Full Bloom in Central Park


Well, I've had quite the 'bumpy' morning! As what seemed to be the start to a great week from our last shoot, took it's downward fall earlier today. It's been drizzling rain in New York, but despite the gloomy weather, I took MaQ out for a rollerblading session. Overly cocky, I paid little to no attention to the slippery sidewalks and roads. Only about five minutes in, I was passing through at a crosswalk only to suddenly feel, by instinct, that one, I was going too fast with the wolfie pup (watching too much of GoT, perhaps?!) and two, that my balance was slightly off when taking a small hop off a ramp. Yup. I totally and completely fell flat on my ass (well, tailbone if we want to get really technical). I'm fine, but what I'm mostly left with is a bruised ego. I was so embarrassed! But, like a typical Spiegoski, I got up and brushed myself off and kept the F&CK going. Because that's what you gotta do. And yes, those figure skating days have trained me to be mentally strong. I guess it wasn't for nothing. Nothing is, am I right?

Now, let's talk about the dress. Because it's stunning. Because it's so comfortable. Because it's wedding season and this Austen Dress from Agnes & Dora is the PERFECT summer dress!  I love adding pieces to every season that can be staples in your closet, only to trickle down from these pieces with accessories and other styles of clothing. With this dress and my petite size, I wore a thick black belt from Forever 21 to give more of a Coca-Cola bottle figure. The belt definitely brings more shape to my teeny-tiny figure. To continue elongating my silhouette, I wore 5-inch heels from Steve Madden with an open-toe. This brings more height to a shortie like me. And lastly, to add a little sparkle to the look, I carried my New York & Co. floral clutch purse I've had since I was in college! I always try to preserve/keep sentimental pieces in my collection. It makes me feel special and is a reminder of who I am and where I come from. What are some of your favorite pieces like this in your closet? 

Coming up on the blog this week: a new food/cooking recipe that I'm totally excited to share with you! I'll also be doing another cocktail recipe as well, so stay tuned! There's a lot of upcoming stories/posts in the next few months that I cannot wait to just share with you guys, but to tell them, relive them, and to experience them with you all. Until next time, enjoy the editorial video I made from this look down below! Please don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

photos + videography by Gilles Decamps | director, editing, styling, hair + makeup by Suzanne Spiegoski

The concrete jungle is in full bloom! Here is my sixth editorial video, shot in Central Park, New York City, New York. This week's video is inspired by chic, Parisian, style and springtime in New York, which to me, is the ultimate, most romantic time of the year in the city.

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A Day in Central Park

Last week's Fall Mini Session left me inspired to shoot more of this glorious Fall weather before everything becomes bare and brittle. Did I mention frigid? We lucked out yet again today, here in New York City, with 70°F+ temps. So, with my rollerblades intact and MaQ by my side, I ventured the nearly 3 mile-trip uptown to Central Park. The workout wasn't exactly easy, given the backpack I was carrying which included my camera, a change of clothes, my boots, treats, a large bottle of water, his ball, and then some! Phew! I would say it was about an extra 20 pounds on my back during the trek! To say the least, we did it and it was totally worth it!

Isn't that just a spectacular view?! I was so glad to visit there today. It reminded me why I live here again. The hustle & bustle of the streets; the competition, the raw honesty in it's purest form; the smells of every kind of food you can imagine; the beauty within the park; and those wondrous skyscrapers that can't help but make you dream big. Live big. Love big. This is my city and I'm so proud to call New York my home. It ain't always pretty, but it's undeniably f*cking real to me! So is life.

When we first entered the park, MaQ was really excited about the horses! I remember when my husband and I got married in Strawberry Fields he totally went bananas over 'em and desperately wanted to make friends. Regardless, he's quite the stud muffin, isn't he? Plus, Fall makes for the best pictures! And trust me when I say this folks, the foliage is looking pretty groovy at this point! Y'all need to go for a stroll before all the beautiful colors are gone!

I really wanted to do a nice Fall portrait with the both of us, so I brought my little remote and snapped away. The light is a little harsh, but I only have my distraction to blame from the magnificent beauty Central Park holds! It just makes you think you have all the time in the world, I almost forgot I wanted to photograph us! Ha ha ha!


I tried to take several shots in many forms of light. The park is perfect for that, at some point, (being a hardcore perfectionist) I wasn't ready to leave because it was just too enjoyable! But there are only 24 hours in a day and I only have a zillion things to do! I love the little lens flare from the light in the shot above. He looks like Rainbow Brite! Plus I'm still that young rebel who doesn't like to follow the rules so yeah, I like to shoot against the light sometimes. ;)

MaQ is adored everywhere he goes, like today when I was right in the middle of shooting (on a non-sturdy rock of all places) and this sweet maybe 12-year old Eastern European kid bravely walked up to me, and shamelessly asked if he could pet my dog. At first, I was kind of annoyed since he didn't seem to care that I was in the middle of trying to take a shot (of MaQ unleashed all the while), but when I looked into his piercing blue eyes, there was something so familiar and peaceful at the same time, I couldn't help but say yes. I wanted him to meet MaQ. And it made him so very happy, where it, in return, made me so happy!

We also visited The Pond, which is also where the first crime scene takes place in my debut novel, 'The Fisherman's Lily'. It's nice to go back to places where you've researched, and this being one of the very first chapters I wrote in the very beginnings of writing my book, I of course had to stop by and pay homage to my special place. I took a shot of MaQ on the bridge (right above The Pond) to encapsulate the feelings I had with the initials ideas of writing fiction many, many years ago.

Toward the very end of our photo taking, we played a long, rewarding game of fetch. We played out in an open field, and it was such a pleasure to watch him at full speed. I think the day completely wiped him out because he's been asleep for the past 5 hours! He really did a lot, so it's good he's resting. I seriously had the best time up there today! I wish we lived closer to Central Park, because we'd go there everyday!

We hope you enjoyed in taking a glimpse into our adventures! We love sharing them with you and the world. Would you like to do a Fall photo of some kind in the park? Please feel free to contact me about any inquiries you may have!

Thanks so much for reading! Please pass on & share! Happy Thursday! ♡

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz