How to Wear a White Blazer Casually


Friday, and we’re waiting on the results from MaQ’s ultrasound from yesterday. I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to freak out a bit. I’ve been waiting on the vet’s call since this morning and it’s been torturous waiting. We thank everyone who’s been so supportive, you guys are amazing. Of course, we will keep you posted once we know more. If he’s in the clear, we’re doing some partying tonight. Maybe a pizza party since my pup loves pizza crust lol. But today’s post is a cool and casual look for date night! I’m not one to ever dress up like crazy, it doesn’t feel comfortable for me, and I’m so much into laidback tomboyish looks. So keep on reading to see what this kind of Friday night look is for me and how you can get the look yourself!

This is my most favorite white blazer I’ve ever owned. Unfortunately it’s sold out and I can’t find it anywhere. So I’ve linked similar blazers to achieve the look! And different price points because I know you guys appreciate the range. How would you wear a white blazer for date night? I opted with a cool pair of jeans from Mavi, a soft and stretchy denim with indigo stripes racing down the outseams. I’ve loved this jean brand since I was in college, and are the best Turkish jeans on the planet! So fitting and comfy. You could easily wear this during the day with a pair of white sneakers before slipping into something more festive for dinner/drinks. These YUUL YIE heels are my new absolute fave and fit on my feet like a glove. I find slingback shoes to be very sexy and that pearl detail on the heel is so chic. Definitely will polish up all sort of outfits, from dresses, skirts, pants, jeans - all, really!

I don’t ever normally match my shoes with my bag in a look because it looks too contrived most of the time, but given I’m wearing a white blazer, I didn’t want too much contrast but also not too much white to wash out the look. So I went with a more neutral based color like the beige here in this post, because I felt the color nicely balanced with the jeans and the white blazer. What do you guys think? To bring a little sparkle to this look, I wore a silver statement earring and a bracelet with a gold watch for a layering effect. The watch belonged to my mother and was given as a gift by my father. I only wear it on special occasions but given this stressful week, I’ve honestly been wearing it for good luck. Do you guys have pieces of jewelry like this? I want to know what it is and its background.

I hope you enjoyed this casual date night look! If you have any questions or want to drop a comment - leave them down in the section below. We hope you have a great weekend, and will definitely keep you up to date with MaQ once we know more. Fingers crossed and much love to you all.