Plaid at No. 22




My mind has been stuck on Manchester.


What kind of world are we living in where our children can't even go to a concert without being safe anymore? Imagine - 13... 14... 15 years old and running for your life thinking it's the end. And yet we have people wasting their energy complaining on Instagram for having their photos (not even their photos actually) being reported and therefore taken down because of it. How about instead of posting tits and va-jay-jays that are solely for attention-seeking, we rather post content that either tells a story or tells a story within a story? Why does everything have to be instantly gratifying nowadays? Don't get me wrong. Everyone is allowed to do whatever the heck they want, and I'm not here to preach what one should or should not do... but can't we give this bullshit a rest? People are dying out there and you want to talk about why it's okay to post nudity because we're all naked in the end or whatever cockamamy excuse you want to use to call it a way of expressing art? Now, have I ever done a self-portrait of my booty? You bet your ass I did, but the difference is I didn't do it for anyone but myself. And I certainly didn't post it or someone else's work to grab any kind of reaction. 

Sure, everything is redone/copied/heavily inspired by someone else's work today, even sometimes making the fashion world quite an ugly one. Not everyone that's talented is kind or even decent for that matter. But what I appreciate is the story-telling that is ongoing, that leaves me with the desire to do the same. No, I may not have the power or finances to help with what is going on in the world at the moment, but my power to share the content I create, I believe, does help and inspire others to do more and be more. 

Like this British-inspired, two-piece made of plaid and leather by VIPme. After the Manchester attacks, I wasn't sure what deemed appropriate in terms of my next blog post, given the crazy times we're living in is much of what I've been thinking about the past couple of days. But as I was editing this shoot, I played around with the tones much more than I usually do. I think it has a lot to do with mood and your environment. And I'm more and more in tune with what can be told through a photograph, so for me, this is my teeny-tiny little tribute towards our current events. Plus, I've always had a soft spot for UK fashion. 


Summer is coming but before the hot days are here to stay, you can mix this two piece with so many other styles. I accessorized with an old pair of gold hoop earrings and Matt Bernson flats. The triangle clutch from Zaful is from last Fall but is still a favorite in my handbag roundup. I love the linen feel of the two-piece, and really dig the black leather statement pockets in the front of the top. 

The bottoms have pockets too and I love that you can not only wear them together but also separately. The pants would look chic with a white tee and blazer and the top would look great with black jeans or even a cute white denim skirt. I love when pieces hold a ton of versatility and can be worn all year round, especially in places with all four seasons like here in New York. What do you guys think of this two-piece? How would you have styled it?

And lastly, I've recently been getting a lot of food content requests, with questions of when I will be getting back into video content as well. I'm happy to report that after a tiny hiatus (because video editing is my worst nightmare and least favorite thing to do in the world LOL) but also because I haven't found a story I really wanted to create for it, I have finally got something in store for you! It'll be out in the next couple of weeks, but it's something really special to me and I hope it'll blow you away! Stay tuned because I can't wait to just even share the behind the scenes!

Lots of changes happening right now and I'm excited, nervous and a bit overwhelmed at the moment, but I know me and I'll be just fine. At the end of the day, we have no one to answer to but ourselves. So be true to you and to others. Stop being full of crap, be nice, and go out there and get ish done! I know it sounds easier said than done, but remember that people love you and care about you, that includes me! Spreading nothing but Love + Light, forever and always. Until next time, take care of yourself and take care of others. Smooches. xx