Graffiti Wednesday

Today, I'm sharing with you some of our most recent graffiti art discoveries from our daily strolls around the city. We go everywhere, and when feeling extra blue, I tend to walk it off until I feel better. With my loyal companion in tow, New York City, my city, has a way of turning shitty times into a temporary escape. Whether it's forgetting about the horrible day you just had or even though you've been living in this city for nearly ten years, you can still fall into its energy and get lost in that kind of aura. This place is my home and never fails to keep me moving, both in my heart and in my feet. New York, even though you are one bad, bitch, I still love the fuck out of you. Thanks for always keeping it real.

Looks like maQ's newest #wcw is Jenna Morello's Lioness in Little Italy! Roar! ;) In all seriousness though, I believe the artist did these #forCecil, a male Southwest African lion who was killed in North Zimbabwe by a Minnesota dentist. He was 13 years old. A painting of Cecil can be found to the left of the lioness. We missed out on this shot since there were a lot of people working around it during the Little Italy festival.

This new piece at the Bowery Wall on Houston Street is by the incredibly dope artist, Futura Dos Mil. This mural is titled, "Nuance", and at first glance, is a flurry of subdued emotions. The lines and symmetry are all over the place, yet at the same time, everything is perfectly in place. How could that be?

nu·ance // n(y)o͞oˌäns// noun

  • a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound.

It is really beautiful to see. This installation is extremely large in scale and with the play of light and shadows, it's actually quite breathtaking.

Adam Dare's 'Love is Love' is the polar opposite of Futura's piece, but just as awesome. That's what I love about art. No matter what it is, or in what style or technique, if you feel something from it, anything really, then it matters. It's important. Kind of like love, in it that if you really love someone, then this too, in fact, matters and is important. Regardless of who you are, and even more importantly, who they are. We can't help but feel what we feel.

And in the end,
The love you take,
Is equal to the love,
You make.”
— The Beatles

Lastly, I leave you with Hektad's hearts of hearts. His work never fails to remind me that it's all about love, but just like anything else in this world, no matter how you try and do it, it won't be perfect. When it comes to matters of the heart, you have to constantly keep working on yourself and with others. It's about that joint effort to make it work. Remember the give-and-take rule, kiddies. If one person is trying and the other isn't, it'll never be enough. 

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz