How to Have the Absolut Best Passionfruit Cocktail

When it comes to alcohol one of my go-to liquors especially around the holidays is vodka. And the only brand I trust is Absolut Vodka. Its smooth, refined taste is always a hit when entertaining/hosting friends and loved ones, something I just love doing around this time of the year. Which is why this season I'll be sharing Absolut Elyx at social gatherings. Absolut Elyx is the ultimate expressions of Absolut Vodka, which sets out to revitalize the vodka market as the world's first single estate copper crafted luxury vodka. The renowned taste of Elyx is thanks to their unique copper catalyzation process, that makes it a spirit of exceptional quality, depth, and rich silky smooth character. So in today's post, I'll be discussing why copper makes vodka better as well as a festive cocktail recipe just in time for the holiday season. 

Every drop of Absolut Elyx is produced using winter wheat grown on one single estate in Southern Sweden. The raw spirit is further rectified using a vintage copper still from 1921 which is hand operated to make their unique fine spirit. The use of the hand-operated copper still involves traditional skills and techniques known only by a select few. It is their special way in which they use copper to give Absolut Elyx that rich silky mouthfeel and extremely smooth finish. 

When it comes to sharing and having a good time with loved ones, it has always been quality over quantity. Everything from the quality of the liquor to the quality of the stemware has to be of high standard. And I just adore making more sophisticated cocktails instead of vodka n sodas in plastic cups. Even healthy ones, like this fresh and fruity cocktail recipe. 

photos by © Suzanne Spiegoski 

photos by © Suzanne Spiegoski 



3 Parts Absolut Elyx

3 Parts Fresh Passion Fruit Puree/Juice

1 Part Homemade Vanilla Cordial*

Top Champagne

Vessel: Copper Cup

Garnish: Fresh Passion Fruit and/or Mint Method

Directions: Combine all ingredients in a copper cup over crushed ice, top with champagne and garnish

Stop by the Elyx Boutique and check out their timeless stemware and bar tools. Of at the very least, treat yourself to some Absolut Elyx and celebrate in style - you can rest assured it's a purchase you'll feel good about and a guaranteed social favorite because Copper Makes It Better! What do you guys think of this recipe? Would you give it a try this holiday season? How delicious does passion fruit juice sound right now?! Don't forget to save this recipe for later and leave your comment down below!