What to Wear on and off the Slopes

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season! How was everyone’s Christmas (to those who celebrate)? My hubby and I always keep it low key. We don’t have big families and the imminent pressures of engorged family gatherings and togetherness may not always bring happy feelings, but just the two of us, with of course our baby, MaQ, is always enough. Life has many twists and turns, and is very short, so I consider to be very lucky to have my boys with me. They are my life and without them, I’m not too sure how well I’d do. The spirit of this time period isn’t about presents, lights and pretty festive pictures (raise your hand if you’re a NYC blogger and shot at Lotte Palace, Rockerfeller Center, or another touristy-driven location site…) Sorry not sorry. I. JUST. CAN’T. So instead of the same ole’ content everyone is doing, I’m still doing it MY WAY. So in today’s post, we’re mixing Aspen with Chinatown - grunge with ski wear. Continue to see the details from this uber cool yet casual styled look for the winter, and how to get this ski-inspired outfit!

The touch of color on the sleeves and chest, gives a unique style to the coat to be worn in casual occasion, on and off the slopes. By the way, can you believe I have never tried skiing before in my entire life?! I’m a trained figure skater, so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be completely terrible at it! Plus, being a Midwestern gal at heart, I’ve always loved winter and even more so, the snow. Normally with a ski jacket/coat, it is puffy and not exactly the easiest piece of outerwear to maneuver in. But this faux fur shearling-styled jacket is great in the cold, and quite fitting for next month… the month of love :) I love how this v-shaped jacket also looks like there’s a heart in the red, when angled to the side. Do you guys see what I see?

The red and white jacket is quite warm, but when the temperatures dramatically drop whether you’re skiing or not, it’s important to be properly insulated. Which is why I wore my favorite Uniqlo Heat Tech top. Black, sleek and goes with many many outfits. It is definitely a staple piece in my closet during the winter season. I love how lightweight it is, and that you can easily layer with other clothes to keep warm. The black pants are from Reebok. A classic jogger-silhouette, these comfy pants has a slim fit with a modern cut that hugs the body while still leaving room for movement. Very comfortable cotton fabrication. Other features include front hand pockets, tapered ankles for a bulk-free fit, elastic waistband with drawcord and detail at the outer left pocket. 

To continue with the mostly black ensemble, I styled the look with my latest favorite pair of winter boots - these yellow-laced black combat boots. I thought the high-ankled boots would fit well with the jogger pants, keep an elongated frame. Sneakers wouldn’t made me look stumpy I think when it came to this look. They’re also great to tread in snow, completely durable and also easy to walk in. Literally can’t get enough of ‘em! Other accessories that I styled with this look is this cognac studded crossbody bag from Foley & Corinna and a very cool yellow pair of cateye sunglasses. I think the colors tied everything together when it came to the overall look.

What do you guys think of this look? Can it be worn both on and off the slopes? Are you an avid skier? Got any suggestions for a first-timer? Ha ha! Also, where’s a great place near New York? Vermont? Upstate? I’d love to hear from you guys as I continue to do my search for a possible trip with the boys! Also, I’ve listed each piece from this look with direct links in the beginning and end of this post. Wishing you guys a wonderful rest of Christmas break and an even Happier New Year! I have a feeling 2019 is going to be fun! Until next time… :)