The Addams Family - Halloween Style


You guys!! I was too excited to wait and share our Halloween costumes this year! In the past, we have been the ‘James Bond’ family, ‘The X-Files’ family, and now, ‘The Addams Family’. I went as Morticia, my husband is Gomez, and our German shepherd dog, MaQ, is Cousin It, along with The Thing! Look closely you’ll spot him in the photos! Special thanks to Bobbi Brown’s, Analise Traficante for the perfect modern Morticia Addams makeup (how amazing is she?!) Continue reading where to get this Halloween look, it’s all from one brand along with where to find my girl, Analise!

First of all, how freaking cool is my husband? When I gave him the idea initially, I’d thought he’d cringe at the idea. His natural hair is salt & pepper (my silver fox as I call him) and he’s not one to ever do anything crazy with his hair, but he was all for it! He literally went out and helped out, even finding washing hair dye to get his Gomez look. I helped with the eye makeup which is simple black eyeliner and for the brows and mustache we used black mascara. As for MaQ, we got an extra long blonde wig and a boiler hat for Cousin It, along with a pair of black sunglasses.

My Morticia Addams Halloween look is all by PrettyLittleThing! I love this brand, so I was very excited to partner with them to create our annual look! The black lace dress is modern, perfect for this temperamental weather we’ve been having, but you can layer it with a black turtleneck and tights to wear out and about in colder weather. The heels are also from PLT along with the black faux fur bag. Those three items falls in about $150, but I consider it an investment because I will definitely be wearing all three pieces differently many times over. So in a way, multi-use lolol. Follow links here or at the end of this post.

Makeup was completely done by my girl, Analise. We met during NYFW where we just collaborated on a fall look solely using Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and I loved her so much I asked her to do my Halloween look as I knew it would be a bit of a challenge to get the look being that I don’t have the eyes like Morticia, but was really confident in her ability and voila! She killed it! And I love how modern it is as well as the attire. A very modern day Morticia, if you will. Want to get a makeup style/look done by Analise? Head over to the Bloomingdale’s in SoHo where she’ll be able to achieve whatever your heart desires! Follow her on Instagram for more of her everyday life here.

What do you guys think of this Halloween Addams Family look? Yes, I got my dog to hold still in a long ass wig, hat, sunglasses and all! Ha ha, how you may ask is from years of training and spending a lot of time with him. You can follow him on Instagram for more of him - he’s very photogenic which most of you know by now… ;) Until next time! xo


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