The Fisherman's Lily 1 Year Anniversary


The beginning of last year was the start to a very humbling experience. One year ago to this date, after spending over four years writing my first novel, my debut crime-thriller novel, The Fisherman's Lily was published by TouchPoint Press. Some of you may have heard about it, or may have also read it (which I very much so kindly thank you from the bottom of my heart!), but what some of you may not know is the origination of the story. Where it comes from. What made me finally want to put my metaphorical pen down to paper. And with today being my one year anniversary, I wanted to fill my readers with more details about the story behind the written story.

William Buter Yeats.

William Buter Yeats.

So where on Earth did I get this idea from? Well, it all starts back when I was just a teenager. While in high school I took a creative writing class. The teacher read a short story of mine and afterward insisted that I “should be a writer.” I’ve been writing ever since. I initially wrote several more short stories before taking an immediate interest in poetry. Percy Bysshe Shelley and William Butler Yeats were like long-lost friends to me during my teenage angst. When a few of my poems were published while in high school and in college, that sparked a deeper passion to perhaps take my writing a bit more seriously.

 Author Portrait By ©  Gilles Decamps

 Author Portrait By © Gilles Decamps

I began working on a memoir for several years before putting it on the back burner because I felt like I had a lot more to accomplish before completing an enormous project of that kind of magnitude. That and it's deeply personal to write about. That's when a lightbulb went off in my head. Why not take a stab (ha, ha I'm #punny) at fiction? And more in particular: crime fiction. How come? Not long ago, and initially wanting a career within law enforcement, I took it upon myself to receive a B.A. in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University. After obtaining my degree, I moved to New York City to continue pursuing my career as a police officer. But two weeks before entering the police academy, I felt I wasn't being true to my heart. For whatever reason, even with good intentions, it didn't feel right. I also wanted to fall in love, get married and have children, but I wasn't going to share my life with someone if I was in that kind of profession. I would've chosen to only be married to the job. Something was still pulling at my heart's strings. That's when I started ferociously writing every night, just to get the ick out of me and what was going on in my life. It didn't take long before I realized I wanted to change careers to pursue my ambitions as a writer, and very quickly was inspired to write about what almost could have been. And the best part? Writing fiction of course!

Full Book Cover, front & back.

Full Book Cover, front & back.

So, what is my book about? Lily Dietz, is an attractive New York homicide detective who doesn’t take crap from anyone. Her career is hindered by her psychological and physical frailties. Apart from being a borderline alcoholic she is close to being a full-blown manic depressive. With her partner John Fremont, Lily becomes engrossed in the hunt to catch a killer who favors Asian-American women – a category she herself falls into. As the race to unmask the murderer gathers pace, Lily must prevent herself from turning from hunter into prey.

The Fisherman's Lily is like an onion. It has many layers. I would describe the novel to be a mixture of police procedural, detective fiction, thriller/suspense and a family saga. It is dark crime and I would not say it is for everyone (it can get quite gruesome) but other parts of the novel discuss the complexity of our emotions and the human condition, such as feelings of anger, guilt, redemption, sadness … love. And how it all correlates within the relationships we have with others and ourselves.

Book Trailer for The Fisherman's Lily by Suzanne Spiegoski

Here's a fun random fact about my book: I'm a proud German Shepherd owner and in general, a dog lover. I love the breed so much I felt compelled to create a dog character in the book, Cuffs, Lily's beloved K-9 working-line GSD. He is her shadow, her confidant and best friend. It wasn't until after completing The Fisherman's Lily when my real-life dog, MaQ, came into our lives. Now he is my personal cheerleader, muse and hero. ♥

With my muse, MaQ, my German shepherd dog.  ©  Gilles Decamps

With my muse, MaQ, my German shepherd dog. © Gilles Decamps

GIVEAWAY ALERT! Are you into crime fiction? Like the thrill of the chase? Perhaps you're a natural-born bookworm who's looking for something a little different from your usual reading? In honor of this special day I'm doing a book giveaway to one lucky reader! To enter your chance of winning a free, signed paperback copy of The Fisherman's Lily go on my Instagram page (@suzannespiegoski) and just follow the rules. :)

Enter your chance to win a free signed copy of  The Fisherman's Lily  on   Instagram   NOW!

