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Happy almost Friday! In today’s post I’m sharing a few essential pieces that’ll bring an edge to any look. They are staple pieces any girl can have in her closet: Budget-friendly, chic and actually all comfortable to wear. I’m sharing a pullover, jeans, boots and a cross body bag that I know any girl will appreciate - regardless of your personal style. And one of the most trending prints of the season: Leopard - is definitely featured in today’s post! The rocker chic vibe from this look is casual, but you can definitely bring it up a notch with different pieces from your closet. Continue reading to shop the direct links while learning more about each piece that you too should have in your wardrobe palette very soon, if not already!

Introducing a timeless, beautiful collection by a master American shoemaker for a modern woman of purpose. Effortless. Luxe. Forever. Chic. These Marc Fisher black suede boots are a dream! They literally go with everything! I would love to style these pair of boots with a mid-length dress or midi skirt. Even with pleats - it would be so good! But in today’s fierce, edgy look, I paired them with my favorite Levi’s Jeans. These are the only Levi’s I own and they’re the 711 skinny jeans. They’re the perfect cut and length for someone petite like myself. But back to the boots - the heel height is high, nearing at 3 and a quarter inches, but walking in them are actually super comfortable! They retail at $289 - but worth the investment as classic suede boots as such can be worn with nearly every outfit, and they’ll last a lot longer than buying a less expensive pair of boots.

Now if you know me and my personal style by now, you know I love a good leopard print. And ever since I discovered Zefinka - a fast-fashion online brand that’s been around since 2014, I’ve been a big fan of theirs! They carry a lot of great quality items that on mostly trending pieces, but the prices are even hotter! I love their tops, such as this leopard print pullover. It’s a mix of mohair and cotton, but overall the material is soft and cozy. The sweater would look amazing with leather pants, a black skirt, even wide leg - the possibilities are endless. I love a good piece as such - because it’s essential to my style and can be worn in a variety of ways. Plus, tell me you don’t love a good warm fuzzy sweater during the winter?! ;) Zefinka also did a lovely feature on me and my brand - check it out here now!

I also want to share with you another brand I discovered that’s really great - from Italy. EVVE Milano is a vegan handbag line that’s all about rocker chic, a mixture of Italian and New York style: Expressions of freedom. Each bag has an emblem of a snake, derived from the Adam & Eve story, embedded into it, symbolizing the woman’s inner ‘EVVE’. The BONN Crossbody has a semi-rigid but spacious shape to carry everything you need. Lasered details enriched with metal eyelets on the flap and shoulder strap embellish even the simplest look.

To keep with the edgy vibe, I wore certain kinds of makeup such as a bold red lip and cat eye. I’ve been doing more of a winged eyeliner lately - it makes my eyes look bigger (especially when one is TIRED lol) and gives a more dramatic look - what do you guys think? Also, seriously contemplating on whether or not I should grow out my bangs. I love my bangs but I also love no bangs as well. I used some hair clips (definitely in search of statement hair pieces right now) as this can give a more polished feel - but still edgy and rock and roll. Think it ties up the whole outfit together pretty well. Hope you guys enjoyed today’s fashion post! Leave your comments down below. Catch up with y’all again soon!






Cream and Blush Pinks



Union Square Farmer's Market

I think it's safe to say that spring has finally sprung here in New York City. After what seemed to be one of the longest winters to date, I enjoyed the simple things this weekend, like sitting on a park bench with my husband and eating a Mediterranean breakfast while soaking up the warmth of the sun. I also did a photo shoot where I was behind the camera for a change. I get a ton of questions as to why I don't shoot more and it's because I just don't have the time. But every once in a while, it feels good to get back at it. I am a photographer - but the word is pretty iffy in my opinion, as no one should call themselves that unless they're pursuing it full-time. Stay tuned for the photos, I'm excited to share! In the meantime, today's post is bringing a bit more feminine pieces to my closet. I feel it's good to step out of your comfort go-to style (which for me is all rock n roll with a lil' edge) plus mixing and matching later in the future is always a favorite of mine when it comes to styling different kinds of clothing. Continue reading to see why cream and blush pinks work perfectly together and how one can also add feminine pieces to their closet and still look like themselves, even if they're more of a tomboy like myself!  

As many of you may know, one of my dear friends, Lissa Koo, is behind the fashion brand, SAKU New York. The motif for SAKU is both the chic New York sense and the easy, breezy West Coast atmosphere. While being a unique, never-seen-before style, SAKU offers clothes that are ready-to-wear and easily approachable for anyone. Pursuing both sportiness and femininity simultaneously, SAKU showcases silhouette apparel that greatly emphasizes woman’s beauty along with comfortable fabrics that allow easy movement. This set really hugs in all the right places while showcasing a feminine-trimmed lace and dreamy creamy palette. It's also super comfortable and perfect for the city girl always on the go. Though this wouldn't look half-bad out in the country in some Western cowboy boots, no? And what's great about this set is you can interchange between them. Wear the top alone with a sold pair of jeans or just the skirt with a different top, like a black crop-top, stripes, and/or more! The choices are endless and I love to have items like this in my wardrobe to put them in a constant rotation. Definitely not that girl that only wears the damn thing just once!

Layers of artfully-braided jute wrap around the signature platform wedge of an eye-catching ankle-strap sandal in buttery soft suede. The Marc Fisher Alida Espadrille will have you feeling like you're walking on a cloud, these are by far the most comfortable wedges I've ever owned! I also chose the blush pink color as it matched with my skin tone quite well, and in this case, can help elongate your legs (Hey, shorties!) You can wear them with anything too: Jeans, a dress, skirts and more. They are approx. $150 but the quality and comfort, on top, are worth the price. I think you'll be seeing a lot from this pair for the summer season, you can find a variety of other colors here, ranging from blues to yellows, pinks and more. Which color would you choose?

I always like to switch around my outfits' palette, just like my obsession with the curation of my Instagram grid, where I'm constantly transitioning between different tones in the color scheme. And in today's look, I went for cream with blush pink. These light, playful colors work perfectly together and definitely maintains with the feminine parts of this look. They are colors are never usually in my closet, but for some reason this year in particular, I'm more and more into colors I've never really been interested in, such as pink or white. I think it has something to do with growing up, maturing, and being more comfortable in your own skin as well. What are some colors that aren't normally hanging up in your closet? And are you willing to step outside the box a tad, like I have? Why or why not? Have a great week, and don't forget to drop your comment down below!


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