Type and Listen.

The only kind of music I can actually concentrate to while writing is and has always been classical music. I'm a lover of all things instrumental, but was quickly drawn into the classical music realm when I was a young teenager. Truthfully, I'm kind of a geek about it. I still, as a hobby, collect CD's but only in this genre. I could care less about the digital crap when it comes to looking for treasure. There's something rare in its form when you by happenstance come across gems all over the city. I use to go crazy at the Virgin Megastore while it was still around in Union Square. My husband and I would go every weekend, and go our separate ways; him with his movies and me with my music.

I've got a stack of reasons not only to enjoy classical music, but to appreciate it. Classical music has been shown to lower stress, make people smarter (!), and can even be a lovely sleeping aid. A 2001 study out of Southern Methodist University supports that listening to classical music heightened the emotions in the study subjects. They were more expressive and effusive with their comments, and they were more openly available as well.

Want to learn more about the transformative power of classic music? If you have the time (the video is about 20 minutes long), check out this TED video of Benjamin Zander. It's probably, in my opinion, one the best discussions I've ever listened to regarding classical music. It is truly significant. And it is special.

I have an endless amount of favorite composers but I'd thought I should name at least a few. (In no particular order)

  • Chopin
  • Rachmaninoff
  • Jules Massenet
  • Brahms
  • Erik Satie
  • Johann Strauss I
  • Liszt
  • Schubert

I didn't want to list the obvious! Of course I worship Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and others but like I said, the amount is endless. If you're anything like the pianist loving freak that I am, you'll love Mitsuko Uchida (I've seen her play live at Carnegie Hall and it was completely amazing) and Dong Hyek Lim.

The pages upon pages of sonatas, concertos, you name it, that I've kept with me through the years, is what I go back to when I'm looking for a certain tone to work with into my writing. When it comes to writing, I always use a computer for manuscripts but I do enjoy using my Olympia typewriter for poetry and short stories.

It even comes with its own case, so it's portable but it's too bulky for me to carry around. Hence, the digital computers. I use Macs and also have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. I've always wanted to use the typewriter to complete a screenplay. Though when I do type, I make far too many errors, it could get technically frustrating. But regardless of what I just said, isn't she an aesthetic beauty? With a name like Olympia, how can she not be female? ;)

Lastly, today is World Suicide Prevention Day, and I wanted to leave you a quote in relation to this ever-growing dilemma. Let's all take some time today to become more aware of what we can do to help the ones we love who are going through this. Sometimes all it takes is a person to listen. Your story isn't over yet. You're worth another chapter.

“It’s possible to see something that is when it’s not, but it’s possible to not see something when it actually is.”
— Cyrus Stewart

SUICIDE HOTLINE: 1-800-273-8255 

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz