How to Wear a Maxi Skirt If You Are a Petite or a Short Woman

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Stepping up my game in the styling department this Monday! You know, us, petite girls, need a little more recognition in the fashion world because it’s not easy styling when it comes to being short. Especially when it comes to bottoms: Pants, skirts - you name it, normally anything will need some adjustments. But what if you can’t take it in to the tailor every time? Pinching a few pennies? Why not, “Make it work” as Tim Gunn says? And if you’re a true stylist, you can adapt to anything and yes, indeed, make it work! You know I’m not much of a pink girl, but many of my readers really like it when I wear this color. So on one count, I’m challenging myself to style one skirt in two completely different ways, and two, for the love of my followers. Here you go! Continue reading to see the complete shoot!

When I thought about how to style this skirt, given the fact that the pink maxi skirt (as cute as it may be), it was far too long for me. So what’s a petite gal to do? HIDE THAT ISH. And since it’s winter, I paired it with a loosely fitted black cashmere sweater with #MOOD written on it in a plush red. To accentuate with the top, I accessorized with my new favorite bag that’s got a gorgeous oxblood color with an adjustable gold chain. You can see how I wore it both ways. Even my lipstick and nails are similar to the shades or red, but not exact. And this was intentional. I think it brings more of the pink out in terms of its statement, and it’s quite a ruffly skirt! I may not be a girly girl, but I sure do feel quite the lady when wearing it.

My new favorite black winter boots have yellow laces and a rough edgy feel to them. I’d say they’re combat boots and the platform always makes me feel like I can kick ass when wearing them. Ha ha! I’d say this look has a definite punk feminine chic vibe to it. You know me for my edginess & rebelliousness when it comes to my personal style, I really had fun putting together this first look. But wait… there’s the other look. How did I style the pink maxi skirt this time? Definitely has an overall different vibe to it as well!

One of my favorite ways to style a maxi skirt is to wear it as a dress! As a petite and short woman (I’m only 5’3’’) who is always looking for ways to save a few bucks, and also doesn’t always have time to wait in between alterations at the tailor’s, it never hurts to find creative ways to style yourself! And this second look is more for an evening affair. Playful, elegant and still with a little bit of edge, this pink maxi skirt, now dress, is a showstopper. I styled the piece with the darkest color known to man to give contrast to the feminine shade I don’t normally wear, if not ever. I love pink and black together!

The look was definitely inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s Oscar de la Renta dress from the show, Sex & the City, where her Russian boyfriend gifts it to her right before whisking her away to the ballet. I wanted the same type of feeling when it came to the second look. More whimsical. A touch of elegance. And a look you’ve never seen me do. And just like Carrie, I have a thing for accessories. This unique 100% leather based ball bag with Swarovski crystal stones, silver studs, glow in the dark stars and hand painted detailing is pretty insane when it comes to its details and I thought it was quite the bag to carry with this look! 

I wore black strappy heels to give more of an elongated look as well as keeping with the color scheme. And when it came to styling this pink maxi skirt into a dress, I knew I need to cinch the waist with a belt, to give some shape to the long dress. I just used black satin ribbon, the same one I wore on my wedding day, and snugly tied it in the back. A statement belt, like the one I’ve linked would be just as great, but to style this as a dress it definitely need something to hold the waist in. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my duo-styled post! I truly enjoyed doing this, so let me know if you’d like to see more styling challenges like this one! Until next time… :)






How to Style a Pink Coat Sporty Chic

We’re back to another work week! I a lot of the times love starting the week dressed up in a pantsuit/powersuit to get things going, along with feeling pretty damn confident in them, but sometimes, especially with all the dreary, rainy weather we’ve been having here in New York, you just gotta brighten up your days with some color! I’m not one to ever normally wear pink, but stepping out of my comfort zone is better than always playing safe, both in life and in fashion! Continue reading to check out the sporty chic look, one where my hubby/photographer couldn’t stop affectionately referring me as, ‘Pinkie’, as well as direct shopping links.

Even though there’s a bit of feminine references within this outfit, (i.e; the pink makeup, flower earrings, etc;) I still wanted to keep it sporty chic. But before we get into how I styled it this way, I want to share a little bit about the makeup first. The latest lipstick that I can’t get enough of is the PillowPout Creamy Plumping Lip Powder from Buxom. It’s a unique, instantly-plumping lip powder that delivers a blotted, semi-matte finish for an all-day, comfortable wear. Thanks to its innovative wet powder technology and mess-free sponge applicator, this weightless, pout-plumping pigment glides seamlessly across lips to deliver rich color that never feels dry or tight. The smudge-proof formula provides a soft and sexy stained effect that stays put for up to eight hours-no matter what you get up to during the day or night. Available in ten vivid shades designed to build to your perfect coverage, ranging from subtle nudes to bold berries. I’m wearing ‘Soft Whisper’ and it’s the perfect pinkie nude for a medium/olive skin tone. The Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette I’ve shared in the past before (HERE and HERE) and I just can’t say enough amazing things about this eyeshadow palette. It’s berry berri-fic, and also has some fantastic browns and peachy/pinks - all super duper amazing to play around with.

