Simplicity with Chopin




Happy Friday! Today's post is focusing on a new outfit look, (think Chanel meets affordability 🙊) but with attention also on my deep love for Classical music. Lately, I've been feeling inspired to do a black and white film 'look', but I wanted to evoke feelings of playfulness, intensity and the art of simplicity, which to me, is the key to sophistication, and remaining effortlessly chic.

I've been listening to Classical music since I was a young teenager. The reason being was because of my training as a competitive figure skater, where a lot of time was spent on researching and choosing the perfect piece of music to go with the perfect skating dress and choreography. I was immediately drawn to Vivaldi, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, and Beethoven. But my interest really peaked while in college, where I spent many of those first lonely freshman nights studying while listening to 'my men'. That is, until I actually made some friends! The only person I knew was my cousin and she was on the other side of campus. (And Michigan State's campus is one of the hugest in the country.) Freshmen stuck out like sore thumbs with their stationary parked bikes in the middle of the sidewalk with their faces immersed in the map of the campus. Trust me, I was definitely one of them, ha ha! 

When I wrote my first novel, most, well to it's near entirety, music was filled in the background with Classical music. If not that, lots of original soundtracks. Dark. Soundtracks. Why do I love Classical music?  It transports me to places I've never been. Eras, even. It sometimes uplifts me, fills me with intense anticipation of the unknown, melancholy, nostalgia, and even sometimes great sadness. But each time, regardless of the mood or set tone, I am never left without feeling fulfilled in some way. It gives me life! How many times has music saved your life? 

I styled my hair in three knotted ponytails, bringing them together in a sort of french-braid kind of way. My makeup is inspired by the new Chanel campaign with Kristen Stewart shot by Mario Testino. What I love is the variation to the smokey eye, with different vibes like a tomboy, being mischievous or playful, to even feeling like a glamorous star. Eyes are, after all, the window's to our soul. We are whoever we want to be. #EyeCanBe

My off-the-shoulder peasant top has subtle floral embroidery in the bell sleeves, and my high-slit black maxi skirt, are both from Forever 21. I've had these Michael Kors's gladiator sandals for a few years and love them during the summer season. Just because you're on a budget when it comes to fashion doesn't mean you can't look like like one of the runway girls! Make it your own, in reflection to your personal style and taste. There's no price to chicness! Take a look at my editorial video created for this look of the week. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE for new videos every week. Please scroll down to directly shop the look. Have a lovely weekend, everyone! :)

photos + videography by Gilles Decamps | director, editing, styling, hair + makeup by Suzanne Spiegoski

Classical music with black and white film, two of my faves put together. Here is my latest editorial video, inspired by simple chicness, knotted ponytails, and Chanel's most recently updated smokey eye makeup. To me less is always and will always be more.