Hair That Goes from Day to Night Effortlessly with TRESemmé

Hey guys! I've been in London for LFW and am finally back in the states. I can't wait to share more content in the next week, so be prepared for an overload of posts and whatnot. February is a busy month for me! With traveling, I'm pretty selective about the hair styling products I use. Especially when it comes to hairspray, I'm picky because I've tried quite a few brands and there is nothing worse than a hairspray leaving your hair sticky and stiff! Some hairsprays are formulated with clunky particles that sit on top of the hair which creates build-up. The whole purpose of hairspray is to help maintain your look without weighing you down.

Luckily, TRESemmé got it right with their new line!The way these hairsprays work is by coating the hair fibers in a layer of various polymers that form bonds between the fibers to hold the hair in place. Micro-Mist blends two types of polymers in hair sprays: “tough” and “durable”. Too much of the “tough” polymers and hair feels stiff. Too much of the “durable” polymers and hair has flexibility but no hold. The breakthrough NEW TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Hair Spray has the perfect formula that gives you style without stiffness for a natural, lasting hold that will move with you.

This is my kind of hairspray! Besides being a great product, the new hairsprays are packaged in a smaller can which contributes to an overall reduction in CO2 and are ergonomically optimized and easier to hold, yet still, contain the same number of sprays in the 11 oz. can. The new technology result in a more targeted, efficient spray that comes out softer for a truly lightweight, flexible hold and fast-drying coverage including adjusted valves, inserts, and actuators that are specially designed to cut the spray in half and narrow the cone angle of the traditional hairspray.

It's perfect for jet-setters who don't have all the time in the world to be high-maintenance with their hairstyle. I like to keep it lightly wavy/tousled curls and these sprays definitely do the job in holding it in place! Whether you are looking for a date night look or everyday style, the NEW TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Hair Spray keeps your style intact without the stiffness. The hairspray I've been using has been the Texture & Boost Hold, but there is also the Extend, and Smooth! Head to the hair aisle at your local Walmart and pick up a can. Let me know what you think of this new hairspray formula!