Weekly Graffiti Art

We're catching up on our weekly discoveries of graffiti art in New York City! And boy, do we have some goodies!

You ain't nothin' but a HOUND dog, cryin' all the time! ♪ ♫

I can't find the above artist, but I do enjoy HOUND's blatant big letters. maQ especially did. ;)

Buff Monster's obsession with the color pink, eyeballs and seemingly melted ice cream are all the rage. I never get tired seeing his work! Look at maQ owning this pyramid! His murals are always with so much confidence and radiate with happiness! Even my dog can't help but smile. :)

Next is Jack Aguirre in collaboration with The 100 Gates Project at Sticky Rice on 85 Orchard St. This man has talent! What an incredible illustration. If you don't know about The 100 Gates Project, please go check them out. It's 100 security gates all around the city painted up with beautiful graffiti art each by a different artist. I think this is really great! We are definitely keeping an eye out for more when we we're on our daily walks as of late. 

Jerkface! Need I say more? I love Marvin the Martian, and this guy's work. He's always doing animated characters, like other Looney Tunes' characters, The Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and so many others! He almost always does his walls with a collage of the same character and this affect is clearly shown through different expressions and movements. Such dope work.

Billy The Artist is all contemporary and we love him! I do get a Keith Haring vibe in some of his work. Just gorgeous color and design. I particularly love this shot of my boy. maQ was looking a little bashful, given a small crowd quickly grew to watch this spectacle. Ha ha! Bystanders are always impressed with us and will even sometimes comment about it. It normally entails of how much control I have of maQ or how calm and mellow he is during a shot. He is a lady killer, the girls gush over him all the time! When he was a puppy, it literally took me an hour to walk around the block because people stopped me every step I took, squeaking and gawking over how cute he was! <3

Do you know of a graffiti art piece we haven't been to that you think we should check out? Comment below! We love hearing from our readers!

Happy Thursday!

Love & xx's,

maQ and suz