Rollerblading w/ MaQ + Current Playlist

After coffee most mornings (unless it's a downpour), I take maQ with me out rollerblading for a few miles to get in some exercise for the day. We'll also train and lastly, play with his Chuck-It balls. His favorite. I have a big rule with my pup though, and it's an orderly structure: exercise, discipline, THEN affection. I never rearrange this. It's Cesar Milan's way. So when anyone asks, "how is your dog so well-behaved?" I answer them with the order I use. Trust me. Follow this and you're golden. I'm always down to help others with their doggy problems, because everywhere I go there seems to be something. And you know what? It's perfectly okay! It's called being human. ;)  Why not help each other, and your furry pal too, instead of living the same way? Don't be shy, let's chat!

We really bond when we're out rollerblading. I find nothing more important than spending quality time with maQ. He's the only living soul I can share my secrets with and I don't have to utter a word. He is my special creature. I swear he possesses magical healing powers. He is my family and support. We are the definition of a pack. Our spirit animal must be the wolf! Howl!

I'm always scouting for new music, but will never betray the classics. Music is a definite passion of mine. My current playlist is all relatively recent stuff, but it's a great one getting pumped up to! So, to help you become better acquainted in my taste in music, here's what's on my Spotify right now (warning explicit content):

  1. Father John Misty - When You're Smiling and Astride Me (ON REPEAT- this guy!)
  2. Raury - Devil's Whisper
  3. Max Frost - White Lies - The Soundmen Remix
  4. Birdy, RHODES - Let It All Go
  5. Madeon, Kyan - You're On
  6. Disclosure, Sam Smith - Omen
  7. Meg Mac - Roll Up Your Sleeves
  8. CAZZETTE - State of Bliss
  9. SG Lewis - Warm
  10. FKA twigs - Two Weeks
  11. Majid Jordan - Her
  12. The American Dollar - Signaling Through The Flames
  13. Lecrae - All I Need Is you
  14. Wilkinson - Afterglow

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Lastly, here's something to leave you with a smile or a chuckle (or two). Here's a video of maQ doing his thanng. Ha!

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz