Tapout Workout


As much as I love going out and meeting new people, there's nothing better than spending quality time with MaQ and getting our sweat on! I'm not a gym rat, never have and never will be. On the other hand, I've always been an extremely active person. When it comes to staying physically fit, I have my years of figure skating to thank. Not only did it keep me in top shape I was aware of the discipline it took to stay that way, and since then I haven't changed. 

I love to make working out a fun thing. I love to take a dance class here and there with some of my girlfriends or go rollerblading over at the East River bikeway with MaQ. I like to go running when I'm having a really shitty day. Even doing random pull-ups is in my repertoire if the opportunity presents itself! Random fact: I was one of the best in the state of Michigan for pull-ups (chin-ups) when I was around 11 years old. I can still do them, but not as many when I was younger, which was roughly 15-20 at a time. Crazy, huh?

Walking nearly everywhere (within reason) in the city is also what keeps me burning those carbs. And talk about a money-saver! I only take cabs or the subway if it's more than a half hour walk. Or if I'm in heels for the evening. Otherwise I enjoy taking the alone time to walk to an event or get-together. It clears my head and I'm always left refreshed and rejuvenated. Plus, I usually give myself a treat after a longer walk such as a pastry or a cup of coffee with a ridiculous amount of sugar and hazelnut-flavored sweetener. Okay, sometimes maybe both... Maybe. ;)

For the first day of fall, we shot my new favorite athleisure wear from Tapout. I'm wearing the Prestige Bra in Black & White and paired it with the Prestige Capri in Black. The bra itself has a great amount of support and unlike some workout bras I've worn in the past, this one proved to be breathable and comfortable at the same time. My favorite little details are the mesh panels on the pants that are behind the knees. They actually provide exceptional ventilation. You can shop the look down below or just follow the links above. Also, use my discount code 'SUZTAP20' for 20% off your entire purchase from 9/23 (today) to 10/9.  

Wishing everyone a relaxing and enjoyable weekend! I'll be working on the blog but will also be seeing one of my closest girlfriends who's in town for work the next few days. I'm super excited to catch up! I just love her!  

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5 Tips on Dog Walking Etiquette in a Big City


Happy Thursday, everyone! I'm delighted about the short work week! We are looking forward to the weekend, where we spend most of our time outside walking MaQ and having fun. But, having a massive German Shepherd in a city such as New York, does have its setbacks and challenges. But I'm all for being resourceful, so with that, today I'm sharing with you my 5 tips on dog walking etiquette in a big city, like the New York metropolitan area!  


Knowing your dog's strengths and flaws along with what and who your dog's likes and dislikes are, will bring more awareness when you're out and about. They also say dogs are mirror images to their owners, so be mindful of who you are. If you're an anxious person, you're pet will more than likely be as well. This is also the time to put away the phones! Stop scrolling and pay attention to your surroundings and your dog. But don't forget to enjoy your time together and the little moments that really matter the most. 


When it comes to leadership, you want to do this as soon as possible with your dog. As the Alpha pack leader, you must always be the first to enter or exit out of any passageway, may that be a door, elevator, etc. Not only does this demonstrate who is the leader, but this is also demonstrates self-control. Having your dog sprint outside can cause many behavioral issues such as over-excitement, anxiety and other bad manners. Not everyone, dogs included, like to see a ginormous wolf-like hound bursting out of a door first. When it comes to your daily walks, which is approximately 1.5 - 2 hours a day with MaQ in the city, you also lead the way. Remember, you're walking the dog not the other way around. Training your dog to hell is very important and an essential tool for you on your walks. Forging isn't as bad - this is when your dog is walking slightly past your feet. It's actually a great preventative for dogs who ten to go looking for scraps on the streets of a bigger city. This way, you have a better chance of catching them before they consume it. Overall, leading on walks puts you, in your dog's mind, as the pack leader. This makes them much more trainable because they will be aiming to please you non-stop, and they will also be more obedient - making walks a pleasure rather than a nightmare.  


Regardless how much you love dogs, and trust me on this, as I'm a total dog lover myself, you should always ask permission if you'd like to approach someone's pet. The same should go with your dog meeting other dogs. You can never know, at first glance, if a dog is friendly, aggressive or even a service dog of some kind, especially on some of those harnesses that clearly label, 'DO NOT PET', some still may miss it while overdosing on cuteness overload. :)


Walking the streets of New York, I can tell you I've had my fair share of experiences when it comes to seeing many owners walk their dogs unleashed! This frightens people, especially with certain larger breeds that people are opted to be more scared of. In a city like ours, it is best to keep your dog on a leash as a protector from all the street and people traffic. Of course, dog parks and other places like this are an exception. But being out in public with hundreds of people walking around all the time, it's just better for everybody. 


Lastly... ever see that Sex & the City episode when Carrie steps in a knee-deep pile of poo-poo while in Paris? Yeah, no one wants that! I too have had my fair share with these encounters and if it's not too much to ask (literally takes 30 seconds of your life), please pick up after your dog!  

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to check out the full video for this post on our YouTube channel! Got some questions after reading this article? Leave them down below in the comment box! Hope you all have a great rest of the week! 

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photos + videography by Gilles Decamps | director, editing, & styling by Suzanne Spiegoski

Greetings from the Big Apple! A {NEW VIDEO} is now up on our channel! We're sharing 5 Tips on Dog Walking Etiquette in a big city, such as the New York metropolitan area! 





Sunday Hiking Adventure

To close the long holiday weekend, I took the liberty to stop everything I was doing and to escape the city, even if only for the day. Life has it's unexpected twists and turns in every chapter of a person's story, and since we haven't been able to get away for a while, we just wanted, and more importantly, really needed the break.

Yesterday we went to Harriman State Park, the second largest state park in New York. With over 200 miles of hiking trails, it is a haven for hikers and paradise for dogs! We've been up to Bear Mountain last year and wanted to mix the trail up with a new path, taking the Blue Disc Trail. 

The trail climbs two mountains (!), Almost Perpendicular and Pound Mountain, and passes two major rock formations, Elbow Rush and Claudius Smith Rock. It's crazy, the trail dates back to the 1920s! It wasn't the hardest hike I've ever done but it was steep and all together we trekked around 7 miles! We played with MaQ's Hawaiian Flyer Frisbee, and of course, he chased around one of his Chuck It balls, his ultimate favorite toy. All the exercise was a great way to burn off all the turkey from this weekend. :)

Take a look at our photos from our hiking adventure below! I love when my hubby and I go somewhere because the photo results always speak for themselves, but the making of memories are what are instilled within us forever. And for every day I'm alive, I'm am utterly grateful. And, any time spent with those two hooligans is always a plus! At least to me it is! ;) ♥

How 'bout it, New Yorkers? What are some of your most memorable scenic trails in New York? There's so many to choose from, I know! What are some of your ways of staying fit with all the Holiday food ready to entice you? 

Love & xxs,

maQ + suz 


My Calvins


I'm not the type to prance around my apartment in my underwear, let alone take photographs of myself in it for pure vanity purposes. Though I have nothing against it, because beauty is always such a pleasure to look at, I'm not exactly as open or forthright when it comes to representing myself in this way. I do, however, have pride in staying fit and healthy in the best way I can.

Being a woman in her early-thirties (shh!), my body just doesn't grant me the grace of beauty like it once did when I was "younger." Yes, I was the girl who could eat anything, keep up with the boys both at the bar and out on the field, live off of no sleep, and even as my Dad once put it, "livin' the rock n roll lifestyle". Back then I was more carefree, therefore a little more careless, a tad more wild. But now that I'm getting older (yes, I know I'm not OLD per se), I suddenly felt compelled to take better care of myself. I would definitely say my pinnacle point was the Big 3-0.

I've worked very hard to stay in shape! All that running, rollerblading, and yoga is really starting to pay off. About a year ago, I set a goal to obtain some "Sarah Connor" arms... because Linda Hamilton's arms for that role were INSANE! I thought her muscle definition was the perfect amount of structure and tone for a woman to still remain somewhat feminine. And I'm very happy with the results.

