Portraits of Sammy


photos by Suzanne Spiegoski

It's portrait time! As many of you, I am not just a blogger and writer, but also a photographer. I mostly focus on portraiture & lifestyle and have been shooting since I was a teenager. And lately, I've been shooting more on a regular basis which has been nothing but totally awesome!  

So, every once in a while I come across a person that if I don't photograph him or her I will most certainly regret it. Enter Sammy: half-Indian half-British Ford model and actor. I was quite surprised when he first spoke because I wasn't expecting a soft gentle voice from such an intense, mysterious face! What a beautiful creature and an even kinder soul. We became quick friends and I cannot wait to shoot with him again soon. You can find Sammy on Instagram and Twitter.

Interested in working with me? Send me a message on Instagram or email me at suzanne.spiegoski@gmail.com I always love hearing from you guys! And if you're in New York City like I am, stay dry out there! The past couple of days have been raining like cats & dogs! Until next time.. 





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