Like Mother, Like Daughter


What I would give to spend Mother's Day with my Ma. But I refuse to be sad because my mother would not want me to be this way. She made it clear to live life fully and to make time to enjoy it. Life is endured with its ebbs and flows but also remember that it's short. It goes fast. So, for this week's look, I'm dedicating it to my Ma, Sun-Hui, a.k.a. Sunny.

My outfit I styled (including hair and makeup), is in reflection toward what I'd actually wear this coming Sunday. If I could be with her, we'd definitely start Mother's Day with brunch! New York City style! And this casual chic look is not only something I'd be wearing, but it is also a twist on her style, which was fresh, light, and always feminine. But she was also cheeky. I remember her having a tank top with the words, 'slippery when wet' on the front. I admired her fashion sense and even when I was little, she'd dress me up in girly outfits and hair do's. But that all changed around the age of 6-7, when I started to develop my own individuality. I didn't want her to pick out my outfits anymore because I felt they were no longer my style! I knew it'd hurt her feelings, and when I had told her she did take it badly. I just wasn't a girly-girl and dresses were not really my thing. My favorite piece of clothing as a kid? Colored sweatpants! 😝

Fast forward some decades later and yes, now I like dresses (from time to time). No, I still don't prefer sweatpants, though pajamas are a close runner up especially when working from home. Ha, ha! I'm definitely a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal. Add in some sneakers and I'm good to go. But, lately, I, myself, have been feeling more feminine. Like a flower, in the process of blooming. I can't wait to share with you a brand new story in the next coming days! It has a lot to do with flowers and I've got the perfect gift idea for Mother's Day! A definite must-do if I were to spend Sunday with my Ma. Stay tuned.

photos + videography by Gilles Decamps | director, editing, styling, hair + makeup by Suzanne Spiegoski

Mother's Day is this Sunday! My fourth 'Suz's Look' video is a play-up on what'd I'd be wearing if my Ma was still here and if I was lucky enough to spend the day with her. A twist on her style, if you will.

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Minimalistic Monday

I don't know about everyone else but today has been a drag! Not in a negative way... but more so in (what seems to be) the extra weight I've been carrying from yesterday's food. I blame it on the Super Bowl! 😜 And it's Monday. And it's cold. I miss carefree, warm summer days, man!

Minimalistic Monday Vibes, Self-Portrait,  February 2016, New York City, New York. © Suzanne Spiegoski

Minimalistic Monday Vibes, Self-Portrait,

February 2016, New York City, New York. © Suzanne Spiegoski

Today's post is more on my personal style. To me, your style is a reflection of who you are and what you feel. An important part of expression. Now if you just don't care because you're one of those people who's 'got better things to do', well... dressing like you don't care will not only make you look like you don't care about yourself (which isn't very appealing), but most likely you'll eventually resonate with that type of feeling. And who wants to feel like that?

Now, I've never been a girly-girl. I'm rough around the edges but keep my style minimal. A great inspiration derived from that kind of look is of course, Kate Moss, tell me a girl who doesn't idolize her is some aspect (because she's the I love to mix different trends and looks with just a little bit of rock -n- roll/rebelliousness. I'm definitely not the type of gal to always follow the rules, in fact, I like to break them. Challenge me at something you think I can't do and I'll make it a point just to prove you wrong. Because no one's got the right to tell you what you can and cannot do, whether in fashion or in life! When it comes to sheer will-power, I'm far from simple-minded. 

Bejeweled. 🌟

Bejeweled. 🌟

Since I was born in Cali but call New York City home, I have a tendency to mix East Coast and West Coast looks. I'd say my style is edgy yet sporty with a touch of the free-spirited bohemian, but I also spent most of my childhood in Detroit and I think that's where that's where the brazenness originates from. I'm that classy girl who cusses a little, okay (LIE), maybe more than a little! 🤐 Ha ha ha!

But if we're strong enough to let it in, we're strong enough to let it go. © Suzanne Spiegoski

But if we're strong enough to let it in, we're strong enough to let it go. © Suzanne Spiegoski

Adorned with jewels. 💍💕

Adorned with jewels. 💍💕

Jewelry has always been a passion of mine. I adore earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, toe rings, anklets, etc; you name it I love it! I think they're the perfect addition to any outfit. These embellishments, both bold or minimal, can enhance any style. Jewelry can also be a personal statement, like monograms, names, birth stones - even Angelina Jolie's tattoos that include all the latitude- longitude coordinates of where she met her husband, Brad, and their children's places of birth is so meaningful and in a way, archaic. Obviously tattoos are not adorned jewels but in my opinion, they're just as beautiful and significant. I've always wanted a few (!) but I've never been courageous enough to go for it. Plus, I want to be 200% sure about the artwork before I permanently ink that onto my skin! Are you yay or nay when it comes to tattoos?

Look who came by to join in a couple of the shots? I call MaQ my 'Velcro Dog' because no matter where I am, he's right next to me. German shepherds are extraordinarily loyal. I love him so much! (Not apparent at all, clearly.) Lol! I guess my boy is not much of a fan for Monday's either! I love these shots of us because even though he's not giving the camera his pearly whites, he still looks so incredibly handsome! Every day when I wake up and see that face I am so unbelievably grateful. He definitely makes the start to any week that much more tolerable. Be thankful for each day, keep things simple and style away! Might as well enjoy life while you're still around. Catch y'all next time! ❤️

Love & xx's,