The earrings are from a sweet shop call SMTH (Small Things) where these flower droplet earrings come in a variety of colors. I’m wearing the lavender/pink set and think they look so cute with this outfit. I kept the remaining accessories fun yet sporty, with metallic pink sneakers and a holographic crossbody bag. To add an extra pop, I wore a pair of pink cateye sunglasses which are such a statement. These light yet sparkly playful pieces work well with the biggest contrast of this look: the ombre purple denim jeans.

A purple-tinted wash gives staple stretch skinnies a fresh, unexpected twist. I’m completely obsessed with my new pair of jeans by STS Blue. I definitely think the key to not going overboard on the pink and looking like a fluffy marshmallow, was a strong contrast. Purple does look awfully good with pinks, and the unique ombre situation blends well with the holographic bag and metallic sneakers. But most of all, I’m crazy for this light pink faux fur pink coat! You can layer it up and do a lot of different looks with this statement piece, but I chose to keep it more casual than dressy because that’s how I do me most of the time! Wishing you a great week, friends!





How to Wear Pink and Not Look Too Girly



Happy Friday Eve! A lot of you have been asking about the engagement shoot that's STILL not up. Why? For any photographer, I'm sure you can understand my pain. Ever shoot something so great and meaningful but then when you go back to it for editing, it's an absolute nightmare?! Especially when you're in a bit of a funk? I just can't seem to get the photos to be 'good enough' with my own eye. Call it what you will, but I'm a total perfectionist and am pretty hard on myself let alone with others. Fair? Nah. But it's how I'm built. It's who I am. I promise the photos are coming soon! If you want to see other lovey-dovey couple photo shoots in the meantime, please go here

What's the one color you're not the biggest fan of? Mine is pink. Any pink. Dusty pinks, blush pinks, neon pinks, anything with the word pink I usually stray from. But with my newfound openness and passion for fashion & style, it's good to challenge oneself even when it comes to certain aesthetics or tastes you're not that into. So when ASTR The Label sent me over their gorgeous Dakota top in pink rather than white, I decided to improvise and take the task at hand. Because when it comes to styling, whatever it may be, sometimes you just gotta make it work, even if it's a piece you're unsure of. Sometimes uncertainty brings out the best outfits!

So how to wear a pink anything without looking too girly? Here are a few tips. Less is more. Layer it up. It's winter out there, folks. (Well, for most of us.) Give contrast. Play with other colors. Bring a touch of masculinity to the already feminine color. Check out this look for example. I paired the Dakota top with a French cut Brooks Brothers shirt from the hubby's closet (I love his style and some of my favorite looks have pieces from his wardrobe in it), and to give an extra punch to the neutral lighter colors I wore red skinny jeans with my favorite Steve Madden black ankle boots. The boots are sleek and chic, polishing up any outfit.

A super hot trend this winter are leopard coats. Mine is faux-fur (even though I love real fur, sorry not sorry). I think this Zaful coat complements really well with the light baby pink of the shirt. Makes it less feminine and more rocker chic; a bit racy. I like intensity. Can you tell? To counter-balance the play with color-blocking, I kept it cool with my fresh blue crossbody bag. Ain't she a beaut? Shop the look down below or just follow the links for similar pieces! Have a great weekend. :)






Like Mother, Like Daughter


What I would give to spend Mother's Day with my Ma. But I refuse to be sad because my mother would not want me to be this way. She made it clear to live life fully and to make time to enjoy it. Life is endured with its ebbs and flows but also remember that it's short. It goes fast. So, for this week's look, I'm dedicating it to my Ma, Sun-Hui, a.k.a. Sunny.

My outfit I styled (including hair and makeup), is in reflection toward what I'd actually wear this coming Sunday. If I could be with her, we'd definitely start Mother's Day with brunch! New York City style! And this casual chic look is not only something I'd be wearing, but it is also a twist on her style, which was fresh, light, and always feminine. But she was also cheeky. I remember her having a tank top with the words, 'slippery when wet' on the front. I admired her fashion sense and even when I was little, she'd dress me up in girly outfits and hair do's. But that all changed around the age of 6-7, when I started to develop my own individuality. I didn't want her to pick out my outfits anymore because I felt they were no longer my style! I knew it'd hurt her feelings, and when I had told her she did take it badly. I just wasn't a girly-girl and dresses were not really my thing. My favorite piece of clothing as a kid? Colored sweatpants! 😝

Fast forward some decades later and yes, now I like dresses (from time to time). No, I still don't prefer sweatpants, though pajamas are a close runner up especially when working from home. Ha, ha! I'm definitely a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal. Add in some sneakers and I'm good to go. But, lately, I, myself, have been feeling more feminine. Like a flower, in the process of blooming. I can't wait to share with you a brand new story in the next coming days! It has a lot to do with flowers and I've got the perfect gift idea for Mother's Day! A definite must-do if I were to spend Sunday with my Ma. Stay tuned.

photos + videography by Gilles Decamps | director, editing, styling, hair + makeup by Suzanne Spiegoski

Mother's Day is this Sunday! My fourth 'Suz's Look' video is a play-up on what'd I'd be wearing if my Ma was still here and if I was lucky enough to spend the day with her. A twist on her style, if you will.

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+SONG: Never Be Like You Ft. Kai