I'm pretty shy when it comes to taking aesthetic photos of myself. Like I mentioned earlier, it's sort of strange for me since most of my self-portraits' signify in evoking a certain feeling or emotion. Today's all about showing what I look like in my undies! Thanks, Calvin! ;)

I'm a Tomboy at heart and am actually not the biggest fan when it comes to lingerie. I'm more the type who's down for sports bras and granny undies rather than thongs (or 'dental floss' as my friend's mother once referred them to) or negligee. It's all about comfort for me. And this bralette from Calvin Klein is just divine! I literally couldn't feel it on me, it was so weightless! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I don't own any lingerie. I just don't wear them on a daily basis.

Actually most of my underwear collection is from Calvin Klein. I used to be a Victoria's Secret hoarder, but I love the basic simplicity in Calvin' design. Less is more, even in your undies! And the famous logo, reminiscent of the Marky Mark days, will never go out of style! At least not to me, it won't! 

Here are a few back view shots... I can thank all those years of figure skating for my bootylicious behind! LOL! But seriously, I do try to eat very healthy. My motto is everything in moderation. If you eat well, it's okay to have a little something sweet as well! But not too much in one category. That's where people will run into trouble. And get out and do something active! You are not going to lose any pounds sitting on the couch! Running and swimming are some of the best workouts you can give to yourself. Or get a 100 lb German Shepherd... that might keep you busy... :)

And here you have it! A full length shot of me in all my 'armor'. My closest friends know how freakishly strong I am, and I think this photo my confirm this 'myth'. Ha ha ha! Did you guys know that I was the best in the state of Michigan for chin-ups? I know, strange random fact, but it's true! At 10 years of age, I easily could do 15 of 'em. I even used to compete in the state championships and that's where I met one of my best friends! We've known each other for over 20 years now!

What are your daily workout regiments? Is there something in particular you're trying to concentrate on? Arms? Belly? Tushy? Are you all about your Calvin's like I am? Let's chat! As always, feel free to comment and share! ::Smooch::

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz


Rollerblading w/ MaQ + Current Playlist

After coffee most mornings (unless it's a downpour), I take maQ with me out rollerblading for a few miles to get in some exercise for the day. We'll also train and lastly, play with his Chuck-It balls. His favorite. I have a big rule with my pup though, and it's an orderly structure: exercise, discipline, THEN affection. I never rearrange this. It's Cesar Milan's way. So when anyone asks, "how is your dog so well-behaved?" I answer them with the order I use. Trust me. Follow this and you're golden. I'm always down to help others with their doggy problems, because everywhere I go there seems to be something. And you know what? It's perfectly okay! It's called being human. ;)  Why not help each other, and your furry pal too, instead of living the same way? Don't be shy, let's chat!

We really bond when we're out rollerblading. I find nothing more important than spending quality time with maQ. He's the only living soul I can share my secrets with and I don't have to utter a word. He is my special creature. I swear he possesses magical healing powers. He is my family and support. We are the definition of a pack. Our spirit animal must be the wolf! Howl!

I'm always scouting for new music, but will never betray the classics. Music is a definite passion of mine. My current playlist is all relatively recent stuff, but it's a great one getting pumped up to! So, to help you become better acquainted in my taste in music, here's what's on my Spotify right now (warning explicit content):

  1. Father John Misty - When You're Smiling and Astride Me (ON REPEAT- this guy!)
  2. Raury - Devil's Whisper
  3. Max Frost - White Lies - The Soundmen Remix
  4. Birdy, RHODES - Let It All Go
  5. Madeon, Kyan - You're On
  6. Disclosure, Sam Smith - Omen
  7. Meg Mac - Roll Up Your Sleeves
  8. CAZZETTE - State of Bliss
  9. SG Lewis - Warm
  10. FKA twigs - Two Weeks
  11. Majid Jordan - Her
  12. The American Dollar - Signaling Through The Flames
  13. Lecrae - All I Need Is you
  14. Wilkinson - Afterglow

Let's connect on Spotify! Click HERE for my profile. :)

Lastly, here's something to leave you with a smile or a chuckle (or two). Here's a video of maQ doing his thanng. Ha!

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz