Sushi and Sapporo: A Perfect Match

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Like I need a reason to eat sushi. And can you blame me? It's fresh, healthy and truly delicious. I didn't know International Sushi Day was a thing but now that I do I can't wait! Whether you're sitting down for a one-on-one omakase (where the sushi chef selects for you), grabbing a quick bite with friends, or making a few rolls all on your own, amazing sushi demands an amazing beer to go with it. And Sapporo Premium Beer is my go-to choice. With its light body and crisp, clear palette, Sapporo Premium heightens the subtle umami tastes found in sushi. The beer's refined bitterness balances with the salt in the soy sauce and the sweetness of fresh fish, making it a match made in Heaven. So, what's my favorite kind of roll to go with the perfect beer?

Many of you asked me what is my favorite sushi roll, and my answer is and will always be, Dragon Roll. I simply love the crunchy texture of shrimp tempura inside the dragon roll. The Red Dragon Roll is a roll within a roll! It consists of a center of shrimp tempura roll & cucumber, and is topped with spicy tuna, Masago, green onions and finished off with a spicy mayo. The "red" in the name is supposed to make it sound spicy, but it's really not that spicy. A close runner-up is the Spider Roll, but it has soft-shell crab and isn't always in season. 

Celebrate International Sushi Day this year with a platter from your local sushi bar, like one of my faves, spicy tuna red dragon roll, and don't forget a round of Sapporo Premium to go with it. What better pairing after a long, hot, summer day?

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Sweet Williams on Memorial Day






One such legend is steeped in the poetry of the English writer John Gay, who wrote, “Sweet William’s Farewell to Black-ey’d Susan: A Ballad.” In this piece of poetry, both the sweet William and the black-eyed Susan were depicted as real people – Sweet William as a sailor and the black-eyed Susan as his beloved, who must part from him. The story tells of the two meeting, then having to separate again – sweet William assuring his love and fidelity all the while. Sweet Williams flowers are one of the few blossoms that have symbols that most people associate with masculinity – their predominant symbol being that of gallantry. However, they also represent finesse and perfection and are frequently presented to the recipient as a way to tell him or her that the giver feels they are either quite smooth or simply as good as it gets. They also express the sentiment, “grant me a single smile,” and are sometimes given as gifts solely to make the recipient’s day. Sweet Williams flowers (yes, the flowers from this shoot are in fact, Sweet Williams!) have always reminded me of my grandparents. And the way they came together is not only over-the-top romantic, but fitting on a day like today... Memorial Day. 

For those who do not know, I am half-Polish... given my dominant Eastern European last name (father's side). I feel like I need to inject this in now before I get going, you'll understand in a bit. My grandparents met like any typical teenagers do – amongst mutual friends. You see, my grandmother was dating a good friend of my grandfather's, but this quickly changed after they met. But wait, it doesn't end there. Before they could even begin courting each other, my grandfather was deployed to Paris during WWII. He served in the US Army Air Forces as a corporal lieutenant. Back then there was no texting, Facetime or social media. Even a long-distance phone call was pretty scarce. So, to remain in touch with my grandmother, my grandfather wrote her hand-written letters almost every day. Their correspondence to one another is what made them fall madly in love with each other. 

At some point, the distance between them became too great. My grandmother could hardly stand it any longer and made her way to Paris to be with him. When they came back to the states not too long after that, they married. They had five children and were together for nearly 45 years. Sure they fought just like any couple, but they sure were crazy about each other. I feel like you don't hear that many legendary love stories anymore. Actually, the whole idea of dating in this day and age is rather frightening to me. While at an event this past week I struck a conversation with a woman who just moved to New York City a few months ago, and after a heart-wrenching breakup with her ex, she opted for Tinder, one of those dating apps, even though now there's so many of them for many different types of relationships, to sexual encounters, FWB, and yes, even 'real' relationships. And though Tinder is known for casual hookups, she ended up being in a relationship with the guy and is quite happy, it seems.

Is it like that for everyone? Definitely not. I was watching a documentary series late one night due to insomnia (over-working, stress & anxiety will do that to you) about the digital world and relationships. 1 out of 4 people who are in dating apps have trouble finding meaningful relationships due to 'too many options' out there. You have more and more women (and men) who are not willing to settle down and getting married. Younger women are more driven and independent than they've ever been. You have men who are literally sleeping with anything that has a pulse because they were the geek back in high school and now that they're all grown up with a successful job, it's payback time. For example, on the documentary series, there's a Las Vegas event planner who's basically in his forties and organizes pool parties for a living. He is single and thoroughly enjoys it being this way. 

Was he the geek back in high school? No, but he was the 'nice guy', you know, the guy who wasn't necessarily a stud, but was nice enough to be your friend? Yeah, that guy. And then he went on to appear on a big reality show. After that, the nice guy was history. Women started throwing themselves at him all because he had been on TV (that and being mildly attractive probably didn't hurt) and a dickhead bachelor was born. But what makes this guy not the nice guy anymore is the way he treats the women he 'dates'. He will take a girl out a couple of times, sleep with her and then disappear. It is one thing to set clear intentions/boundaries, but what he did was misleading. He'd get them to believe they were something more than just a few dates, by taking the time to say and do all the right things men are supposed to do while courting a woman. And once he had them hooked, with a potential feeling of a 'maybe', he'd ghost them. 

He even went as far as pretending like he didn't know a girl he was sleeping with for a few months. When she had tried to make contact with him after he ghosted her (meaning never responds to any messages) he replied with a, "who is this?" Luckily, the girl laid it on to him thick and told him how cowardly and hurtful his actions have been, going even as far as refusing to leave him alone until she met him face to face (this I would not make the time for), to express herself... and rightfully so! I find that the more options that are being provided within the digital world have caused people to act more selfishly than ever before. And romance? Forget about it, I feel like most of it is all for show. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of wonderful, good, decent men (yes, I've met some of them!) but in the new times we live in, and with endless choices when it comes to sex and relationships, I'm definitely missing the simplicity of authentic love amongst one another. Can't we write more hand-written notes anymore? If you're not feeling someone, can't you just be honest with them and give them that respect, especially when you know they'd do that for you? Since when did hurting others become a trend? 

Now if you're not looking for anything serious and just want to have fun, that's completely okay. Just don't take advantage of people, being a jerk is never cool. How can someone like that guy look at himself in the mirror every morning? Thankfully after that girl confronted him, it made him think and change his ways. (Hopefully, because whatever is said on camera isn't necessarily done off-camera) With intention, this post will potentially give those some hope, that the real thing still does exists because I do continue to see it every day among others and through myself. And knowing you have a conscious – that you could never stoop to that kind of slimy low-level like that Vegas guy says something about you already, that you're better than that and because of it, you will go on to find better too. Never stop believing in love, my friends. Happy Memorial Day. xo.





Oranges and Gingham






My last editorial was a bit somber and because it's also Friday, I wanted to share some more upbeat content. 'Cause life's also too damn short to sit around and feel sad all the time too, am I right? One thing I'm not too keen on expressing is my insecurities ['cause we all have 'em too (from time to time)] since most don't understand why I would be this way or that I'm just full of crap. To be brutally honest, I've had low self-esteem my whole life and though it does have a lot to do with my upbringing, I only have myself to blame. How did I get here? I was raised to believe that nothing I'd do would be ever good enough, that even "my best would never do", according to my father. Of course, that's stuck with me since he's said that to my face, and even though he's no longer with me, I'm still trying to prove him and the world wrong. That I am enough. That I matter. That I'm worth more than just a pretty face. 

What's upbeat about this you might be thinking? Well... the more time and energy I'm investing in what I'm doing when it comes to digital content, the more proud and courageous I'm becoming in sharing with you more about me, and also perhaps breaking the rules here and there while you follow me along the way. Because since taking creative content as seriously as I do, I've simultaneously have been healing from all the things from the past that do make us insecure and not feeling like we belong anywhere. No, I didn't need validation from social media. Did I perhaps in my past seek that kind of approval from a man? Perhaps... because no one's perfect – at least I have the balls to admit to my flaws. I create for myself because I HAVE to. Without it, I'd probably go insane, bananas, if you will... and hearing from you guys every day is what helps keep me going. Your support has been tremendous and just knowing I have some affect in your lives means everything to me. It has been so inspiring and I couldn't have felt this good about myself without you!

Be sure though that feeling good about yourself starts within. When I first started doing more editorial like shoots for MaQ + Suz, I was trying to elevate my skills & strengths to a higher level. Because of course, this, in turn, would make me feel productive and then really great. But the more involved I became in my research with fashion & photography, the more I craved to produce visual stories and to try and mix things up by taking risks and continuing to challenge myself. And the more story-telling I do, the more confident I am in my capabilities. That perhaps what I am doing is sort of right, that readers actually dig my work. It is true what they say, keep your head held up high and don't let 'em knock you down. The way you carry yourself and the way you let others treat you says a lot about you, so start from within and know that doing you without any compromise will not only get you far, but being an unapologetic badass and sticking up for what you want will reward you with all the self-love in return.

With my upbeat take on myself, I wanted to do a shoot with fruit but very much in street style mode. And because of the warm colors, I wanted to do a little spin on some good ole' 70s vibes. Mixing in my California roots with my saucy attitude, this gingham romper by Zaful is so freaking cute and comfortable! I love how breathable it is for hotter days and the girly cut on the bottom of this romper is too adorable. I knew I had to style it with chunky bangles and big hoop earrings. To keep it kind of pin-up girl-ish, I stuck with my favorites cork wedges by Zara and did my hair in a high ponytail (because let's face it ladies, when it's that hot out, you just got to put your mane up). Lastly can we talk about how amazing this green bag is from Yoins?! Stylish, iconic and versatile — a clever hybrid of the Satchel and the Briefcase, the 'Batchel' is the newest addition to my bag fam! And one of many of the summer gang... What do you guys think of this look? And when it comes to the insecurities we all face from time to time, how do you cope with them? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! Comment and shop the look down below – wishing you all a lovely weekend!







Plaid at No. 22




My mind has been stuck on Manchester.


What kind of world are we living in where our children can't even go to a concert without being safe anymore? Imagine - 13... 14... 15 years old and running for your life thinking it's the end. And yet we have people wasting their energy complaining on Instagram for having their photos (not even their photos actually) being reported and therefore taken down because of it. How about instead of posting tits and va-jay-jays that are solely for attention-seeking, we rather post content that either tells a story or tells a story within a story? Why does everything have to be instantly gratifying nowadays? Don't get me wrong. Everyone is allowed to do whatever the heck they want, and I'm not here to preach what one should or should not do... but can't we give this bullshit a rest? People are dying out there and you want to talk about why it's okay to post nudity because we're all naked in the end or whatever cockamamy excuse you want to use to call it a way of expressing art? Now, have I ever done a self-portrait of my booty? You bet your ass I did, but the difference is I didn't do it for anyone but myself. And I certainly didn't post it or someone else's work to grab any kind of reaction. 

Sure, everything is redone/copied/heavily inspired by someone else's work today, even sometimes making the fashion world quite an ugly one. Not everyone that's talented is kind or even decent for that matter. But what I appreciate is the story-telling that is ongoing, that leaves me with the desire to do the same. No, I may not have the power or finances to help with what is going on in the world at the moment, but my power to share the content I create, I believe, does help and inspire others to do more and be more. 

Like this British-inspired, two-piece made of plaid and leather by VIPme. After the Manchester attacks, I wasn't sure what deemed appropriate in terms of my next blog post, given the crazy times we're living in is much of what I've been thinking about the past couple of days. But as I was editing this shoot, I played around with the tones much more than I usually do. I think it has a lot to do with mood and your environment. And I'm more and more in tune with what can be told through a photograph, so for me, this is my teeny-tiny little tribute towards our current events. Plus, I've always had a soft spot for UK fashion. 


Summer is coming but before the hot days are here to stay, you can mix this two piece with so many other styles. I accessorized with an old pair of gold hoop earrings and Matt Bernson flats. The triangle clutch from Zaful is from last Fall but is still a favorite in my handbag roundup. I love the linen feel of the two-piece, and really dig the black leather statement pockets in the front of the top. 

The bottoms have pockets too and I love that you can not only wear them together but also separately. The pants would look chic with a white tee and blazer and the top would look great with black jeans or even a cute white denim skirt. I love when pieces hold a ton of versatility and can be worn all year round, especially in places with all four seasons like here in New York. What do you guys think of this two-piece? How would you have styled it?

And lastly, I've recently been getting a lot of food content requests, with questions of when I will be getting back into video content as well. I'm happy to report that after a tiny hiatus (because video editing is my worst nightmare and least favorite thing to do in the world LOL) but also because I haven't found a story I really wanted to create for it, I have finally got something in store for you! It'll be out in the next couple of weeks, but it's something really special to me and I hope it'll blow you away! Stay tuned because I can't wait to just even share the behind the scenes!

Lots of changes happening right now and I'm excited, nervous and a bit overwhelmed at the moment, but I know me and I'll be just fine. At the end of the day, we have no one to answer to but ourselves. So be true to you and to others. Stop being full of crap, be nice, and go out there and get ish done! I know it sounds easier said than done, but remember that people love you and care about you, that includes me! Spreading nothing but Love + Light, forever and always. Until next time, take care of yourself and take care of others. Smooches. xx  






Kimchi Risotto

A rainy start to the work week, I wanted to create some new food content as a lot of you have been making several requests as of late. Plus, I've been going through a lot personally, and cooking has always been therapeutic, for me, at least. Eating well never sucks and having others enjoy the food I make results in me being happy, which also never sucks :) So let's talk about this wonderful recipe I tried out - it's nutty, buttery, and tangy with just the right amount of heat, and perfect for a chillier day like today... kimchi risotto! What the heck did I just say?!

Kimchi Risotto

photos by ©  Suzanne Spiegoski

photos by © Suzanne Spiegoski

Serves 2


1/2c Kimchi juice (squeezed from kimchi)

1/2 Kimchi (minced)

3c Vegetable stock

2Tbsp butter

2 Cloves garlic (minced)

1c Sushi rice

3-4Tbsp Gruyére cheese (grated with a microplane)


  1. Squeeze the juice out of the kimchi using your hands to make 1/2 cup of juice and then weigh out 100 grams of squeezed kimchi. Mince the kimchi.

  2. Pour the vegetable stock into a pot and bring to a simmer over high heat. Turn down to low to keep warm.

  3. In another pot, add the lard and garlic and saute until fragrant.

  4. Add the minced kimchi and continue sauteing until the kimchi is translucent.

  5. Add the rice and stir until the rice has evenly absorbed all the oil.

  6. Add the kimchi juice along with a ladleful of hot vegetable stock and stir the rice until most of the water has been absorbed.

  7. Continue adding vegetable stock a ladleful at a time and stirring until the rice is your desired consistency. You may not need all the stock.

  8. When the rice is done, add the grated Gruyère and stir into the risotto. Serve immediately.

I know, initially the idea sounded a bit peculiar. Swiss cheese with kimchi and sushi rice? But the combination of flavors go wonderfully within this dish, and though I've made risottos in the past, I've never tried a fusion recipe of this kind before. And the results were sublime, I'll tell you! One of my favorite dishes is risotto, which would make sense given I'm such a rice girl. But the creamy warm flavors delight my taste buds, as I'm sure they do yours. I love a mean, mushroom risotto, but this kimchi risotto certainly takes the cake! The flavors are really all there, you don't even need to add salt! 

I normally use arborio or baldo rice when it comes to making risotto, but I found sushi rice to be an interesting type of rice to use in this fusion recipe. Though this recipe is derived from here, I did a bit of my own tweaking in terms of measurements and the different use in rice. You could also try using a different form of kimchi, such as turnip/radish, which would still bring the acidity into the risotto. I'd love to give a zucchini kimchi a go, what do you guys think about the sounds of that? 

Here are a few tips to achieving the ultimate risotto: Number one - the broth you use to mix the risotto should be very heat, it better cooks down the rice giving it that smooth, creamy goodness that should be when making risotto. Number two - you can use lard instead of butter should you want a more rich flavor but I like to eat pretty healthy (not that butter is any healthier lol), should you not want to use butter at all, you can try making it with coconut oil! And lastly, when it comes to making your own risotto, try to live a little on the wild side. Mix up the flavors, try something you haven't tried before. Get creative. After all, that's part of the fun when it comes to cooking, am I right or am I right? :)