Refreshing 'Me' Moment with Michelob ULTRA

What's better than after a few weeks of nonstop work, traveling included, with socializing -overload to coming home to the familiarity? New York may be chaotically insane to some, and you're right... it is, but it's where I lay my head and do find calm in the also nonstop business of the city. The sights and sounds always feel as is, just as the friends I have come to have in over a decade. But I love escaping to my rooftop for a moment of 'silence', alone, with the city. The buzz is electric and makes me dream; makes me feel alive. Feel at home. 

As much as I enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones, and even meeting new people, I do and need my 'alone' time. With Michelob ULTRA you don’t have to make sacrifices, with only 95 calories and 2.6 carbs. No, I did not drink a six pack alone! But after a long day running around the city catching up on work, meetings and more, can you blame me for taking a breather straight to the rooftop? It's still not spring season in New York City but the weather has been a teaser lately! So it's a mix in between - keeping the beer cool and refreshing. :)

After time to myself which is usually consisted of sifting through books and taking photos, I usually have people over or MaQ hangout, so you can rest assure that beer is shared. (Not with the pup!) To all my busy bees - if you're looking for new ways to shake up your end-of-the-day routine, Michelob ULTRA is throwing the 95K Sweepstakes where they're giving away 95,000 fitness experiences. Check out the details and enter here.