Enter your chance to win a free signed copy of The Fisherman's Lily on Instagram NOW!

Rooftop Vibes © Gilles Decamps

Rooftop Vibes © Gilles Decamps

Got questions about my book or my writing? Leave comments below! I love interacting with new readers and other like-minded blogs, and of course, I can't leave out the familiar faces! Thank you so much for your continued love and support. I am forever grateful for you!

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The Best Gift

Three years ago today was the very first time my husband and I met MaQ! After several years of desperately wanting a dog in our lives, and perhaps a little more so on my end, we finally came to an agreement to, "just look."

The road to MaQ was not as simple as I hoped it to be. We initially wanted to rescue a dog, but more specifically, we also wanted to raise a puppy together. This doesn't discount the eternal bonds with any dog, regardless of age, shelter/non-shelter, but there is something significantly special in having your pup from the beginning.

I have friends with wonderful dogs who've been rescued, some even as a puppy but not too many here in New York City, and perhaps when we went looking it wasn't the right time because our experience was so heart-wrenching, I literally ran out of each shelter in TEARS! Most dogs were pitbulls and staffies, and I have nothing against the breed, but most of the dogs were much older and had cases of aggression and psychological trauma in their history, which never means a case is hopeless and every dog is worth saving, but some of the stories I heard I really wasn't prepared for and did not feel at all confident in having a type of dog with a complicated history as my first pet. It just broke my heart because I wanted to save every single pet but knew I wasn't the best option for any of them.

Feeling a bit discouraged after, my husband was the one who came up with the idea of going to a German Shepherd breeder just to look at the puppies. Since I was a child I've always, deep down in my heart only wanted a German Shepherd but my mother was adamant on not having a dog. And even though I was delighted for my father and brother when they got a German Shepherd after my mother's passing, it only made my desire for wanting a German Shepherd even greater.

So on that fateful day, three years ago, after researching for the top GSD breeders within the state of New York, we drove the 3.5 hours upstate to only start looking at the puppies. When we arrived, the breeders were a married couple who were friendly but extremely knowledgeable in their field. When the wife explained they only had one puppy available at the moment, something in my gut immediately made me want to meet this one!

We walked down the pathway which led us further into the compound, to meet this pup. In a smaller kennel sat two pups, one girl and one boy. The girl was already taken but the boy was MaQ! I'll never forget the first look we exchanged with each other. He was wearing this tiny red collar and his eyes were especially green for a Shepherd. I immediately fell in love, right then and there.

But it's not only about how I felt. I knew how important it was for MaQ and my husband, Gilles, too because it's true what they say, we don't just choose the dog, the dog chooses us as well. When the breeder opened the gate so we could meet, MaQ ran right out to greet us. We even got to meet MaQ's parents, which I felt gave us such insight on character and personality traits. His mother, Giovanna was one of the Alpha-females, and was on constant watch among her Master's and their property. His father, Satch, was a tad more goofy and approachable. Playful and inquisitive, I knew the contrast was an excellent match.

When it started to get colder outside, we brought MaQ inside the main house with us to continue talking and to also keep bonding with him. He wouldn't leave my side! We all knew I wasn't leaving this one behind! In less than an hour, after signing all the paperwork, I had him in my lap in the backseat of our rental car. And just like that, our beautiful boy entered into our lives, forever changing it. He didn't cry once on the drive back home!

MaQ is the best gift (besides my hubby) I've ever received. I have no idea what I would do without my boy, I love him so much! Remember though, dogs are not accessories but a lifetime commitment. Be ready to be truly devoted to your beloved furry companion because they are truly devoted to you. Dogs not only need love, but exercise, training, discipline, structure and consistency. They are a lot of work, so make sure you have the time and financial capabilities before owning a dog. Consider it your fur child! ;)

Have a great weekend! We hope it is spent with the ones you love! ♥

Love & xx's,

maQ + Suz