut out lace up ankle boot to resonate with a more bohemian vibe. And now with my hair back to being darker, I think the boots go well with the color too. I also styled the hair a bit more curled and wore a vibrant pink lip for a pop of boldness to the outfit.

Now… where is this cute street mural located in New York City? It’s at the Yumi Kim store on Stanton and Ludlow! It’s a great photo spot, and the city is full of them, so I’m always grateful that I live in a place where there’s an endless amount of backdrops within my fingertips that I can use for photoshoots. This blog kind of began back when I created my dog’s Instagram, even before my main one now, where I trained MaQ to pose in front of many, many different street murals within the city. People are always amazing at his obedience and enthusiasm on top. Except when we were shooting this, he was cheering me on with the photographer. ;) Wishing you guys a wonderful week, stay tuned for more this upcoming week. xo






Grey Tones


One of my ultimate dreams in New York City has come true! It was so hard to keep it hush-hush for about a week now, but I am delighted and very excited to finally be able to tell you guys all about it! Sometime last week, I was having a very rough start to my morning and was really feeling under the weather, but I like to start my day by taking walks with MaQ, especially when I'm feeling down. Just the two of us roaming the streets of New York never fails to inspire me to keep going.

That morning was kind of cold. You know, those spring mornings where it's only slightly warm being in the sun. I was going to keep it a brisk walk and take MaQ out for a longer one later on in the day, as I had so much work to do. But, because I wasn't feeling 100% and the fact that I walk around to clear my head, I opted for a longer route and went to one of his favorite parks in New York City, Washington Square Park. He loves to find sticks to chew and play with, accompanying me while I people-watch and take snapshots. Suddenly, a deep male voice from behind said, "Excuse me, do you mind if I take a picture of your dog?" But before I could reply, he graciously continued. "I run The Dogist... I'm not sure if you've heard about us..."

My jaw dropped to the ground and I was beaming. Ever since Elias Weiss Friedman had created The Dogist in October of 2013, I've been following him religiously. With nearly 2 million followers on Instagram and over 10,000 photos of dogs from around the world, he's got my (well one at least) dream job, chasing dogs and traveling. I just never saw the man behind the camera! We had a blast shooting with Elias and his assistants, MaQ took his role as a supermodel VERY seriously. Come take a look at his AMAZING portrait shot HERE!

To see more incredible portraits of dogs by The Dogist, go to

Lastly, here's my look of the day! Grey tones meet casual chic with a long suit jacket from H&M, Steve Madden open-toe ankle booties and Forever 21 skinny jeans. It's one of my favorite comfy go-to looks. You can totally keep doing your #GIRLBOSS thang in this outfit. Sadly, due to grey tones not only being a part of this look, the weather did not allow us to film this look for the week. Boo, to rain! But don't worry, more to come soon, soon, soon! Stay tuned...

Photos by Gilles Decamps

Styling & Editing by Suzanne Spiegoski





First Street Graffiti

This week's graffiti is at the First Street Green Art Park, filled with lots of new and colorful street murals. I wanted to first start with a photo of all the many faces of MaQ, in reference to the Global Freedom Exchange Mural behind him. This mural was created last week by 24 female activists from around the world. It was led by artist and activist Panmela Castro. The women had been on a two week mentoring program advocating the stop and prevention to all human trafficking where they met with government officials to "discuss best practices with NGO leaders, provide donors with knowledge about funding needs and the best mechanisms for support, and learn about collaborative approaches to working with local law enforcement." ( During this graffiti workshop, the group discussed the issue of trafficking and then picked up spray cans to express their conversation through the mural. Just like my pooch, there are 4 different faces and I only took a photo with one of the faces to demonstrate this symbolism, as the message is clear: Hope. Change. Love. Justice. And that one voice mantra. We all have it, and we all should be allowed to use it when we feel necessary. And with that one voice, this is where we can get the change, the hope, the love, and the justice we all humanly deserve.

Look at my fur baby! I love this shot of him because not only does he look handsome (of course, he always does), but because his head stands for the letter, 'L', in 'LOVE', becoming a part of the mural. What a lover boy. I never get sick of photographing him. I mean, can you blame me? ;)

A little farther down into this area, we stumbled upon this amazing peacock! This art piece is by D. Gale. partnered with the Centre Fuge Public Art Project. I don't think I have ever seen a graffiti peacock since I've been in New York. This one is so spectacular, you have to see it for yourself! Don't they both look so fly?

The last piece is an Hiss Art mural that's just weird and authentic. Kitty cat, kitty cat, where are you? Clearly, MaQ loves 'em. Ha ha! This was on the end of a gray trailer, where the peacock is also displayed around the side, and this trailer is used as a temporary office for workers on the Houston Restoration Project and the 2nd Avenue subway line. The trailer always exhibits new murals, but since we've haven't been around here as of late, and that we've never blogged this section before, what better day than today? :)

Hope you had fun stopping by! Guess who's got a birthday coming up?! My boy is going to be 3 years old on Thursday and I can't believe it! Where does the time go? When you're having too much fun, I guess. Stay tuned for more adventures coming up soon!

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz