How I'm Helping Break My Diet Coke Habit

This post is sponsored by Sparkling ICE but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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Sparkling ICE water

Happy Thirsty Thursday! To say I'm attached to Diet Coke is an understatement. On average, I have one to two cans a day. I know, not healthy in the slightest but everyone has to have at least one vice, right? I heard about Sparkling ICE from a couple of friends who completely raved about it and I figured maybe it could help me kick my dirty little soda secret. Continue reading to learn more about my new favorite refreshment while on the go in the sweltering heat here in New York City! There's literally a rainbow of assorted flavors to choose from!


  • Sparkling ICE Water comes in 16 different flavors.
  • My favorite is lemon-lime and kiwi strawberry.
  • Amazon has different variety packs to choose from, and if you're a prime member you get free shipping!
  • The flavors are made from natural fruit juices. 


  • They are around $2.00 here in NYC 
  • They sell them individually or in bundles
  • Amazon has a great price - you can usually get a 12-pk for $10.37. (view the deal)


  • First off, these refreshments are not a water substitute by any means. I've been choosing Sparkling ICE over Diet Cokes to help with my habit. I love carbonated drinks and these have vitamins, anti-oxidants, and real flavor. Did I mention they contain zero calories?! It's been a really great soda replacement. 

Want to know more about these fruit-flavored waters? Well, #GetFizzy with it! Click here to shop while also saving up to 15% plus get free delivery if you subscribe & save as a Prime member on Amazon! Learn more about Sparkling ICE at and


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