The Best Way to Remove Wall Paint from Skin

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When it comes to Beauty hacks, I'm sure many of you ladies rarely learned much from your father's. That's just not on the top of their lists of things to do when it comes to raising their daughter's. Now, please note I never said never, because there are fathers who do know a thing or two when it comes to the beauty department. And in today's post, I'm sharing with you one of the top beauty hacks of the trade that I learned through my dad's job! No, he was not a musician (by trade haha) as he was a talented one, but by day he was a carpenter. Think paint, think DIY, think easy. Continue reading to learn more about this quick and simple beauty hack using one of Johnson & Johnson's most popular beauty items of all time: Baby oil

I used to join my father to work sometimes on weekends when I was younger to help out and while doing so I learned a few tricks in carpentry along the way. Out of the many jobs he did, he was mostly specialized in painting. And one of the beauty hacks I learned very early on was how to get paint off of your skin. A common trait from a carpenter, sometimes my dad would come home from work looking like a ghost! But after discovering Johnson & Johnson Baby oil, it was the only oil my father used to remove paint from his skin. And it works like a charm! Keep scrolling to check out photos. 

In my spare time, when I'm not up to my knees at work, I love to hang out on my rooftop tanning during the summer and creating art of any kind. It doesn't have to be an utter masterpiece. The process helps clear my head on top of achieving a glowing tan :) And I don't know about you guys, but I've always been accident-prone! I'll spill red wine if I wear white, trip over my own feet and you can bet that if I'm painting, I'll be sure to get some on me... no matter how hard I try not to! Thank goodness for Johnson & Johnson's baby oils. The oil is super gentle on the skin and is the perfect beauty hack to remove wall paint from your skin. 

What is your #1 beauty hack that most people may not know about? I'd love to hear them down in the comments section! You can find Johnson & Johnson Baby products at your local Walmart, and more of me on my Instagram and Facebook pages! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Don't forget to leave your thoughts down below!


NYC style blog




Monday: Coffee & Treats



Hey ya'll!

Today's going to be a hot one here in New York City! But first, coffee! I decided to take an early morning stroll for my caffeine pick-me-up and treats with the pooch. maQ loves to go anywhere with me, and since I was craving for biscotti, off to Little Italy we went!

I love heading down there because there's always so much graffiti art to check out. Right now, there's the #100gatesproject going on. Check it out, it's everywhere- especially in the Lower East Side section. Today we ran into Indie184's work in 'full force' and Harif Guzman's Haculla faces. Of course, we stopped for photos. :)

I can't even remember the last time I had a cappuccino! I'm mostly drink coffee at home with some sugar and creamer, but today I was really wanted something different. And since I don't have an espresso machine to make one, it was even more reason to get out and get some goodies!

We stopped at Cafe Roma, on the corner of Mott and Broome St, and sat outside and people-watched. Of course there are always the tourists near that area, taking photos non-stop and always looking up. And then there's those who are off to work, to hustle and grind. So many bicyclists. maQ loves to watch but mostly loves the attention he receives while chillin' on the sidewalk. Not everyone adores him though. Some are afraid, even petrified enough to cross the street, just to avoid my 'big bad wolf.' Even when encouraging some he is more than friendly, they still don't want to take that risk. Understandable. And I'm always respectful of this. He is a definite breed ambassador, and has changed the minds of some people he's met. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and maQ's can definitely make you think twice about dogs. I mean, really, he's just a big ole pussycat! He's the best with children, super gentle and extremely affectionate. <3

I really enjoyed their chocolate biscotti. Sometimes biscotti can be bland or also be too almondy, but this was so delish! Might I add, the little dash of cinnamon on my cappuccino was like the icing on the cake! Everything was so good. Up until I could literally feel the air thickening- the humidity was setting in, so it was time to head back home!

Lastly, I leave you with my Monday Suzism.

We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.
— Jonathan Gottschall

Keep it cool, kiddies. Back to the writing. We hope you have a wonderful week!

Love & xx's,

maq + suz


Friday: Eye of the Tiger & Ramen Girl

It's Graffiti Friday! Today we took a stroll all the way down to Chinatown. (Ha!) We sighted on Boy Kong's 'Ramen Girl' which is totally rad, eccentric and even a lil' creepy. But in a totally awesome way! I'm digging his work. I also was very struck by Damien Mitchell's rendition of Donyale Luna's portrait, photographed by Charlotte March back in 1966. The photograph's called 'Eye of the Tiger' and I think it's the perfect title for such a remarkable portrait, let alone having it be inspired into street art. What a groovy morning stroll! As always, I have my sidekick maQ posing in front of these very influential, talented street art murals!

Have a great weekend. :)

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz