The Best Mud Mask

My newest beauty find is Glamglow's SuperMud Clearing Treatment. At the end of each week after running around grimy New York, I like to give myself a deep facial cleanse. I've been looking for something that doesn't contain sulfates or parabens, and this mud mask is the real deal. After just one try, my face felt softer and looked brighter. My skin tone was more balanced and I could visibly see the mud do its work! My face never looked more healthy or vibrant!

I found the packaging to be a little cheesy at first. Hello Sexy... really? But to each his own, I never try to judge a book by its cover. Once I got to what I actually wanted, I could smell the licorice-base in its formula as soon as I opened it! I love that it can be used as a full face mask or for spot treatment, targeting certain areas like your t-zone and chin, that may be more prone to skin problems. If you're looking for a face mask that'll transform your skin, this is a MUST-have in your facial care arsenal :)

While the mask does its magic on your face, you can see literally see and feel it! My face felt tingly and I could see where it was extracting from my pores, essentially getting rid of all that dirt and oil. Check out the photo collage below to see it for yourself!

Even though I poked fun at the labeling, my face sure does feel sexy after this facial treatment! I highly recommend this and will definitely be using this product more often from now on.

And here you have it, folks! Me! At my most natural state! Can you see its results?! Wow, do I feel refreshed! What is your favorite go-to face mask? I'd love to hear more from our readers! Feel free to share and comment your thoughts below. :)

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz