On maQ's Head

I do all sorts of activities with my German Shepherd, maQ. As you know, he is a major part of my life and of course, obviously plays a big part in our blog, maQ + suz. We are both active, love the outdoors and have a soft spot for late morning snoozing and indulging in snack attacks together. We love to play. His plush toys are his ultimate favorite besides balls. Before I introduce him to any new toy, dog, or person, he is asked to do something in return for the interaction. For example, if we're meeting someone new, he is always told to sit first before the interaction begins. With his plush toys, I will not only have him sit, but will work on impulse control and have him balance it on his head. Check it out! Say Pineapple!

Look at that smile! I swear he'd do anything I'd ask him to! Ha! What a derp! He's not always all smiles though, you can see for yourself! Ha ha ha! I'd like to think it's because he's in full concentration mode but I know it's because sometimes he's just not feeling it.

Like this weird, green, frog/octopus hybrid toy, even in his most, 'REALLY, mom? Again?!' expressive face, he's so cute! I always reward him with tons of treats during any kind of photo shoot. I break down his favorites into tiny pieces so that way he doesn't eat entire boxes of treats everyday! That way, we make any experience a positive one and in the process a fun one as well!

There's that smile again! Doesn't this last picture give you all the hippy vibes? ;) And I have to admit, that's a pretty good tongue for a Tongue Out Tuesday! We hope he puts a smile on your face, like most people he comes across with, unless they think they're lunch meat, in which case, they flee rather quickly...

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We hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz