How to Wear a White Blazer Casually


Friday, and we’re waiting on the results from MaQ’s ultrasound from yesterday. I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to freak out a bit. I’ve been waiting on the vet’s call since this morning and it’s been torturous waiting. We thank everyone who’s been so supportive, you guys are amazing. Of course, we will keep you posted once we know more. If he’s in the clear, we’re doing some partying tonight. Maybe a pizza party since my pup loves pizza crust lol. But today’s post is a cool and casual look for date night! I’m not one to ever dress up like crazy, it doesn’t feel comfortable for me, and I’m so much into laidback tomboyish looks. So keep on reading to see what this kind of Friday night look is for me and how you can get the look yourself!

This is my most favorite white blazer I’ve ever owned. Unfortunately it’s sold out and I can’t find it anywhere. So I’ve linked similar blazers to achieve the look! And different price points because I know you guys appreciate the range. How would you wear a white blazer for date night? I opted with a cool pair of jeans from Mavi, a soft and stretchy denim with indigo stripes racing down the outseams. I’ve loved this jean brand since I was in college, and are the best Turkish jeans on the planet! So fitting and comfy. You could easily wear this during the day with a pair of white sneakers before slipping into something more festive for dinner/drinks. These YUUL YIE heels are my new absolute fave and fit on my feet like a glove. I find slingback shoes to be very sexy and that pearl detail on the heel is so chic. Definitely will polish up all sort of outfits, from dresses, skirts, pants, jeans - all, really!

I don’t ever normally match my shoes with my bag in a look because it looks too contrived most of the time, but given I’m wearing a white blazer, I didn’t want too much contrast but also not too much white to wash out the look. So I went with a more neutral based color like the beige here in this post, because I felt the color nicely balanced with the jeans and the white blazer. What do you guys think? To bring a little sparkle to this look, I wore a silver statement earring and a bracelet with a gold watch for a layering effect. The watch belonged to my mother and was given as a gift by my father. I only wear it on special occasions but given this stressful week, I’ve honestly been wearing it for good luck. Do you guys have pieces of jewelry like this? I want to know what it is and its background.

I hope you enjoyed this casual date night look! If you have any questions or want to drop a comment - leave them down in the section below. We hope you have a great weekend, and will definitely keep you up to date with MaQ once we know more. Fingers crossed and much love to you all.






Are You a Katie Girl?







If you're a SATC fan, I'm sure you know by now what episode Carrie said this in, with who, and why. It all comes down to Hubbel and why Robert Redford didn't end up with Barbara Streisand, or as us girls know her as, Katie... the complicated woman with wild curly hair. “Hello! C-C-C-Curly!!” Not all men, but many would prefer being with a simple girl rather than a Katie girl. Why? She's basic... ordinary... nothing special. She won't challenge you or inspire you or make you want to be a better person, but more so has the talent of keeping things light and well... simple. A definite non-core shaking kind of gal. And there's nothing wrong in that. But men I find to be highly intelligent and sophisticated will eventually grow tired with boredom. Wouldn't you rather find someone who touches your soul? What is the phenomenon of some men wanting to have a more quiet, less intense-filled relationship? Let's take a closer look...


There are a variety of reasons. One is that some men have trouble handling a Katie girl. We're passionate, ambitious, and sometimes yes, wildly difficult. Not because it's cool to be a great deal of maintenance required, but because we have opinions and aren't afraid to stand up for them let alone share them with you. We don't have simple minds and nothing about a Katie girl is basic. Ever see that couple walking down the street where the man is drop dead gorgeous, but not the woman? Now she may not be ugly, even far from it, but there's nothing particularly unique about her. She looks like a dime a dozen, and the personality is the same. An attractive man may prefer being with someone less attractive-looking for the sole purpose of being the better looking one. And because they know this, they too realize that these women will also worship the ground they walk on. They need that sort of validation from this kind of girl as they'd never receive it in the same way with a Katie girl. Plus,  a man like this tend to also be extremely insecure or narcissistic, and would also have trouble being with an extremely desirable woman. Just the idea of another man looking at her would piss them off to no end. (Yes, I've been with a guy like this before, and ugh, such a turnoff.) 

The other reason comes to down to simplicity. As mentioned before, the easier the relationship is -  the happier the guy will be in this situation. No muss, no fuss. But how can you grow with someone that you never disagree with let alone shares any kind of objections with? You think they're going to share their hopes & dreams on top? The same goes for women wanting a Katie guy. Is there anything real in that? But I also think not everyone wants fireworks... complications... difficulties. Most of us hardly have the time to see our friends let alone immerse themselves in an intense relationship as such. And how many times do you encounter a love like that? Once? Maybe twice if you live long enough? I think the key to finding and maintaining a successful healthy relationship is definitely figuring out what you want... what works for you, what doesn't. Because no one is exactly the same. 


How do you guys feel about this dynamic? Do opposites really attract, or is it just a disaster waiting to happen? Find out at least, in my opinion. I like to live with no regrets and if making a few mistakes leads me to something great, it's worth looking into right? But only if you're truly into the person. And I mean, TRULY. Lastly, I can't forget to mention a few shout outs with this fun pre-fall look! I'm all about the layering lately so today I matched an Adore Me pajama blouse with a cute summery striped split dress from ROMWE. I love the lavender satin ribbon detail in the back of the blouse, it brings a nice feminine added touch to the overall edgier look. My new backless ankle boots are from Ego Shoes, and they're one of my favorite shoe brands based in the UK! I added fishnet crew socks to complement the layered outfit. And my Movado watch was my mother's, a gift my father once gave her as an anniversary present, and a lesson within itself that you cannot buy back time. Don't forget to check out the entire look by shopping directly down below! You can follow my everyday adventures on Instagram too! And leave those comments down below about how you feel about basic b*tches vs. non-basic b*tches... and/or what you look for in a relationship that works for you :) I hope you all have a great week! 







Remembrance of Trinkets Past

Firstly, I want to thank my readers from the bottom of my heart for your love and support these past few days. Times like these are proven difficult, but because of your acknowledgement and acts of care, it makes the pain endurable. It may never fully go away, but knowing I have people who have my back: please know I will always have yours. Thank you. I am grateful. Always grateful. Just thank you. 

I get out of bed every morning because I want to get up and talk with each and every one of you; to share with you all my life experiences, whether day-to-day or in reflection of the past or future - it's the good, the bad, and yeah, the ugly. What I love about social media, is its power to provide knowledge amidst helping/contributing to the world we live in and to the people who are in it. It should be an efficient tool, not a weapon to manufacture or destroy us.

Here's something I discovered I'd like to share with you today. An amazing company called, CaseApp, allows you to design your own phone case! You can use someone's previously created design or you can custom make one yourself! It can include typography, a collage of some sort... let your imagination run wild! I've been loving the marble trend but I wanted to create something with a little more spunk, basically including a bit more of my style into it.

Since green is my ultimate favorite color besides black, I chose a combination of the two! And voila! Doesn't it look so chic? I think it's perfect for the holiday season! Great for Christmas stuffers/ smaller gift ideas. Want to make your custom iPhone case? Don't have an iPhone? Not to worry, they carry other phone types too! Why not use my promotional code for a 20% discount?! Just enter SPIEGOSKI20 before you checkout. Click HERE to get started! :)

But before you go there's more to these photos than just a phone case. Every year during the month of November, in honor of my mother, I get statice flowers. Statice is also known as a herb and is sometimes called "sea lavender". According to Teleflora, "Its botanical name is derived from the Greek word "limonium," meaning meadow, referring to the plants original habitat and likely why this versatile flower is also called marsh-rosemary." Having a deeper appreciation for flowers and more particularly, in the language of flowers, statice symbolizes remembrance.

I discovered these flowers nearly ten years ago at a girlfriend's apartment, who also displayed them out in the open, in memory of someone she lost when she was only a little girl: her father. Since then, statice has kind of stuck with me. The flower itself is dried up and feels like confetti, yet they're so incredibly beautiful to me. With my mother's profound love for flowers and gardening, I always am reminded of her when I see these and many other kinds of flowers. I can't help but carry some in the house this time of year. I can't help but always have some kind of plant life in the house now. 💜

Every piece of jewelry except the Twin Tiger Bangle belonged to my mother. My father had gifted her with these (and plenty more) throughout their years together. Birthdays, Valentine's Days, Christmases and Anniversaries, they actually eloped in Vegas on Christmas Eve - so Rock -n- Roll by the way guys! These were passed down to me after her passing, some I can barely ever wear to this day because they are far too precious to me. I'll wear the Movado watch for a special occasion of some kind, like when I got engaged. (Oh the irony!) Everything comes in full circle, doesn't it? I believe those heart earrings were a Valentine's Day gift.

The sapphire ring is encrusted with diamonds at the top edge of gold band. This was a Christmas gift to my mother and I received this as a Christmas gift after she passed. My father had given this ring to the two women he loved most in life. I always found this incredibly touching. I still carry, in my memento of mementos, the hand-written letter he wrote when he gave me this ring.

I think the memory of someone is always possible when it comes to jewelry, trinkets, flowers, etc. These tokens of remembrance are significant, and they don't have to be someone. It can be something else, perhaps a place or a first time experience. I have a girlfriend who after becoming quite successful, bought herself a Rolex just because she could. Why? It's not the materialism that comes with the territory, but meaning behind it. In her eyes, time is money. It was now a constant reminder of her sense of urgency. Life is short, so you better damn well make the most of it. 

Like my new phone case from CaseApp, I will now always have the memory of my first time designing my own cover to my iPhone! My meaning behind it? To me green is a peaceful color. Serenity, Light, Earth. And black is well, black. Dark. The opposite of every other color. It's my own version of yin and yang. ☯

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz

Stripy Wednesday


First and foremost, I have to mention (to my horror) what I woke up to today. You see, I have a ritual. Every morning, I have a cup of coffee while watching CNN. I like to know what's going on in the world. Well, it's a sad day in TV news. I woke up and saw the breaking news of photographer, Adam Ward, and reporter, Alison Parker, from the WDBJ7 TV station in Virgina, shot killed while reporting a story at a water park All of this happened while filming live. So awful. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone at the station as well as their families and loved ones through this difficult time. I don't need to go into how terrible this is, because who needs to read the obvious? I will state this though: We're with you #WDBJ. Keep broadcasting. Keep filming. Keep writing.

In light of this dark news, here is something to cheer you up and make your day a little more colorful. Perhaps, brighter. Or more stripy :)

Want to hear a pretty dope name? At least to me it is. Chamberlin Newsome. She's a street artist // graffiti extraordinaire! A graffiti art lover myself, maQ and I had to get down to the Lower East Side and check out her most recent work! And of course, get in some shots of this gorgeous piece! I see inspirations of Modernism, Abstract, Expressionism, Color Field Painting -- Chamberlin's art utilizes color, repetition, and linear form; and this #makeyougodream piece is pure wall porn! Two thumbs up, Chamberlin!

Check out the photos below. Photo credit goes out to my awesome hubby, Gilles Decamps. :)

We hope everyone has an awesome Hump Day! Remember, the only thing to fear, is fear itself.

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz